How Fortress Investment Advisors Has Changed the Lives of Americans

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Fortress Investment Advisors is a large organization that is changing the lives of people in the world. The investment advisory firm is very popular because of the high quality services it has been giving its clients in the United States and other parts of the globe. The company understands the importance of putting the needs of the customers first in all occasions, and this is why it has won so many hearts. The American market has never been a walk in the park for any company. The people who want to perform well, especially in the finance department must be capable of handling the complex needs of the customers. Fortress Investment Advisors primary goal is to ensure that the wealth of the clients is well protected. With the right financial freedom, the customers can be guaranteed of a great future that is free from any financial challenges.

Fortress Investment Advisors uses a perfect approach when dealing with the customers. For instance, the firm believes in the clarity of communication, effective implementation and solid plans are the only way to a great future. The institution now uses a consultative approach so that the clients can build the financial castle they have been dreaming about. The financial objectives of the customers are given the top priority in this institution. The large institution has collaborated with its leaders, CPAs and attorneys so that they can design and at the end of the day offer clients plans that are effective. The comprehensive strategies from the company have been tried and proved to be very effective on many occasions, and this is why they have worked for so many people in the United States. Dealing with the modern customers is not a walk in the park. Most companies are forced to abandon all their plans because they have failed to meet the complex financial goals that are presented by the customers.When dealing with the professionals working in this investment advisory company, customers have nothing to worry about.

First of all, the advisors who work in the company represent quarterbacks, and they work closely with the management of the company to ensure that they have offered the advanced knowledge the customer is interested in. The organization has been in the American market for the last seven decades, and this means that it has all the investment expertise anyone from any part of the globe needs. The professionals in the company are highly skilled, and they have been certified to offer the services needed by the people in America. The independent company has great leaders too who work around the clock to ensure that customers never get an opportunity to make any complains. These leaders have been in the finance department for a very long time, and they know the tricks that they can use to make all the customers happy. The chairman of the company is quite popular, and he is a prominent personality when it comes to the investment advisory department in the United States.


OSI Group President And COO David McDonald Helps The Company Grow

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Iowa State University graduate David McDonald has played a major role in helping the OSI Group become a leader in the global food production industry. When McDonald joined the company in 1987, he brought a degree in animal science and the unique prospective and work ethic of someone who had grown up on a farm. While those things were impressive, the skillset David McDonald possesses has proven to be crucial to company’s growth. His willingness to work closely with, learn from and teach people on every level of the company have made him a beloved member of the team at the OSI Group.

When David McDonald joined the company, the OSI Group had just begun its transition from an Illinois based company focused on providing ground beef for McDonald’s and packaged meat for restaurants and supermarkets into a company with ambitious plans for international growth. McDonald helped the OSI Group establish a customer base in China and his ability to handle the often complex negotiations with government officials and local producers has helped the company grow to become China’s largest poultry producer. Although the OSI Group now has 10 poultry processing plants in China, McDonald says he’s proudest of the work he did with the most recently opened one.

Another region into which the OSI Group is developing a significant presence with David McDonald’s help is in Europe. To increase the number of customers they serve in Europe, McDonald helped the OSI Group acquire Dutch food processing company Baho Foods. He also played a prominent role in the acquisition of UK based Flagship Europe. By helping add those two companies to the OSI Group family, McDonald has assisted the company in having a customer base in Europe that encompasses more than two dozen countries. The company now has 70 facilities and customers in 85 countries around the world.

David McDonald’s skill at creating successful, dynamic partnerships with businesses in countries around the world has been a cornerstone of the OSI Group’s international growth. Being able to work in coordination with partners with vast insight and thorough knowledge of each market makes it easier for the OSI Group to better serve the needs of the customers there. David McDonald uses the information he gleans about the local culture business practices to inform the decisions the OSI Group makes in each specific region and location and establish solid customer bases.

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Sahm Adrangi And Kerrsidale Capital Shine A Light On QuinStreet Inc. And Its Shady Tactics

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Sahm Adrangi, along with his private investment firm, Kerrisdale Capital, has recently put out a negative report that explains why it is shorting QuinStreet Inc, which is an internet marketing company. QuinStreet Inc. has seen its stock price increase by 400% recently, and those who have invested in the company believe that this move is signalling a bull run that is about to happen for QuinStreet Inc. Instead of going along with these stockholders, Kerrisdale Capital and Sahm Adrangi are sharing that they believe the long-term success of the company is in serious question because the business has mainly been improving due to phony traffic that has been going to the company’s network of websites.

Sahm Adrangi pointed out that these websites earn money for the company when users take actions there like filling out a form or clicking a link. This truly only benefits QuinStreet Inc. and takes away from its base of clients. In fact, Kerrisdale has been quick to let people know that the increase in revenue for QuinStreet has disproportionately come from one client and that the market should be taking this into account. In general, Adrangi finds that QuinStreet is shoddy company that is using an unsound business model, which, in the end, will come crashing down on itself.

Sahm Adrangi earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics during his time studying at Yale University and is the founder and Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale Capital. Before creating the company, he worked with Longacre Fund Management as an investment analyst. There he dutifully did research looking into the equity fund and credit fund. Before this, he worked with Chanin Capital Partners, which is a restructuring group that focuses on bankruptcy. While there, he worked with creditors to offer them advice related to Chapter 11 bankruptcy and also represented bondholder committees as well as bank debt holders. Sahm Adrangi also worked with Deutsche Bank, which is a leveraged finance group. Looking into the future, Sahm Adrangi plans on continuing to shine a light on companies that make great investments for those who are looking for solid short positions.

Peter Briger: Leading Fortress Group Into The Future Of The Financial Field

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Being a well-known name in the financial field is not an easy task, especially in the cut-throat competitive setting of Wall Street. The companies that make it here are the ones that have made it big time, and the people that stand out here are some of the most learned members of their respective fields. Specifically, when it comes to financing, Peter Bridger is a name that a lot of people tend to know. Serving as the co-chairman of Fortress Investment Group, Bridger has served as a vital member of the company and of the field for an incredibly extended period. The first time Peter Bridger decided to join the company was in 2002 and since then, has only contributed positively to the work that Fortress Investment Group does. He has been a vital member of the organization and has improved the overall workings of the company and the range of services that they provide. Through the years, Peter Bridger has been able to develop a number of positive strategies and business developments that have helped the company reach a more favorable position within the field, and have increased the overall portfolio that the company possesses.

One of the reasons why Peter Bridger has been able to implement so many positive improvements to the company is because of the past professional experiences that he has had through the course of his career. One of the more notable professional endeavors that Peter Bridger had taken on before working at Fortress Investment Group was a position at Goldman Sachs. This was a noteworthy position that shaped up Peter Bridger to be the name that he is today, and is also one which helped him grow incredibly through the course of his career. He learned from some of the most proficient professionals in the field and began to implement all that they were doing in the work that he was tasked to perform. Over time, he started to adopt a more hands-on approach to the field and the job that he possessed, which was something that aided him in his overall professional growth.

The experiences that Peter Bridger had at Goldman Sachs greatly impacted the work that he was doing at Fortress Investment Group. He was the reason why the company decided to become public and appear on the New York Stock Exchange. He decided to improve the workings of the company through this manner, which also made Fortress Investment Group one of the first investment companies to become public. Several other names in the field soon followed after in their footsteps, and none of this would have been possible without the guidance of Peter Bridger.

While it may seem that Peter Bridger is heavily focused on the work that he does, he still tries to partake in charitable ventures to make a difference to the lives of people all over the world. Peter Bridger regularly donated to charities and organizations and teams up for events that are contributing to a better society. He has also given millions towards organizations that are working towards helping him achieve this goal.

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Clay Siegall’s Valiant Fight Against Cancer & How Its Changing Society

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To get straight to the point, Clay Siegall is the heart and the soul of cancer research. He has always had a passion for medicine and for technology as the two seem to go hand-to-hand to some degree. Clay Siegall, M.D., Ph.D., has a burning passion to eradicate this illness from the face of the earth, but it’s easier said than done. The amount of time that goes into producing these advanced drugs is rather large. After the production of the drugs, they’ll need to get approved by the FDA and the amount of time is furthermore extended. In all honesty, if you work in this field, you’ll certainly need perseverance.

Dr. Siegall has an extended educational-base. He has earned a Ph.D in Genetics from the affluent George Washington University, and he has earned a B.S. in Zoology from the prominent University of Maryland. His educational foundation is rock-solid at this point in time, but he is always thirsting for more. His exquisite thirst for knowledge has paid-off in huge returns. The returns just so happens to be people’s lives and you can’t put a price tag on that. “I would be lying if I said that money wasn’t motivating me,” said Dr. Siegall. In all honesty, it takes money to make money. The worlds economy was built-off buying and selling. There is no one that can say that this man is only doing this for monetary gain because all you’ll need to do is to look at his impressive resume of saving lives.

International marking is the next step for Dr. Siegall and Seattle Genetics. Once he gets this progressive system up-and-running, the sky is the limit. There won’t be any other organization or any other entity that will be able to pull Seattle Genetics’ strings.

The Success of Todd Lubar


A very successful entrepreneur and businessman, Todd Lubar has been making an impact for many years. He has excelled in variety of areas including real estate and even scrap metal. He has a unique approach and skill set that has allowed him to put together an impressive resume. Recently Lubar sat down with Release Fact to share some insight into what drives him and what has made him so successful.


Todd’s drive to be his own boss began at an early age. He recalls selling lemonade and hot chocolate at the young age of seven. Growing up in Washington, DC, Lubar saw lots of snow. He spent many hours shoveling neighbors driveways. Lubar has always been driven and goal oriented. This passion has led him to other opportunities including various industries. He also had the opportunity to begin building his own company. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Todd Lubar understands why he has been successful. Lubar is focused on using positive motivation to inspire his employees. He is very open with his employees and believes in being transparent. Having trust in each other is crucial in the success of his team. Furthermore Lubar is determined to keep a balance between his personal and professional life. This is a trait he tries to pass along to his employees. Check out Yelp to know more.


Today Todd Lubar serves as the of President at TDL Global Adventures. Throughout his career he has held a number of leadership positions including positions at positions at Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial. Lubar is a graduate of Syracuse University where he where he earned a B.A. in speech communication. His work with Legacy Financial is responsible for growing their Maryland office to over 100 million dollars a year in loan volume. He has had success in several areas including real estate, the Demolition industry and the night club industry. He continues to thrive in the business world today.

How Peter Briger Became A Billionaire

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Peter Briger is a billionaire who currently lives in San Francisco, California. He is the principal and co-chief executive officer of Fortress Investment Group which is headquartered in New York, New York. He has been in the financial industry for over two decades where he has been managing assets. Fortress Investment Group is one of the world’s leading investment management firms which offers its services to institutional and private investors. They manage over $65 billion in assets under management. He is a graduate of Princeton, where he earned his bachelor’s degree. He also attended the University of Pennsylvania’ Wharton School of Business where he earned his master of business administration.

For 15 years Peter Briger worked for Goldman Sachs & Co. His acumen at investing in alternative assets led to him becoming a partner of this financial firm in 1996. While he worked there he was on a number of their top committees. Among these were the Japan Executive Committee, the Asian Management Committee, and the Global Control and Compliance Committee. He also held multiple leadership roles at Goldman Sachs such as co-heading the Asian Distressed Debt business and the Whole Loan Sales and Trading Business among others.It was in 2002 that Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group. He was responsible for building up their Fortress Credit business which he continues to manage himself.

This division of the company employs over 300 people. He specializes at investing in undervalued assets, distressed investments, and those which are illiquid in nature. Because of his success at investing in alternative assets like these Forbes Magazine had him ranked as the 317th wealthiest person in the world with an estimated net worth of $1.5 billion.Beyond his alternative investing career, Peter Briger is a member of a number of organizations. He is part of the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council, for example. He has a seat on this nonprofit’s alumni advisory board where he offers students access to his investment, business and leadership skills. He is also involved with the Global Fund for Children as he sits on their Silicon Valley Leadership Council. Additionally, he is on the Council on Foreign Relations. This is a nonpartisan organization which helps elected officials and the general public understand foreign policy issues better. Peter Briger is married and they have four children at home.

Dr. Saad Saad and The Remarkable Career Path He Has Led In the Medical Field


There are many medical professionals today who promise us cures and remedies but can’t deliver. Fortunately, the promise of Dr. Saad Saad usually gets delivered and always for the benefit of the patients.



The Interview



From a transcript of an interview with Idea Mensch, we learn that Dr. Saad Saad is a doctor who has reached his level of status today because of his virtues and values. He believes in the high importance of research, and because of this, he’s able to reach the kind of success that he aims. In the interview, we also learned that it is his attribute always to be able to organize his ideas, lectures and research programs that have given him the successful status that he has right now. He also shared some practical and personal philosophy in the interview by saying that only God knows the entirety of our fate. Such submission to the will and higher wisdom of the unknown makes him one of the outstanding people today who are humble enough to understand that there’s still a lot of things in the world that our human brains are still not keen to get and understand.



Personal Touches



We can also surmise from the interview the personal touches that Dr. Saad Saad does before doing a complicated medical procedure, such as surgery. He shared that before he does anything in the surgery room, he still has to make sure that the room is silent and no distraction from a loud noise should be in the area. There should also be no personal talking in the operating room. He also requires himself to get a good solid eight hours of sleep before doing any hard surgery. Learn more:



About The Palestine-born Doctor



Dr. Saad Saad, MD, is a FAAP doctor who has his primary office in Eatontown, NJ. His other offices are spread around Forked River, NJ. Despite the fact that Dr. Saad Saad grew up in Palestine, he still went and reached for his dreams to become a leading and renowned doctor across the globe. Being born among eight children was a challenge for Dr. Saad Saad, but this didn’t stop him from pursuing the opportunities that were made available for him.



He pushed for his education and tried to achieve his ultimate dream of becoming a physician. Fortunately, this paid off, as he was consistently being given an excellence award in academics ever since a kid. He even earned the medical degree that he so preciously treasures right now from Cairo University with flying colors. The school is based in Egypt, which makes it even more special since Egypt has some of the best standards in tertiary and medical education today. Ranking second in his class in his medical degree is also a stunning feat that not many can achieve.


Daniel Taub: Lawyer with many Roles


He was born in London and in 1989 moved to Israeli. Daniel Taub attended the University College in London and Kennedy School of Government and finally the University College in Oxford.

He served as a reserve officer in their international law branch and as Israeli Defense Forces as a Combat Medic. In 1991 he started to work for Israeli foreign ministry and has held various diplomatic and legal positions. He became Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2011 to 2015.

He is presently the Director of planning and strategy of the Yad Hanadly Foundation.

Danie Taub, an international lawyer and Israeli diplomat has written lengthily on Israel and the Middle East. He has had articles in The Daily Telegraph and the Huffington Post, Guardian, and Times, to name a few. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

He wrote, a book of insights on each of the biblical weekly sections titled Parasha Diplomatit. His evaluation or analyses on each of the Torah sections include a political perspective, humor, and more

As an author, he writes and lectures extensively on topics such as negotiation and international law. He was once a speechwriter for Israeli President Chaim Herzog

Mr. Taub is a hardworking and a dedicated inventor and chief scriptwriter of a well-known Israeli drama series HeChatzer. The drama series is aimed at breaking down stereotypes of religious and secular and divisions in Israeli society. He became involved in diplomacy when he moved to Israel. He worked as an intellectual property lawyer at the beginning of tech revolution era.

Mr. Taub became interested and joined the Israeli foreign ministry after the Madrid Peace conference which suggested there could be a chance to negotiate peace with Israel’s neighbors. He wanted to be a part of it using his knowledge and skill as a lawyer who studied international law and negotiation theory. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://דניאלטאוב and

Mr. Taub typical day as an Israeli’s Ambassador to the UK involves vast areas of key activities which includes the academic corporation, political dialogue, security and intelligence sharing, the Jewish community and other faith communities. They also evaluate areas that have not been reached in the community and reach out to them.

His curiosity and genuine interest in people makes him a productive and successful diplomat. He believes that people appreciate it when you are passionate about what they passionate about.

Mr. Daniel Taub is a hardworking and committed multi-tasker who works as lawyer, speech and television writer and has worked with presidents and prime ministers. He never planned any of this role ahead of time and that has enriched his life as a result.

Visit Mr. Taub website for more information

Frontera Fund and Joe Arpaio


Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey’s Frontera Fund was launched due to a very specific incident. The men, both Village Media Voice executives, wrote a tell-all article in the Phoenix New Times exposing the wrongdoings of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Arpaio, who served as sheriff for 24 years, committed a number of abuses against people while in power. Larkin and Lacey revealed financial improprieties, racial profiling, failure to provide proper medical care and over 160 deaths in his prisons.

Arpaio also went as far as getting his lackeys in the Maricopa Attorneys Office issue subpoenas to find out information about journalists, readers and anyone else he felt was against him.

In retaliation, Arpiao ordered his deputies to pull Larkin and Lacey from their homes in hand cuffs. They were taken to separate jails and booked. Once word got out, the story made national headlines and both men were released.

A lawsuit was filed against Arpaio and the sheriff’s department. The court battle centered on abuse of power and constitutional rights violations. It was determined that Arpaio routinely abused the rights of citizens. He would even go as for as ignoring court orders telling him to halt racial profiling.

Instead of pocketing the $3.2 million judgement, Larkin and Lacey opted to open the Frontera Fund. The monies will be used to help Hispanic individuals who have been victimized due to racial profiling and prejudice.

In the meantime, Arpaio was charged with criminal contempt, stemming from his refusal to follow a judge’s orders. Many thought he would finally get his comeuppance and pay for his dirty deeds.

This was stopped by the tip of Donald Trump’s pen. He issued Arpaio a pardon. He did however, seek re-election, but lost against Democrat Paul Penzone.

Larkin and Lacey continue to run their foundation. “It’s a shame that this man (Arpaio) got away with all that he did. He demonized Mexican people and any other people with brown skin,” said Lacey.


Lacey and Larkin are the Journalists who are Warning the Nation

Resident all over Arizona rejoiced when Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was finally convicted of criminal contempt charges, none harder than his victims, especially Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Their victory, however, would be short lived when Donald Trump pardoned and absolved Arpaio of his crime.


For Lacey and Larkin, the fight has just began. Most of Arpaio’s victims don’t have the power or the voice to call him out on what he’s done. Lacey and Larkin, as journalist, have exactly what is needed to make sure Joe Arpaio doesn’t hold public office again.


After they were awarded a 3.75 million dollar settlement, stemming from an illegal arrest made by Arpaio and his deputies in 2007, Lacey and Larkin decided to create The Frontera Fund. With the fundraising efforts put forth by The Frontera Fund, Lacey and Larkin have given a voice to the voiceless. They are using the Frontera Fund to provide money and resources to charities that assist the Latino community. Lacey and Larkin likely chose to support the Latinos of Arizona because they were the primary target of Arpaio’s illegal actions.


The journalists are not stopping at just assisting their local community. By using their other recent foundation, Front Page Confidential, Lacey and Larkin are working to inform the entire country about the immoral behavior of Joe Arpaio. Front Page Confidential’s content doesn’t only pertain to Joe Arpaio. The paper also publishes material relating to all types of constitutional rights violations like voter suppression and first amendment rights violations.


With Arpaio’s recent announcement to run for a seat on Capital Hill, Lacey and Larkin will work as his opposition to inform voters of his troubling past.