Lung Disease? Choose The Lung Institute

Stem Cell Therapy

Lung disease wreaks havoc on more than just your lungs. It leaves you out of breath, exhausted, and puts you at a higher risk of a small illness such as the cold or flu turning into something more severe. Traditional treatments are available but they only treat the symptoms, not the cause. Cedars-sinai research reveals stem cell therapy can stop the progression of a lung disease and alleviate all the symptoms that follow. Stem cell therapy is more effective and you see results at a faster rate compared to traditional methods of treating lung diseases.

The Lung Institute offers treatment for lung disease by using stem cells that have been harvested from the patient. There are two ways to collect the stem cells, blood or bone marrow. Bone marrow contains a higher concentration of stem cells and is typically necessary for patients with severe diseases or extensive damage. Usually, blood venous is the preferred method because in most cases it has sufficient stem cell supply and is less painful. Once the blood has been collected the stem cells will need to be harvested through filtration. The final step is to have those same stem cells inserted back into the bloodstream.

As the heart pumps blood it will carry those stem cells into the lungs. The stem cells will be trapped here and can the healing can begin. According to Lifestylesafter50, the reason why stem cell therapy is so effective is due to the nature of stem cells. Stem cells are renewable cells that have not formed into a tissue or an organ yet. Once the stem cells are placed next to damaged tissue, it will begin to replicate the healthy tissue.

The Lung Institute treats several lung diseases that you can find a list of here. Whether you have just received your diagnose or have known for years, the Lung Institute is the leading provider in lung related conditions and can offer you the best care. You can find a Lung Institute facility near you in cities such as Tampa, Nashville, Scottsdale, Pittsburgh, and Dallas as well. Visit for more information.


Altruistic CEO Boosts Company and Community With Wisdom

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Quality leadership is defined by methodical nature in synergy with adaptability. These are the factors that forge today’s magnates, the titans industry. Through corporate culture, firms begin to embody the nuances of their leaders, and this is why Nabors Industries is at the top of the market.

Anthony Petrello has faithfully guided the company since 1991, after a 12 year career at Baker & McKenzie. As a manager at the law firm, he was tasked with international law, priming him for challenges to come. Conquering logic in its many facets, Anthony Petrello is quite the Renaissance man; exemplified by his J.D from Harvard Law School, and M.S. from Yale. Since Anthony Petrello became CEO in 2011, Nabors Industries share prices have gone up a stunning 180%. As Nabors Industries operates in over 20 countries, it is one of the world’s largest offshore drilling contractors, and employs the world’s largest land based rig-drilling fleet.

There are various other ventures enhanced by Petrello’s bold leadership. The man is a director at Stewart & Stevenson LLC, as well as Hilcorp Energy Company. In this capacity, he extends his capabilities outward. However, he also spends some of his time in a magnanimous manner. Petrello is a member of the Board of Trustees at Houston Children’s Hospital. He puts his money where his mouth is, Petrello recently gave $5 million to the hospital’s neurological research institute. Helping the helpless is the spirit of philanthropy, and so Petrello gives back to his community in bountiful beauty.

While not all companies can lay claim to such a selfless leader, it is certain that Nabors Industries has been blessed by such a stalwart. Given the often impersonal characteristics attributed to CEO’s around the globe, it is refreshing to see a man of true character at the helm of a global giant.

Remarkable Business Life of Anthony Petrello


Anthony G. Petrello, also known as Tony is the President, Chief Executive Officer as well as the Chairman of the Board and executive committee of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is a leading gas drilling contractor based in Hamilton, Bermuda.

The drilling company has been in operation since 1968 hence being termed as an old platform providing the best gas drilling services. Nabors started as Anglo Energy, Ltd. before changing to Nabors Industries due to their broadened service lines. Currently, Nabors operates in the United States, Middle East, Africa as well as the Far East.

Tony has been in a position to witness the success of the company for more than 25 years now. Tony often says that holding different positions while in Nabors as well as other companies has played a crucial role of modeling him into a successful leader he is today. Tony’s excellence performance dates back in his school life.

According to an article posted to the Daily Beast by one of his college roommate, Lloyd Grove, Tony was just a simple Italian-American student who was social, happy friend and always remained focused in achieving his dreams.

Anthony G. Petrello studied at the Harvard Law School where he graduated with a J.D degree. Additionally, Tony studied at the Yale University where he acquired a BS and MS degrees in Mathematics. Anthony was passionate about law, and upon graduation, he got his first job in Baker & McKenzie law firm. In the law firm Tony was expected to be the managing partner of their New York’s office. Tony served in the company for about half a decade before leaving for Nabors.

In 1991, Tony Petrello joined Nabors as its Chief Operating Officer. Tony was excellent in his office, and his achievements rarely went unnoticed. Just a year after his employment, Tony was elected as the President to the company. Since 1992, Tony has remained committed to monitoring the success of the enterprise. In 2003, Tony was appointed as Nabors’s Industries Deputy Chairman, a position he continued to serve until 2011 when he was appointed as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. In 2012, Tony was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries.

Anthony Petrello is known to be a productive and focused businessman with a positive impact on every organization or company that he leads. Since 2011, Tony has remained the Director of Stewart & Stevenson, LLC. Tony also acts as the Director of Additionally, Tony is the current Director of Texas Children’s Hospital.

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Fabletics Gains Attention with a Massive Crowd of Women

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The Fabletics brand of clothing is pretty special. There are a ton of people that know about this brand, and even more people are learning about the clothing line that Kate Hudson has put forth. She is one of the most significant players in the clothing game right now. She has proven that she has what it takes to make people stop, look and listen to what she is saying about athleisure wear. She has made it her business to compete with companies like Amazon, and Fabletics has been a real leader in the clothing industry.


Fabletics is the type of company that has managed to give more people access to clothing that is designed for meet a lot of specific needs. People that are running errands can get these types of clothes. Others that are interested in swimming or working out in the gym can also acquire these clothes from Fabletics. This is the type of company that has managed to give people access to some stretchy material. People like to have the ability to workout in clothes that are comfortable, and Fabletics is the brand that makes people very comfortable.


Amazon has a large portion of the market on lock, but Fabletics is gaining ground. It is a company that has gained some popularity because Kate Hudson has promoted this brand as one of the most creative brands around. She has been able to sort out all of the things that has made her business thrive. She has the subscription services. There is also a connection to the JustFab website. Kate Hudson has gained the massive audience because she had a plan. She set out to become part of a clothing line that gave people access to her active wear line. Hudson made it her mission to open more than 100 stores in the next 5 years to attract customers offline. This is all something that has made her brand move to another level quickly. The Fabletics brand hasn’t been around for a long time, but this brand has emerged as a stronger brand.


Fabletics is becoming the type of company that people are interested in when they want to buy clothes based on their preferences. People can start a style profile and build according to the preferences that they have chosen. When this happens they can sign up for the Fabletics subscription services. Most people will find that this is the best possible way to get clothes that come to them without spending a large amount of time trying to figure out what to wear. So many people cannot decide on what garments they should buy. The subscription service just makes it easy. Amazon doesn’t have this type of service. This is something that has made it possible for Fabletics to penetrate this type of environment and become successful. Kate Hudson brought something to the table that other clothing companies did not have. It was a company that has managed to gain subscribers and generate revenue quickly.