Fabletics: A Unique Athleisure Brand

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In a recent article, it discusses an important trend in fashion today. The rise of athleisure clothing in Fabletics has been a trend you will see simply everywhere. Whether it’s yoga pants or athletic tops, it’s pretty clear that these separates paired with casual clothing can make quite the fashion statement. And, even those who wear full athleisure wear of Fabletics as their outfits for the day, are relying on the sleek, fashionable looks they have, while remaining comfortable.

The rise of athleisure is a newer fashion trend from Fabletics seen nearly everywhere. There is more to athleisure than just using it for athletic purposes or gym wear. In 2015 alone, Americans spent upwards of forty four billion dollars on athletic wear due to the rise of this newly fashion forward trend. The article goes on to talk about a highly buzzed about athleisure brand called Fabletics. This brand made two hundred million in the first year of their companies introduction, and continues to be a successful website retailer.

To read more from this article, visit this site: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/dressing-down-the-rise-of-athleisure/

You can subscribe to their service, where you will receive monthly packages of athleisure separates, based on your profile preferences and size. Their prices are vastly different from that of its competitors- you won’t be paying high costs for these fashionable pieces! Finally, a brand that is on trend, and reasonable in cost.


See: http://www.racked.com/2016/2/15/10995348/fabletics-stores-kate-hudson

Securing Wealth in the Form of Precious Metals with the Help of U.S Money Reserve

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The U.S Money Reserve is among the most prosperous private suppliers of platinum, gold and silver products that are U.S government-issued. The company was founded in 2001 and has hundreds of thousands of clients relying on it for diversification of their property with high-value metals, which are mainly in the form of U.S silver and gold coins.

Employees of the U.S money Reserve are exceptionally trained in fields such as coin research and numismatic, and have market knowledge, which enables them to locate products that have the maximum profit capability for buyers of valuable metal at all levels. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.kusi.com/story/31374765/in-recognition-of-the-75th-anniversary-the-us-money-reserve-and-the-us-navy-memorial-foundation-combine-efforts-to-raise-a-bronze-lone-sailor-statue

The company has an aim of setting up healthy and long lasting relationships with all its clients, and therefore, it stretches beyond the usual standards of the industry to offer top-quality customer services. The U.S Money Reserve’s headquarters are in Austin, Texas, and it is active in giving back to the community. The company recently helped the Austin Police Department in raising three thousand dollars for the Operation Blue Santa.
The Current President of the U.S Money Reserve, who is also a former Director of the U.S Mint, Mr. Philip Diehl had an interview with Eric Dye at the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio. Read more: US Money Reserve – We strive to provide the most

Mr. Diehl has attended various interviews this year and has given talks on diverse matters, which include prediction on gold’s future market, the high quality of services that the U.S Money Reserve offers its customers and his leadership background. He has been recognized as one of the highly performing Directors of the U.S Mint, and his achievements in the company include being in charge of projects such as the 50 States Quarter and the founding of the pioneer platinum coin that is U.S government issued.  Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.youtube.com/user/usmrwebvideos

During the interview, Philip recalled the makeover that was made in the U.S Mint during his time term in office. They transformed the company that was performing poorly into a functional entrepreneurial organization. One of the important jobs that they did was dedicating the company for six years to making its customer service better. The company’s customer satisfaction ability, later on, became on par with that of the best American businesses.

Mr. Diehl has always used the same entrepreneurship policies and dedication to fulfilling consumer needs since he became the U.S Money Reserve’s President. This has enabled him to make the firm on of the leaders in the supply of U.S government-issued bars, coins, and bullion made from precious metals.

The company started a treasurable metals IRA program that self-directed, which enables clients to own gold as a way of securing their wealth for retirement and getting profits as the prices of gold rise. Buyers should by U.S minted silver, gold and platinum coins that have a precise weight, content and gold content. More information about Mr. Diehl and U.S Money Reserve can be found in a similar article on the CBS19.

Four Tipd For Success In Investment Banking

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Many people fancy a career in investment banking. This is so because investment bankers are known to be one of the successful members of the society, at least, economically. Many are oblivious of the fact that investment bankers and other financial experts deal with crucial clients’ resources and information. However, there are certain qualities that an investment banker must possess. These qualities, according to Martin Lustgarten, have been acquired over time since his days at the university.


According to the established investment banker and founder of the Lustgarten, Martin Investment Bank, this trait is of utmost importance in a career in the financial sector, particularly investment banking. He notes that long hours, self-discipline and diligence is has been the price paid by the finest investment bankers. He states that an investment banker must be willing to work under intense pressure and demands from both clients and their bosses. It is as result of the hard work and diligence that client satisfaction is earned.


This is the most important attribute. To earn the loyalty of the client, an investment banker must possess a strong intellectual capacity. He must be capable of keen and correct analysis of data and good command of mathematics, economics and finance. The successful banker, Martin says that these qualities are very essential for an investment banker as he needs to makes decisions as to how his client will invest their property while minimizing costs and risks involved.


Successful investment bankers must be aware of what is transpiring globally. Knowledge assists a banker to act best for their client.

Good in relationships

Martin states emphatically that this trait has helped him a great deal. He says that being able to engage clients and win their trust has enabled him to convince them to allow him work for them. He also states that the quality of work which he has done for his clients has also helped him build relationships with his clients.


Martin Lustgarten is the CEO of Lustgarten, Mart. He is one of the most feted investment bankers in Florida Miami. The former Henlux Inc. managing director has assisted hundreds of thousands of investors to invest their money at a profit. Find him on Facebook for more news and information.

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Eric Pulier Helps With Innovative Technology


Eric Pulier has been helping people with innovative technology for a long time, and he is the kind of person who is looking for ways to help everywhere he goes. He has his hands in a lot of different things, and he has been behind some really interesting projects that have helped a lot of people.

He works with the X Prize committee because he wants to be on the cutting edge of technology that people are creating to get back into space. He wants to challenge people to make the best technology possible, and he wants to challenge people to make more of the resources that they have. He sits on the committee that helps determine who wins the price, and he is someone who wants to get in on some projects that he things are most interesting.

He is also working with the government on projects that are going to help improve technology for the future. He has been on advisory panels that have helped the US government be more competitive, and he has helped with education initiatives that are going to help kids get into technology. This is very important because it is the only way that kids are going to be as interested in technology as he is.

Eric is the sort of person who has been helping kids even if they have disabilities. He wants to make sure that all the kids who are in need of technological assistance are going to be able to get the help they need.

There are other things that Eric Pulier has been working on that are for the betterment of everyone. He wants to be sure that the world is a better place, and he thinks that he can do that with technology. Pulier is living proof that technology does not have to be scary or elitist. It can help a lot of people.

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Charles Koch and Micheal Bloomberg Makes Announcement


Along with his brother David, he is the chair of Koch industries which is the second largest private company in America. The company provides energy services, chemical services and manufacturing for a variety of plastics and industrial parts. The brothers are combined to be worth about $80 billion dollars, making them some of the wealthiest people on the planet.

Charles Koch is also a large proponent of libertarianism, free markets and free expression. He has worked hard to promote these ideas by funding think tanks, professors and political campaigns. He has helped many people who share his ideology reach elected office.

Recently, he co-wrote an article with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the Washington Times in favor of more free expression on college campuses. They warned that colleges had begun to stifle free expression in recent years, which will ultimately harm students and is counter to the mission of Universities. Colleges are creating “safe-spaces” free from “micro-aggressions” where students might hear opposing views. This kind of political correctness does not help students, it harms them.

Colleges have not invited conservative speakers to campus to speak and have targeted non-conforming opinions for censure. Students at Emory University demanded action when someone wrote “Trump 2016” in chalk on the college campus sidewalk, even though Trump actually won the primary in the state.

Even though Koch and Bloomberg do not share many views in common, on this issue they found common cause.

Venezuela’s Energy Crisis

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Venezuela is desperately hoping for rains to come soon as the country’s Guri Dam reached historic lows of 243 meters. The dam provides more than 60 percent of the nation’s 16,000 megawatt power demand. The government has already taken the unprecedented measure of dredging the canals that feed the dam allowing remaining water to pool together, according to CBCNews. While some suggest that changing rainfall patterns have created this situation, others suggest that the government has not helped the situation which has been ongoing since 2000 when demand for electricity soared way above historical demand levels.

More than 66 percent of electricity is used residents of the country who have one of the highest per capita usage rates in all of Latin America. When the first electricity crisis hit in 2009, the government scrambled spending $1.5 billion installing backup diesel generators that it failed to maintain. The result has been that in order to produce electricity, more water than ever before has been used. Experts like Manuel Gonzalez fear that even if the dam receives adequate rainfall during the rainy season that lasts from April to October it may not be enough.
Some experts strongly argue that the government must spend lots of money to get reliable energy to homes. The problem according to Noticias 24 is that residents are used to spending very little on electricity.