Highland Capital Management Awards The Family Place a $1 Million Grant Challenge

Highland Capital Management

James Dondero announced that his company, Highland Capital Management, will award The Family Place a $1 million grant challenge. Highland Capital has designed the grant to match the amount donated between now and April 4, 2017, by 50 percent. However, the firm has set a donation cap of $1 million.

Highland Capital’s President, Jim Dondero, announced the philanthropic gesture in support of The Family Place during the latter’s annual luncheon for the Texas Trailblazer Awards in Dallas, Texas.

During the event held at the prestigious Hilton Anatole, Dondero said that Highland Capital was pleased to respond to the calls to action made to the Dallas Community by Mayor Mike Rawlings and David Brown, Dallas’ Police Chief. Learn more about James Dandero: http://www.dallasfoundation.org/ForDonors/DonorStories/JamesDondero/tabid/449/Default.aspx

Aim of the Fundraising Campaign

The Family Place initiated the $16.5 million fundraiser campaign to fund the construction of the Ann Moody Place. The new center will house 13 bedrooms for emergency shelter, groups and private counseling rooms, a centralized call center, a medical clinic, and multipurpose areas for job-training. The center is expected to serve over 2,000 victims yearly.

The new center will further house The Family Place’s Be Project. The project educates over 6,000 students annually about how to prevent bullying and incidents of teen dating violence. Additionally, the center will house a child development center and an animal shelter for victims with pets.

James Dondero

According to PR News Wire, James Dondero is an accomplished financial and credit management executive working in Dallas, Texas. In 1993, he teamed up with Mark Okada to start the Highland Capital Management Company.

Since then, Dondero has tirelessly worked to grow and nurture the company into a globally-acclaimed financial firm specializing in alternative credit solutions for both institutional and retail clients. Today, the company is credited with pioneering the Collateralized Loan Obligation marketplace.

James holds a degree in Accounting and Finance from McIntire School of Commerce. He is also an accomplished CFA and CMA. As a thirty-year industry veteran, James Dondero has grown a lot in terms of knowledge, management proficiency, and sound decision-making skills.

This has seen him chair several company boards including NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical. He is also an active philanthropist who supports causes like public policy, education, and veteran’s affairs.


Cleaning: We’ve All Got to Do It. Fortunately, Now There’s an App for That!

Professional Cleaners

When people walk into your home, the very first thing they notice is how well you keep house. Even the most easy-going and loving people will still notice. They might not care, but they will notice. It’s only natural. However, if you’re like most people, you really don’t have the time or energy to clean your house properly every week or even every month. Most people that do clean their own homes do a variety of spot cleaning jobs like dusting, making sure dishes and surfaces are clean, cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen etc. However, we all want that deeper clean sometimes.

  • We want our walls cleaned.
  • We want our window sills cleaned.
  • We didn’t realize our stoves and refrigerators needed that much work.
  • Our windows need washing.
  • Our curtains need cleaning.
  • It’d be great if someone could go over the carpets and upholstery with some kind of deep cleaner.
  • Washing and folding laundry can take an entire afternoon depending on the size of your family. It’d be great to have help with that.

If you’re like most people, this list hasn’t even scratched the surface of what would be nice for your home.

We all love the way spending time in a clean home makes us feel. Clean homes smell nice and look nice. Even if you don’t have the most modern furniture and stylish décor, cleanliness can make a simple home feel amazing.

All This Sounds Nice, but You Don’t Think You Can Afford a Maid

Many people mistakenly think this. However as thefrontrowview.com suggests, maybe you can’t afford to have a maid come in every week. However, you might be able to have a maid come once a month or even 4 times a year. For many people, a few regular deep cleans a year can make quite a difference in the beauty and comfort of their home.

Having a messy home can harm your reputation unfairly. People often don’t take the time to consider how busy you might be or how just plain exhausted you might be in the evenings and on the weekends. You look at the chores you’d like to do, but you just don’t have the energy.

There’s a new cleaning service called Handy. You can use this nifty, little app to hire cleaners in your area. You can negotiate an affordable price and convenient hours. Most cleaners earn between $15 and $22 an hour with the average pay rate of $18/hour.


Investors find the Brexit Gold coin in the Brexit aftermath


Even if you never pay close attention to politics on the other side of the Atlantic, you certainly must have heard about the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union. The decisions were labelled as “Brexit.” The decision had a lot to Europe, Britain and the world as a whole. There could be repercussions in economics, security, and politics. Some of these repercussions have already been felt in the economic sector.

Just after the Brexit, the demand for gold has been on a consistent rise. Previous fears that the leave campaign was going to have an impact on the economic became real. Just after the Friday vote, prices of gold were sent upward by about 5 percent. Gold has taken on a massive growth by 25% in 2016. It has risen by a massive amount in the past two years.

The Brexit vote resulted in bad times and good times at different sections of the economy. Take for instance stocks that rose and doubled months after. Investors that sought refuge from the failing pound went for precious metals and gold. A precious metal like silver did better compared to gold and increased by a massive 10 percent daily. Several European shares indices dropped by about six percent whereas the dollar saw a growth by about 1 percent.

Compared to investing in gold, the stock market is usually a slippery slope. Bonds too have experienced a severe weather investment as skepticism over their investments grow. According to experts at US Money Reserve, precious metals such as silver and gold have always experienced a healthy forward leap. The demand for the precious metals has been highly surprising in the recent past. While currencies steadily weaken, coins and precious metals have always increased in value.

Investing in coins is a long-term shot, it is wise to buy lock it away for some time so that you can get a real profit with your investment.

The rate at which people have purchased gold has risen rapidly in the past. There have been cases where people convert as much as 40 to 50 percent of their whole net worth to physical gold. Previous years have had people invest sparingly with only 5 percent.

Gold has always been valued as a sign of wealth, the recent demand for the gold after Brexit shows that it is no different. Investing in gold today is a sure way to preserve your wealth for any economic turmoil in the future. Anyone that invests in gold for the long term will always find the investment worthwhile.

Online Reputation Management Company Announces Expansion In Products And Service Offerings

Reputation Management Services

BrightPast, an online reputation management company has made an announcement that details their expanded offering of service coverage and product offerings. BrightPast has now become international in the services that they offer. Therefore, more people will be able to experience the services that they need in order to either get their business back on track or keep their reputation clean. This makes it a lot easier for the business owner to earn an income. Online reputation management has become very important. Therefore, it is up to the individual to make sure that his brand is in good standing with the public.


One thing that is important to understand is that a huge majority of customers will learn as much as they can about a company online before they spend their first dollar. The crazy thing is for most customers, it only takes a legitimate bad article to lose that customer. However, many people can tell the difference between legitimate concerns as opposed to a hidden agenda. Many customers look deep into it because they understand that everyone makes mistakes. They do not expect a company to be perfect. As a matter of fact, they hold a company with absolutely no bad reviews in suspicion. That said, it is important to make sure that bad publicity is addressed before it causes a lot of irreparable damages.


One thing that could be said about BrightPast is that they are willing and able to help any and every client. They have always been consistent and effective. They have stated that while many people come to them for different reasons, the results are the same. Therefore, BrightPast can be trusted for their services. They have methods for each and every specific circumstance that is presented to them. People that are looking for an effective and affordable online reputation management firm will get what they are looking for with this firm.