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Good Quality Education Blasts Off with Rocketship

In a world where getting a good job is becoming increasingly difficult one thing is more certain than ever. And that is, without a proper education it is virtually impossible to get a good job. Therefore, getting an education, especially a quality education is becoming more and more important. With jobs disappearing along with the middle class, it is becoming difficult for low-income parents to give their children a good quality education. Therefore, it is welcome news whenever you hear about any progress in the world of education for low-income families.

And one such example is Rocketship Education which is a network of non-profit charter schools in San Jose California. Launched in 2007 this institution strives to improve the atmosphere for students and teachers to help low-income students pave a path towards a college education. Because of the efforts of teachers, parents, students and community leaders, Rocketship now has 25 different locations. One of the stumbling blocks students from low-income family faces is quality English education. In fact, a study was done by the Center for Research on Education Outcomes of Stanford University and what they found out is that students who attend charter schools are getting the equivalent of one extra month of English and math classes.

This may not sound like a lot, but the proof is in the pudding because a number of low-income students who attend college afterward are happening at a higher rate after they have attended a charter school such as Rocketship. That is why school districts such as Alum Rock Union Elementary and Franklin-McKinley are collaborating with the charter system.

However, even the best education system requires help from the outside or non-governmental help. Reed Hastings of Netflix has started a fund worth $100 million to help support local education. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook and Priscilla Chan have given large amounts of money for educational causes. What do both companies have in common? They are both based in San Jose. Hopefully, school systems in other parts of the state and country will take notice and try and emulate what the city of San Jose and Rocketship charter schools are doing.


How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Plans to Beat Amazon

Fashion Trends

Amazon should be concerned about falling from the top spot in the fashion e-commerce market because it appears the competition is about to get closer than anyone expected. In the past few years, Amazon has been lighting it up in the apparel market, taking in a very impressive 20 percent of all the sales in this competitive niche. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is the clothing company that is starting to make Amazon sweat, and if sales numbers are an indication, things are about to get heated. In the last three years alone. Kate Hudson‘s Fabletics has sold a little over $250 million is women’s clothing and active-wear.


Hudson can explain the quick rise to the top of her athleisure brand easily, crediting things like her membership perks and reverse showrooming as the answers. While these are not new sales practices, the way that they are paired has certainly been something that this company has managed well. Look inside the Fabletics retail store to discover how these two play out off each other. We discover women inside the store are doing more than shopping and buying yoga pants or leggings, they are taking lifestyle quizzes, trying on clothing, and window-shopping too. The sales team at Fabletics is not pressuring these shoppers to buy anything, they offer more of a pampering shopping experience than anything else.


Now take a closer look at what is happening when you head to the Fabletics e-commerce store. These women who were trying on all the active-wear in the malls discover that as a member, the apparel is uploaded to the online shopping cart. This not only allows these customers to pick up shopping where they left off, they don’t have to hold back because they are afraid the wrong sizes will show up at their doors. They tried everything on, so they know it fits, so they wind up shopping on impulse and filling those carts with all sorts of workout apparel.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is taking the fashion e-commerce market by store with other membership perks. Free shipping for online orders, help from a personal shopping assistant. and even huge discounts on all the active-wear, just some of the reasons shoppers are becoming loyal Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Amazon is not treating their customers with perks like this, and if things continue at this rate, they could be looking at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics pass them right by.

Get to know about Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides the faces behind InnovaCare Health

Health, Health Care

InnovaCare Health is the number one provider of controlled health care services in North America. Medicare Advantage, Provider Networks, and Medicaid Programs are the primary avenues of care that they use to provide access to excellent healthcare services by creating programs that are cost effective, sustainable, and fully integrated with modern technology.

The leadership at INNOVACARE HEALTH

Rick Shinto

Dr. Rick is the present president and CEO of InnovaCare Inc. He additionally filled in as the president and CEO of Aveta Inc from 2008 to 2012 when the organization was sold. Before that, he was in the management team.Rick utilized the tremendous experience to make InnovaCare Health the fruitful entity it is today. As the CEO, he began many activities that have seen numerous needy patients get quality health services.Under his authority, more than two hundred thousand patients have joined its membership program that has more than 7500 workers. As indicated by Rick, the health care does treat their patients, as well as instruct them to beware.Furthermore, they offer help to their friends and family when the patients are recuperating.


The actions above earned Rick Shinto Access to Caring Award. The honor was given to him at Wester University of health sciences.

Penelope Kokkinides

She is the current chief administrative officer with the organization since 2015. Before that, she had served as the chief operating officer at InnovaCare and Aveta. She has more than two decades experience in health care services specializing in programs by the government and the managed care industry. She has vast skills and knowledge in managing health care operations and processes and developing clinical programs with the aim of improving organizational infrastructure and efficiencies.


Penelope Kokkinides attended Binghamton University where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and classical languages. She also graduated with a master’s degree from the University of New York and posts masters advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse from Columbia University.Other leaders in the institution are:

  • Douglas Malton – Chief Financial Officer
  • Jonathan A. Meyers – Chief Actuary Officer
  • Christopher Joyce – General Counsel
  • Michael J. Sortino – Chief Accounting Officer
  • S Bhasker – Chief Information Officer

In conclusion, InnovaCare Health is changing the health care system to meet the difficulties of the current complex healthcare environment while upholding the excellent health values.

Boraie Development Is Improving New Jerseys Housing Market

Construction Business

Many parts of the United States has been affected by the catastrophe which is the surging real estate markets, but most recently there has been a trend showing that it’s now shifting to New Jersey. It’s threatening the housing come back of one of the most laboriously populated locations across the United States. Zillow is a respected authority in real estate tracking currently, and they have determined in an article released by Philly Purge that New Jersey has exceeded most U.S. states by procuring the top most rates of residential mortgages that are experiencing foreclosure or greatly delinquent.

The result of this is New Jerseys housing market is trailing the country. On the other hand New Jersey is beginning to show a drop in delinquency and foreclosures which provides some hope for the housing economy. As more individuals find employment and are successful in forming a household the housing market should improve. New Jersey residents can expect that as the positive trends continue to improve the industry should follow and experience improvements as well.

According to NY Times, Lawrence Yun is the Realtor Chief Economist for the National Association of Realtors. He warns that the low number of houses might aggravate or become a housing emergency if the gap between housing provisions and housing demands continue to expand. There is currently a deficiency in the number of homes available for auction while the sales of newly built homes seem to be skyrocketing. Housing permits and falling houses are still proving to be very confusing for buyers and those working in the industry. Yun explains that this trend indicates that has the catalog of homes becomes less clogged it will result in hundreds of new buildings ready to be urgently sold it will force the industry to suffer further. Economists in general are feeling despair towards the idea that the drop could easily escalate in the upcoming year. Opposite to that outlook, New Jersey is on the apex of the resurgence in real estate. Check out Bloomberg to know more.

Zillow suggests that a portion of the reason for the opinions and ideas mentioned above is that prices of homes are anticipated to appreciate, which will cause households to believe the selling environment will also continually improve as the future unfolds. One should also consider the exorbitant number of empty houses that are not being listed for one reason or another. One large reason is that homeowners are expecting their residences to increase in value and are waiting for that before putting it on the market.

Boraie Development is working hard to improve the real estate market with new developments and contracting with other companies. Boraie Development has a positive track in regards to development over twenty years, which makes them one of the most desired companies in New Jersey. One reason for Sam Boraie spectacular success is their strong connection with thriving financial institutions, contractors, and architects. They have all proven to be able to work together with a clear and cohesive vision of the end result, while keeping deadlines in mind so that they are met. Boraie Development offers a large selection of services focused on urban real estate, including but not limited to; property management, property development, sales, and marketing. Boraie Development has dedicated their company to not just spectacular properties but also exceptional customer service, reliability, clear visions, and capitalism to every project they work on.


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Logan Stout’s Contributions To IDLife

Business Leaders, CEO

Logan Stout is businessman that many entrepreneurs aspire to be like. From a young age he’s always been athletic, playing baseball and other sports in his high school at Texas. He applied his personality and will to strive forward not only in sports but in his school work and everything else he did.

Logan made it to the professional baseball league where he competed in 17 World Series while earning his business and psychology degree from the University of Dallas. He’s accrued over millions of dollars and is the CEO and chairman of IDLife.

Logan Stout has always believed in personal health and being the best that one possibly can. Being an athlete himself, he noticed the correlation between vitamins, a healthy diet, and exercise to mental health and stability early on. He started providing products that make people more healthy alongside a free personal assessment. The assessments made it so that his customers were getting products they actually need instead of generalized items. This led to word spreading and the presses such as Child Magazines and others interviewing him. With all of his success, Logan encourages everyone to show everyone they meet love and to inspire and educate one another.

IDLife is a wellness and health company that focuses on nutrition personalized to their customers. Not only are their products unique but so is their assessment of the nutritional market. They have entered the nutrition and vitamin market and provided intense evaluation with personal customer care.

IDLife’s business model is modern as it is complex. With it’s high class corporate team they’ve gathered investors ranging from Darwin Deason who sold ACS to xerox all the way to the Super Bowl star and announcer Troy Aikman. With the millions from investors, they conducted over 7500 clinical studies along with peer reviews. Using that information IDLife is able to supply high quality ingredients in their products as well as talon them to your age, sex, height, and etc.

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Norman Pattiz Studies Consumer Responses To Podcast Ads

Podcast Advertising

PodcastOne Chairman Norman Pattiz is committed to presenting the highest quality advertising to the public. That’s why he partnered with Tom Webster The Vice President of Edison Research VP to conduct a comprehensive study to uncover the impact of pod advertising. Edison Research is one of the leaders in exit polls and the firm is recognized for providing vetted face to face research values.

The study involved research participants and their exposure to consumer brands from various products and services categories. Pattiz realized that there’s much uncertainty among consumers about brand recognition; in the research study, participant responses were measured before and after the study.

The study revealed the tendency of consumers to remember what they see, as a big factor in brand retention. Indicating that podcasts ads could change the buying habits of consumers as they are motivated by the brands presented in a digital format.

Responses increased 10%, from 60% to 70%, before the study and after the study. According to Pattiz, this means that, “These results further validate our multi-tiered approach to integrated advertising and measurement.”

As a testament to the power of podcast advertising, the study’s key findings indicate that it’s one of the best mediums for building brand recognition. And not only do consumers respond favorably to podcast ads, but they’re more likely to remember and identify with those brands in the future. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: and

Norman Pattiz is a pioneer in the media and broadcasting industry. After establishing himself as an award winning broadcaster; he went on to create one of most recognized media conglomerates in the world.

The Westwood One radio network presents news, sports, talk, traffic and entertainment programming. For his substantial contributions to the broadcasting field, in 2009 Pattiz was installed into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

He founded Westwood One in 1974 and had an active daily role, serving as Executive Chairman and CEO, until 2010, when he elected to become a Consultant. Norman Pattiz is the Chairman and President of the Broadcast Education Association. And as the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, he also provides entrepreneurs with, “Norman Pattiz 7 Valuable Tips For Starting A Business.”

PodcastOne isn’t limited to the advertising; it’s home to some of the highest rated podcast shows on the market today; including, the Dr. Drew Podcast, Forbes Under 30, and the Adam Carolla Show, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered, and the Steve Austin Show Unleashed.

Aloha Construction’s Commitment Has Paid Off

Business, Business Leaders, CEO

Since the company first opened, Aloha Construction has been working hard to make sure that they can provide their clients with everything that they need. By giving people the individualized service that they need from their general contractor, Aloha Construction has been able to grow and expand on the things that they can do with their business. They have gone from a company that primarily does doors and siding along with some roofing to a company that is able to do things like bathroom and kitchen remodels. Aloha Construction now has teams that are dedicated to different areas of contracting and that has helped them to stay as organized as possible with the different projects that they have been working on. It has also given them the chance to make sure that things are going to work out for the company in different areas so that they can continue to expand their business.


Now that Aloha Construction has locations in both Bloomington and Lake Zurich, they are able to serve the entire state of Illinois. In the past, they were only able to serve people who were in some parts of the state because of the restrictions that they had from their office location. Along with being able to serve the entire state, Aloha Construction can also work with people who are in the southern part of Wisconsin so that they will be able to get the premier general contracting service that people in Illinois are able to get.


This allowed them the chance to get a lot of referrals and people who were pleased with the service that they provided. It also gave them the chance to try new things with the contracting business and that is what led to them being a general contractor with different teams and specialties that each of the teams were able to provide.