Tammy Mazzocco States That Steady Progress Has Been the Key to Her Success

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Tammy Mazzocco started her real estate career as a secretary to a nine-man Commercial real estate firm. She mainly handled all of the office duties of the company. Her next job found her as the manager of a two location condominium complex which she handled for seven years. Her boss urged her to obtain her real estate license which she did. He wanted her to help him with some of his real estate projects. That was in 1995.


Her next job as a licensed real estate assistant found her helping a very high producing RE/MAX broker, and it was here that she saw the big picture and the chance for substantial earnings in real estate.


In 1999, Tammy Mazzocco went headlong into the full-time real estate business, and she has not looked back since. Her motto is to be yourself, and don’t live with the fear of failure, and don’t settle. Too many people never get started because of those fears, so nothing about their dreams never happen.


Early in her career, Tammy was a little shy, so she decided to initiate every conversation she could. She found that once she got things going the rest was naturally easy. In another situation, Tammy was uneasy about asking prospective clients about their financial situation to qualify them. She borrowed some scripts from some of the more experienced associates in her firm and read them aloud to herself until she was comfortable with them.


The real estate business is a people business, and when you can help get the people problems solved, the real estate part seems to work out for the best. People like a strong real estate leader to help them overcome issues because many prospective buyers have lots of questions. If the realtor can be a leader and answer those questions, it will be likely that they will have a buyer.


Tammy Mazzocco has a personal philosophy of focusing totally on the buyer’s needs and the setting aside of her needs in the transaction, as the commissions for example. It seems apparent, but it is a subtle dance, but the prospective buyer will sense it and Tammy Mazzocco will get the sale.

Wedding of Your Dreams? George Street is There!

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Wedding celebrations are happening everyday so that means a lot of pictures are being taken everyday.

Welcome to “George Street Photo and Video” where you can get the most precious photos and videos taken. There are over 40 locations in the U.S, we are going to focus on Tampa and San Diego.

The Tampa, St. Pete, Nova 535 venue is sought after by many couples and are favored by the company’s photographers. It has outdoor/indoor ceremony space with a on-site/off-site catering with beautiful hardwood flooring, brick walls, and twin wrought iron stair cases.

In San Diego, CA, George street photographers love the Bahai Resort and is well known to fulfill all your wedding dreams. Because of it’s location near the ocean, it makes for beautiful aesthetic scenery. Which is why the venue is known for all of it’s famous scenery. Consider these options as you search for the wedding of your dreams

Sam Boraie’s Contribution in the Revitalization of Jersey and Newark

Community Revitalization

Sam Boraie is the Vice President of a renowned real estate company known as Boraie Development. Boraie Development has built several projects in New Brunswick, New Jersey. New Jersey has been a laughing stock for decades. As the haven for crime, mob activity, drug abuse, and abandoned lots, the cities like Hoboken, Trenton, Newark, and Jersey City have been waiting for the Messiah for generations. Considering that crime leads to the degradation of neighborhoods while making these areas unsuitable for real estate development, Sam Boraie has taken a different approach while revitalizing these cities. With the help of a comprehensive plan, Boraie development has come up with a couple of urban infill projects to prevent the sprawl and bring these cities back to life. The development of the following projects has become a breath of fresh air in this region, preventing the mass exodus and renewing the abandoned zones:

Newark project

Today, Boraie Development has outgrown its New Jersey’s confines and spread to the neighboring Newark and Atlantic City. One of the most notable projects is Newark high-rise development that Boraie development built in conjunction with basketball star Shaquille O’Neal. For the first time in over 50 years, the skyline of downtown Newark is starting to take a new shape. The project will cost over $70 million dollars and will offer plenty of residential and retail space for investors from all parts of the world. According to Shaquille O’Neal, developing the Newark project was part of his corporate social responsibility as he has been looking for an opportunity to give back to his community. This project has a rental complex, retail section, Movie Theater, and a couple of units for sale at the market-rate. The citizens of Newark are delighted to have a new theater in the vicinity.

Atlantic City

Boraie Development also has a couple of exciting urban development plans for the Atlantic City. One of the main urban design philosophies is to renew the bare southern region and convert it to a new resort suburb. One of the key landmarks of this project is the Revel Casino Hotel Tower that has plenty of open space for outdoor recreation. According to Yahoo, Boraie developments have thrived in the construction of the mixed-use buildings that provide both residential and retail spaces. Besides these facilities, Boraie has been instrumental in community development, especially when it comes to including some movie theaters, shopping malls, and outdoor recreation facilities. Besides the range of services that benefit the community, Boraie Development aspires to build a 250-unit condominium that will provide the New Jersey families with quality and affordable housing. This project is an idea whose time has come as it will not only revitalize the urban skyline, but it will also provide an array of facilities that will benefit the public.

Through the development of the Atlantic City, Sam Boraie has given the New Jersey families a chance to socialize and enjoy a couple of movies. Besides developing the historical theater in Brunswick, Sam Boraie is an active member of the management board.



Karl Heideck: Respected Pennsylvania Litigation Lawyer


Karl Heideck: Respected Pennsylvania Litigation LawyerKarl Heideck is a leading litigation attorney in Pennsylvania. His law practice is based in Philadelphia.

As a litigator, Heideck has garnered a strong reputation for representing clients in an array of different court proceedings. This includes business and individual clients, as well as organizations of different types.

Heideck began his legal practice about 10 years ago. He is a graduate of Temple University School of Law. He obtained is undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College. At Swarthmore, Heideck studied English language and literature, with an emphasis on letters.

In addition to his litigation practice, Heideck also represents clients in commercial and employment law cases. He represents clients in regard to risk assessment and regulatory compliance matters as well.

Heideck represents clients in commercial and employment law casesAs a rule, a litigator makes the decision to embark on a career as a litigation attorney while still in law school. As a result, while a law student, a future litigator will focus on courses that include evidence, civil procedure, and courtroom practice.

It is also likely that a law student who wants to be a litigator will become involved in a law school’s moot court program. In addition, a law student who wants to be on a court to become a litigation attorney is also likely to participate in a law school’s clinic.

By working in law school’s clinic, a law student gains hands-on experience representing clients. This provides a future litigator with invaluable experience, even while still attending school

Litigators are found in a number of professional settings. Some larger law firms maintain specific litigation departments. Other litigators are on the staffs of corporations and governmental agencies. There are business and governmental agencies that rather frequently are involved in law suits and litigation. Finally, there are litigation attorneys who are part of smaller legal practices. They tend to work in concert with other attorneys and firms that do not regularly litigate on behalf of clients.