Ongoing News of North Carolina HB2 and Ross Abelow’s Law Practice


One ongoing occurrence in the news is that of the rights of people who identify as transgender to use the restroom for the gender that they identify as. In North Carolina, a bill called HB2 (House Bill 2), forces them to use the restroom dedicated to the gender that they were assigned at birth. However, the press has been saying that it’s about more than just the restroom issue. Some are saying that it also means that employees can’t sue employers based on sex discrimination. The North Carolina Equal Employment Practice (or EPA) law was passed in 1977 and tort of wrongful discharge followed in the early 1980’s. However, HB2 eliminates all of the above rights almost completely.

Section 422.2 of the North Carolina EPA states that discrimination against anything listed in Title VII is illegal. Yet on the contrary, it doesn’t allow anyone facing that sort of discrimination to take action. In other words, the North Carolina law says that it’s illegal for employers to commit such discrimination and yet if they do, those affected by it no longer have the right take any legal action against it. This is arguably one of the most confusing bills ever passed due to its double standard. It is also arguably designed to cheat those who are minorities and/or identify as LGBT.

Many employees facing such discrimination often do not know their rights. That’s where attorneys such as Ross Abelow in New York come in. Employment discrimination is one of Abelow’s specialties. His others are personal injury and marriage and family law. Abelow works with both individuals and businesses. He also specializes in living wills. Abelow completed his degree in Brooklyn Law School. He has been practicing in the New York area for several years.

One thing that makes Ross Abelow stand out from other practicing attorneys is that he is bound by prohibitions against conflicts of interests. In employment cases, this means that Abelow can’t participate in any cases relating to any company that he was formerly employed with. This is due to any potential bias for the company that could work against the client.

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How much would you pay for a manicure?

Fashion Trends

If you are an ordinary citizen of the United States of America, and you like getting manicures, most likely, you are not looking to spend over $100 per session. Well, guess what? Vanessa Hudgens is not an ordinary American.

Former star of High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens has been getting ready for the annual Coachella Music Festival in California. She fired up her Coachella campaign on with a wavy hair extension. Well, just yesterday, she showed off her brand new $190 manicure on her Instagram account. Apparently, the manicure session took a total of three hours!

Why was it so expensive for a single manicure? Well, it would not have costed that much if she avoided adding on a couple of Swarovski crystals. Add that with some other shiny assortments of blings, and your total is $190.

Wow, who has the money to just spend $190 decorating your nails? Vanessa Hudgens does! Who spends that much money on getting tacky “stickers” on brown-colored nails? Well, that’s up to you.

Well, this is just my opinion. It is up to you to decide if you think Vanessa Hudgens’s decision was a wise one or not. Whatever the case is, enjoy your weekend at Coachella Ms. Hudgens, and have a safe weekend!

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Scotland Records History By appointing A Woman In The Second Highest Judicial Post


Scotland records its achievements in the judicial system of the country by appointing Dorrian in the second highest position of the judicial system of the country. This marks a great step towards promotion of equality in all sectors and divisions in the country. Dorrians expertise in criminal justice has awarded her position marking a great role model for all envies of supreme justice. The position awarded is the second senior most judicial position for Scotland.

In comparison to other countries Scotland has recorded an unequal government especially in the judicial system. The selection of Dorrian possibly marks an end of the error when women in Scotland faced tough times in the field of legal justice. A case in the 1990s is recorded in the country when Dorrian was criticized for being improperly dressed because she wore a ribbon around her neck. Few are the women in the whole judicial system of Scotland, but it seems that the government can no longer evade the inequality factor after appointing Dorrian. Gender revolution is true, and it is a great factor that will bring lots of change in the legal domain.

Attorneys are becoming popup with the regular global changes; one of the most influential attorneys of this time is Ross Abelow. His professional career has been very interactive especially in promoting justice for investors, bankers, real estate agents and insurance agents all over New York. Abelow has also been licensed to practice law as per his career from his diversification with family law, matrimonial laws in addition to law for athletes. Ross has over time pursued attorney contracts, and he is one of the famous attorneys in New York known to fully take care of all legal needs for a client.

Abelow dedicates himself to providing his legal assistance in the best possible way that he can. In a case of the presentation, he is rated to be one of the best that gives an assurance of a win. He represents his clients to the best of his abilities and is open to helping them with the living will, family law in addition to contractual law.

Furthermore, he is there to speak up for his clients whenever it reaches a point that the clients does not know what to say anymore. Ross is great at finding answers when it reaches a point where there is no one.

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The Skydiving Incident That Changed Andy Wirth’s Life


Andy Wirth is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Wirth has over 20 years of experience working in the mountain resort and hotel industry. Wirth worked for Steamboat Springs Resort and was also the Chief Executive Officer for Intrawest before moving on to Squaw Valley Ski Holdings.

Since being named CEO, Wirth has upgraded the company. According to TahoeTopia, some of the improvements that Andy Wirth has made include infrastructure and mountain design, base area facilities, and lodging areas. KSL Capital Partners founded these upgrades, which Wirth said improved the experience of the customers.

Andy Wirth was seriously injured in a skydiving accident a few years ago. While Wirth was jumping in a drop zone in California, the pilot did not have a good flight line, which caused Wirth to enter a headwind. Wirth tried to land in a vineyard rather than going over the power lines.

WSJ reports that as Andy Wirth went to land, a crosswind caused him to connect with a pole. The pole tore off Wirth’s arm and stripped all of the tissue from Wirth’s shoulder to his forearm. Wirth lost a substantial amount of blood.

Wirth now does biking and trail running. Wirth has contributed to the Navy SEAL Foundation, raising money to support the families of SEAL operators who have lost limbs or unfortunately lost their lives. Wirth has also competed in some Ironman competitions. Wirth wants to also get back into swimming. This is all a part of Wirth regaining his fitness.

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Internet, Online Marketing, Search Media

There are many clients that come to us for the first time, wondering what it is that we do. On their Facebook page, you’ll see that there are some who skeptical, given some of our unique brand and reputation that is already out there. Some are curious as to whether or not we can actually help White Shark Media out.

Below you will find a sample cover of what you can expect from White Shark Media. Now it is worth noting that not every client is the same. Each of you require your own set of rules and templates. Below, you will find a general guideline of what you can expect. Depending on the situation and client needs, we can make the necessary adjustments.


“We are a Search Media Company. We have office all over. We help clients from the U.S. and Central America to Denmark.

We predominately work with places like Ad Words and Bing Ad Words Management. We specialize with companies who are small to medium-sized. Our main focus is to help our clients earn money. Many of our clients work in the E-Commerce world. This is where our bread and butter comes from.

Our products range from placing ads to tracking conversions for a company. We do all the busy work that most of you don’t have time for. Some of our best work can be seen with Shopify. This is the platform that we send all our E-Commerce people too.

White Shark Media first client signed with us back in 2010. We are happy to say that he is still with us. He is one of our core clients, our best clients to have. If there is anything you might need help with us, please contact us. If you think our tools and resources can benefit you and your sales, please give us a call”.


Now that was just a mock-up, but you see the point. The best thing you do is contact us for an evaluation. We will take a look at your current Ad Words program.

We will then get back to you about a plan of action. The contact information for us is down below. If you would like to speak to us on the phone first about your concerns, it’s not a problem.

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Slyce Partners with Shoe Carnival

Service Agreement

Slyce technology is one of the most innovative forms of technology to come out for the Internet. It involves visual search which helps people find items that they are looking for by taking a picture. The software will direct people to the retail store that is selling the item. Slyce and visual search technology has proven to be so innovative for sales that companies are joining with Slyce in order to increase sales. Among the items that are being sold are clothing and footwear. Slyce has recently formed a partnership with Shoe Carnival.

Slyce has been designed with the purpose of making things easier in the retail store. People can take pictures of an item in the real world or magazine pages in order to find the product that has given them a lot of interest. They will be directed to items that match closely to the item that they took a picture of. This allows people to find the exact shoes or other items that they feel they would like to have.

Slyce has a universal scanner that can be downloaded onto mobile devices. The smartphone and tablet app makes it so that any consumer can take advantage of the visual search technology. Customers will be able to take snapshots of any item around them to find close matches.

Unpaid Loans and Devco

Real Estate Development


The Press of Atlantic City has released an article that deals with the loan that has not been paid. There is a CDRA loan that is still left standing. As a result, questions are being raised about New Brunswick Devco. The Middlesex County Improvement Authority has failed to pay the $1 million interest on top of the loan of $20 million it was given by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. As a result, it is way behind in its payments. The original loan was issued in 2005 for the development for The Heldrich. It is a hotel that was developed by Devco, a nonprofit company.

DEVCO is a company that specializes in the redevelopment of the urban real estate. It is one of the driving factors in the revitalization of the urban community. The professionals of the company make sure that the community has a higher value. They protect it from decay. This allows people to want to remain in the area. This also encourages growth in different aspects of the quality of the community. One thing that Devco encourages is job growth. They have won plenty of awards for their redevelopment and community improvement projects.

Devco has been founded in the mid-1970s with the purpose of improving the condition of the community. One thing that it has been credited as being is something powerful for the growth of the economy. One of the talents that the company has is marketing and networking. Devco has shown great ability in creating partnerships that are strengthenign and good for the financing of projects. The total amount of money that Devco has overseen in investment is $1.6 billion.