Whitney Wolfe’s Adventurous Dating Site Bumble is Reshaping the Dating Scene

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Bumble is the name of Whitney Wolfe’s dating site. It was released to the web in 2014 and is now a premiere dating platform that has 33 million users. That number is steadily growing everyday. People love Bumble because it is a different type of dating site. This site only allows women to make the first move. Guys who sing up on Bumble cannot just go ham and start talking to every female they see on the site. Nope, men have to sit around and wait to see if a female wants them. Mrs. Wolfe – Herd wanted it to be this way.

Whitney Wolfe created Bumble to be a place for women. She was tired of the old dating scene where men were always coming at her. She wanted to do something different by allowing women to approach men. The current era that we live in today is all about women rights and equality. Feminism is truly on the rise and Whitney Wolfe is helping to shape this modern feminist landscape with Bumble. This is one reason why she puts women first on this site. She wants them to know that women can make the first move and still retain their female persuasions, sexuality and charms.

Naturally, guys like females. They chase after them and want to settle down the one that appeals to them the most. Traditionally, females loved to be chased. She will sort through multiple pursuers until she finds the one man that appeals to her the most. Whitney Wolfe is no different fro any other female in this regard. However, she is fed up with males abusing the normal cultural and social standards of guys approaching women.

She had endured a lot of harassment and abuse at her last job with Tinder. This online dating site company did things to Wolfe that made her feel humiliated, angry and frustrated. She ended up winning settlement money that was valued in the millions. She took that money and put some of it toward starting Bumble. On Bumble, women will not be made to feel inferior to men. They will not be viewed as sexual objects or treated as the weaker sex. They are equals. Whitney Wolfe wants the world to know this reality. Bumble is now reshaping the dating world and how women are perceived in modern times.

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Jeremy Goldstein career accomplishments


Jeremy Goldstein is the co-founder of one of the most famous law firms known as the Jeremy L Goldstein and Associates which specializes in giving advisory services on the compensation of committees, CEO’s, and the management teams.

He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration, a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of New York and a master’s degree from Chicago University. He has been in a position to work for a significant number of companies and has been able to build a legacy of many organizations success stories.

He first worked as an Olympic researcher for CBS sports and a news producer for ABC. In line with his career, he has also been able to work for several law firms before having the idea of starting his company. With the significant knowledge and skills that he obtained during his work experience, he has had the strength and the ability to run his company successfully and contribute greatly to its growth over the years. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

Jeremy Goldstein has played most important roles in a number of major corporate transactions such as united technologies acquisitions of Goodrich. He has also been able to support the community that gives him support in his career. Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn

He developed a new type of options for the employees known as the knock out stock options that help the employers to have time and increase the savings by reducing the accounting costs. These options also decrease the chances that the employees’ savings decrease when there is an economic downturn in the value of the stocks.

Jeremy Goldstein also gives back to the community by being one of the major supporters and donors of the Fountain house which is a non-profit organization that supports a group of people who are mentally challenged. As the director of Fountain house, he includes the welfare of the challenged people in the community in his strategic plans.

He works to see that they attain better housing, get the best education that they can, food, clothing and other necessities. He also works to help some of these mentally challenged people get some employment in the society that can suit them best.

He is a role model to everyone in the society. When someone becomes successful it is an obligation for him or her to give back to the society and make some contributions to the economic development of a nation.

This makes him appreciated and become more valued in the community and this reputation may continue making ways for even greater success.

Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein:

https://www.resumonk.com/Rf4O8IjkZGGkJ1jqlTIPqA and https://lawyers.justia.com/lawyer/jeremy-goldstein-1275422

See What Eric Lefkofsky Is Doing To Get Cancer Patients A Lasting Solution

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Cancer is one of the fastest killing agents today. It’s amazing that even children are diagnosed with cancer unlike in the past when it was just associated with the adults. Lung cancer is probably one of the cancer types spreading so fast. Genetic risks and environmental factors such as tobacco smoking are the two major causes of lung cancer today. A lot of research about lung cancer and cancer, in general, has been done. It emerges that it will take technology to deal with these dreadful conditions. Eric Lefkofsky is one of the esteemed medical technology people who look forward for a solution in this.

Eric founded Tempus, and he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Tempus is a tech company in Chicago that deals with clinical and molecular data and research. Erick hopes the company will be the greatest research hub in the world with exceptional information on clinical and molecular aspects. The company’s main mandate is to collect useful information that would greatly help the cancer patients and physicians. Eric Lefkofsky says he intends to come with patient-proved outcomes. He also hopes to make Tempus a personalized center for cancer patients.

Tempus was founded in 2015, and it has over 200 employees now. More than $70 million has been raised in this company so far. If you were to describe Eric’s career, you would say it’s something that has span beyond entrepreneurship. Having known and seen how the cancer patients suffer, Eric has developed a strong philanthropic spirit. He says if people used their money to support scientific research centers, a lasting solution to cancer would be found. Eric has been concerned about the amount of money cancer patients use to seek health services. A person close to him developed cancer, and Eric realized that the doctor that treated the sick person didn’t have adequate technology and the right facilities to do so.

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OSI Food Solutions Doubles Chicken Production

Food, OSI Group

OSI Food Solutions in Spain has expanded its pant to boost the production of chicken. Following an increase in the demand for chicken products, OSI Group has been forced to expand the pant so that it can meet the huge demand coming from Spain and Portugal. According to food consumption data in the two countries, the demand for chicken products has gone up by 8 percent. The production capacity of the plant is expected to hit 24,000 tons from 12,000.

With the recent expansion of this plant, OSI Group is expected to increase its total production of beef, chicken and pork product to 45,000 tons annually. The expansion has not only created benefits for the company but has increased job opportunities for the local community. With the new expansion, the number of workers is expected to increase from the current 140 to 160. Among the positions which were created after the expansion is that of the product development manager. The company overemphasis on the need of skilled and hardworking employees and therefore the position will be filled by people who genuinely qualify for the job.

OSI Group decided to expand the firm so that they can adapt to the changing needs of the market. The most important thing for business is to read the developments in the market and act accordingly. Part of the developments which have occurred in the company includes construction of refrigeration rooms, packaging, and storage rooms as well as the receiving areas. In total, the company has added 22, 600 square feet of space.

According to the COO of OSI Group, the ongoing expansion of the company is part of the managements’ attempts to expand the food service industry as well as growing portfolio of products. The management is pleased with the recent expansion which has seen the company employ more people and increase its products to the people.

One of the goals of OSI Group led by the CEO Sheldon Lavin is to offer services which are in line with the needs of the people. The company is emphasizing on the sustainability in its production. The plant that has been built in Toledo, Spain has reduced power consumption in the plant by about 20 percent. The plant is built in such a way that it is energy efficient. Due to the commitment the firm has shown in applying sustainable means of production, it has been supported by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund in its expansion plans.

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Highland Capital Management-Creating New Opportunities

Investment Management

Highland Capital Management, a multi-billion dollar investment management corporation based in Dallas Texas, is making major headlines through its generous endowment to the George W. Bush Presidential Center. The ten million endowment gift will be used to maintain many public programs held at the prestigious center. The programs include famous authors, thought leaders, politicians, and news makers looking to take advantage of the space. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

Highland Capital has made a significant impact to the success of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. Since 2012, Highland has contributed more than five million dollars since 2012 and this recent gift will substantiate the success of holding various major events for many years to come.

Read: https://www.indeed.com/q-Highland-Capital-Management-jobs.html

The major endowment from Highland Capital also creates several sponsored events in the community. The first sponsored event took place on February 5th. The evening was a constitutional conversation featuring Chris Scalia, the son of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The evening consisted of a robust conversation regarding his father’s favorite speeches and a round table discussion of experts discussing current media landscape. Many of these events are at no cost to register and those interested in attending can sign up at www.bushcenter.org

These series have attracted substantial popularity and attracted multiple sellout crowds. Popular public figures such as Condolezza Rice, Barbra Bush, and Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels have made appearances at the center. In addition, the center is used exclusively for special exhibits such as artists’ work. For example, President Bush’s paintings of post 9/11 veterans were featured at the center.

The investment and contributions of Highland Capital Management are focused on providing future opportunities for leaders and visionaries of our society to be heard. Highland Capital Management continues to provide opportunities on both national and international scales. Read this article at PR Newswire.

Fortress Investment Group Recently Acquired By SoftBank Group Corp

Financial, Investment

Fortress Investment Group is geared up to raise approximately $2 billion. This money is earmarked for direct lending and raised under the ownership of Softbank Group Corp. Another 5 billion for flagship credit opportunities. This moves Fortress into the next step as Softbank.

Fortress changed its lineup following the SoftBank Group purchase of Fortress and promoted Josh Pack and Drew Mcknight to managing partners in the credit group while Joel Holsinger left the firm. Fortress studies other money management groups in the ring and noticed that they’ve closed their direct lending pools. Asset manager sees this as an opportunity to pick up where the other investment companies left off.

A little background on Fortress Investment Group. It manages alternative assets. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and has over 1,100 employees. With a keen eye on a plethora of investment strategies, they provide a service for over 17,000 clients worldwide. Softbank became the owner of Fortress in February 2017 for an estimated $3.3 Billion. The acquisition was completed after the agreement to all conditions.

Since January 2008 Fortress has invested in 24 companies like Lotterydotcom, MoneyMe, Mash, Litify and Bluevine just to name a few. These companies provide a range of services such as loan financing to other businesses, Cloud Video Surveillance, producing devices for small bones and joints, data archive solutions, and more. Fortress Investment Group in 2007 was dubbed the largest private equity firm in the US to be traded. as of December 2017.

Fortress boasts of approximately $43 Billion in assets. While headquartered in New York, Fortress has affiliate offices worldwide. The company’s forte in pricing, owning, financing, and management of assets from real estate business to financial assets. They have developed an investment team armed with the knowledge of the fields they invest in. This gives Fortress a leg up in the industry when making investments.

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The End of One You and the Start of Another

Business, Health, Health Care, Investment

In some ways, giving the Youth Enhancement System a spin is like ending the old lifestyle that was breaking you apart and starting anew once more. While there’s never truly a replacement to taking care of yourself — exercise, eating well, the whole nine — you can get awfully close with Jeunesse’s line of youth enhancement products, which are designed to target not the ailments themselves but the body’s repair systems. That’s to say that it improves your biological garrison and fortifies the gates with immune boosters, fitness aids and more. There’s a well-rounded system at play, but it wasn’t without a great deal of effort to build the alternative wellness solution company from the ground up.

Jeunesse started off as an ambitious goal between two aging entrepreneurs who’d seen much of life’s offerings in their time as successful enterprisers. Randy Ray decided to unite with Wendy Lewis on September 9 at exactly 9 o’clock in the evening; the year was none other than 2009 — less than a decade ago. The company has come a long way in such a short time, beginning as a multi-level marketing platform that sold all-natural health products for people young and old to realize their potential once more. Behind the symbolism of the number 9 is the intense belief that longevity and wellness for all is the only purposeful way for the duo to live now, and to this day, the Jeunesse Family stands as a testament to the vision that now embraces the world at large.

The Youth Enhancement System is the cornerstone product that the company offers to solve age-based issues stemming from free radicals, compromised immune functions, sedentary living and more. The range of application methods is quite extensive, and this is to optimize the introduction of the following benefits individually:

  • Improved ability to fall asleep and remain that way for the whole night
  • Quicker and easier waking in the mornings
  • Elevated mood and attitude
  • Enhanced sharpness of mind
  • Amped-up energy to stay on the move all day
  • Boosted immune and repair processes


Dr. Jennifer Walden: More Than A Plastic Surgeon

Doctors, Surgery

Whether you call it plastic surgery, or you call it medical aesthetics, this is one of the most exciting fields of work in today’s time. Medical aesthetics has always been quite popular, but with so many new advancements in technology, this industry has skyrocketed with a variety of new services. Of course, the industry brings in billions of dollars on an annual basis. It’s more so in demand because it gives people more confidence in themselves. Jennifer Walden, M.D., stands at the forefront of this exclusive field of work. This women is the living embodiment of female power.

Walden has recently made the headlines in the aesthetic society. This woman will be the very first female surgeon to serve on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors. Yes, that was surely a mouthful. She already has a prominent role with the ASAPS as the current Commissioner of Communications. Thanks to her greatness in medical aesthetics, Dr. Walden has become a television commentator. She has worked with Fox News, has worked with ABC News and has been blessed to appear in popular television shows like “Dr. 90210.” There are numerous popular magazines that has presented her work, including Cosmopolitan, Shape, Self, New York Magazine, Italian Vogue, Vogue, TexasMD Magazine, VIVE and many more.

Dr. Walden received her fellowship from the affluent Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. While residing at this fine institution, she was trained by Dr. Sherrell Aston. She has gone on to provide surgical services for Lenox Hill Hospital, for New York University Langone Medical Center and for the University of Texas Southwestern. After spending nearly eight years in New York City, she would relocate back to her hometown of Austin, Texas. As of today, Dr. Walden has a successful medical practice at Westlake Medical Center as well as a satellite in Marble Falls, Texas.

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Robert Ivy Becomes The First Architect To Receive Noel Pork Lifetime Achievement Award


Often, successful entrepreneurs insist that building a legacy is a journey that requires dedication as well as focus in the game. Today, only a few manage to scoop the rewards in play. However, for individuals such as Robert Ivy, success is their other name. The celebrated individual has built a reputation in the architectural industry, a sector that many people view as complicated.

Today, Robert Ivy serves as the CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). His contributions towards the firm are outshining and can never go unmentioned. Robert joined AIA in 2011 and was the ideal guy for the job. As the CEO, Robert has dedicated his position to growing AIA’s global footprint, a task that we can say he is succeeding. Currently, there are seven global chapters, including those in China and Canada.

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Today, the successful company has more than 90,000 members in the U.S. as well as other three territories such as Europe, Asia and Canada. The architect firm is focused on designing structures with the neighborhood’s safety in mind. When it comes to experience, Robert Ivy takes pride in holding more than what is needed. Before, Ivy was the editor-in-chief of the McGraw Hill’s Architectural Record. Under his tenure, the journal thrived magnificently, gaining a global clientele. Also, his effort saw it earn numerous awards such as the National Magazine Award for General Excellence.

During the career journey, a little motivation is necessary because it keeps one focused towards the course. Robert’s career also needed some boost. In April, the talented CEO was acknowledged by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) with the prestigious Noel Pork Lifetime Achievement Award. One surprising fact about the award is that Robert is the first architect ever to receive the award from the prestigious platform. Before, the distinguished award has been given to individuals such as Leontyne Price, Eudora Welty and actor Morgan Freeman among many others.

According to MIAL, the conclusion to award Robert the prestigious award was made on the fact that he has made architecture a field that is accessible to all by clearing the complications. Besides, the talented CEO is a renowned writer, author and commentator and this saw him earn the credits. Before, Robert Ivy has been crowned with awards. However, the MIAL’s prize was a significant milestone in his career. Robert will officially receive his award on June 2nd when the ceremony will be held. Alongside Robert, Andrew Cary Young will be there, a prominent stained glass designer who will also be receiving the award.

Check more about Robert Ivy: http://www.zdnet.com/article/qa-robert-ivy-ceo-the-american-institute-of-architects/

Why Forbes Featured Peter Briger; The President And Co-Chairman Of Fortress Investment Group

Investment, Investment Banking

Peter Briger is a Principal at Fortress Investment Group LLC. He is equally a Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company. Prior to becoming the co-chairman of the board of directors, he had been a member of the management committee of the company.

Educational Background

Peter holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Princeton University.Additionally, he has a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

 Peter Briger’s Professional Career

Peter Briger’s professional career started at the Goldman Sachs and Co where he worked for 15 years. There, he became a partner in 1996. While at Goldman Sachs and Co, Peter was appointed as the head of these committees:

  • Asian Management Committee,
  • Global Control and Compliance Committee, and
  • Japan Executive Committee.

Also, he was appointed as a co-head of various groups at Goldman Sachs and Co. These groups include but not limited to the following:

  • Whole Loan Sales and Trading Business
  • Asian Real Estate Private Equity Business
  • Special Opportunities (Asia) Fund LLC
  • Asian Distressed Debt Business

And in 2002, he joined the Fortress Investment Group where he managed the hybrid hedge fund operation as well as the Credit and Real Estate business at the firm.

Peter’s journey at Fortress Investment Group

Peter joined the firm in 2002. In 2007, he featured on the Forbes list of top 400 business professionals in the US. And he ranked as number 317 with a net worth of $1.5 billion. Forbes included him because he had gained a duly deserved recognition.Then in 2009, he was elected as the co-chairman; a great development that stemmed from the fact that he had been impressive since joining the company. What Employees are saying about Peter Briger and the top Executives at Fortress Investment Group .Most of the employees at the company have confirmed that the organization is the best place to work. Employees’ performance, dedication, and hard-work are recognized by the top management executives of the organization.The interns have equally testified that they have been able to learn a lot of skills during their short stay at the company.In addition, the company has been described by both past and present employees that the company is a good place to work.Furthermore, Peter has been able to prove that he is vastly experienced in asset management and investments with his over 2 decades experience in the industry. More so, he is a reputable leader and an outstanding business professional.