Ambassador Daniel Taub Lauded For Bettering Israel-UK Bilateral Trade


Daniel Taub is an Israeli diplomat with a proven track record. He is also an international lawyer and a writer. Taub was born in the United Kingdom in 1962.

He served as the ambassador of Israel in the United Kingdom from 2011 to 2015. Currently, he is the director of strategy and planning at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation based in Jerusalem.

During his four year tenure as the Israeli ambassador in the United Kingdom, trade between Israel and the U.K doubled. A statement released by Israeli embassy detailed how the ambassador has grown the relationship between the two countries especially in business, cultural and academic linkages.

At the same time Sajid Javid, the British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills stated that during Daniel Taub regime as the emabssodor, the two nations have entered a golden era.

From 2011 to 2015, over 300 Israeli businesses have been established in the U.K. the Israeli-Britain Chamber of Commerce also revealed that the annual bilateral trade is over $5.5 billion. However, Sajid Javid puts the figure at $7 billion. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: and

Taub is also known to have travelled to several counties on peace arbitration issues. He once visited North Ireland on a similar issue. Speaking in an interview in 2012, Daniel Taub explained his role in the fight to end Israeli discrimination in the United Kingdom.

Long before Britain student unions voted to adopt a boycott of Israel, Taub was already worried about the situation of Israeli students. He warned administrators against discriminating Israelis arguing that they should be given a chance to express themselves without fear of intimidation.

When Bradford City Representative declared the city an Israel-free-zone, Daniel Taub visited the city in show of solidarity to the Israelis.

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub attended the University College in London, University College in Oxford and Harvard University’s Kennedy Scholl of Government. He moved to Israel in 1989, and started working in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as a combat medic.

He also served as a reserve officer in their IDF’s international law division. He joined the Israel Foreign Affairs Ministry in 1991 where he held several diplomatic positions before he was appointed the ambassador in the U.K.

During his career as a diplomat, Daniel Taub has been involved in several peace keeping missions including Israeli-Palestine, Israel-Syria, Israel’s security barrier. As an ambassador, he focused on cross-cultural and interfaith activities. He has received several awards including the prestigious Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award for his efforts in developing business and trade.

Empowerment of women through the athleisure wear brand that Fabletics offers

Fashion Trends

Crowd sourcing opinions is continuously becoming a common backup scenario for consumers. Most consumers are continuously engaging in internet searches to see what other people give as feedback on products and services they are interested in purchasing. Companies that have discovered the increasing need for clients to outsource their opinions have embraced the need for positive reviews on their products and services. Technology is increasingly growing and advancing and with this trend, consumers are dependent on the online reviews they see to make decisions. The consumers have become very reliant on these reviews and trust them almost as equally as they trust a direct recommendation from a person they know.



Fabletics is one of the firms that has taken consumer reviews very seriously in growing their brand. Since they started out in 2013, their overall growth has been more than 200 percent and revenue returns in dollars are above 235 million. Their success has been credited to the fact that they are continuously engaging in customer reviews and improvement of their products to suit their clients’ needs. Customer or client review directly affects the way your brand will perform and how the sales revenue will turn out. Positive reviews will bring your brand to the top of your search engines and this encourages sales as more people are likely to come across it as a preferred brand. Additionally, customer loyalty is increased through positive reviews. If a customer is satisfied he or she will go ahead and recommend others to try out your brand as they themselves continuously purchase your product or service. Fabletics used this strategy to drive its sales to greater heights and advance its brand. It is continuously following up with their clients through their reviews and this is their niche. The transparency that comes about with customer reviews is trustworthy and helps in maintaining and building customer relations.



Kate Hudson is among the founders of Fabletics. Her active lifestyle and easy going nature are the key reasons she was a good selection for this particular company. Fabletics is an athleisure brand. It provides clothes that are fashionable and are still good for athletic activities and working out. Fabletics not only provides clothes but also offers inspiration and empowerment for women of different ages, sizes, and shapes. Demi Lovato recently partnered with the company due to what they stand for and the quality of clothes they provide. The prices are affordable and they offer a wide variety to choose from. Women are advised to take their Lifestyle quiz so that they can get recommendations of what outfits will be best suited for them.



Kate Hudson has been a figure to be emulated throughout the Fabletics journey. She has aligned the communication process, increased and led the social media presence, reviewed sales on a daily basis and to top it up she is the face of the company. Kate is dedicated to building her career as a business woman while still maintaining her post as a renowned actress. Adam and Don, her fellow founders are proud of what the company has grown into through the help of Kate Hudson.

Flagship Europe Is Successfully Acquired By OSI Group

Entrepreneur, OSI Group

Recently, OSI Group successfully completed its acquisition of Flagship Europe. The Flagship Food Group went public about the success of accusation process. This acquisition will increase the number of plants, products and brands under OSI Group’s umbrella. OSI group is an American producer of value-added food products. The multi-billion company’s production facilities are spread across Asia, Europe, and Americas.

Flagship Europe, the former subsidiary of The Flagship Food Group, supplies processed food products to different retailers in the United Kingdom. Its products include sous vide equipment, Oliver James pies, frozen poultry, and sauces. It is also known for delivering high quality dressings and mayonnaise. Recently, the company acquired Calder Foods in attempts to establish itself as a key player in the United Kingdom. Calder Foods produces sauces, marinades, sandwich fillings, and dips.

Russell Maddock talked positively about OSI Group’s acquisition of the company. The Flagship Europe’s chief executive offer noted that the acquisition provided the company with the ideal opportunity to achieve progressive development. The acquisition will increase the amount of resources available to the food product supplier. Such resources are critical considering that the company is striving towards expanding its product portfolio and dominating different markets.

In addition, OSI Group has acquired plant that was formerly operated by Tyson Foods. The Chicago-based plant is strategic to OSI Group since it is located near its headquarters. The plant has a wide space of 200,000 square foot. This way, the company will have adequate space to meet the increasing demand of its fast growing client base to learn more about us: click here.

OSI North America’s senior executive vice-president, Kevin Scott, said that the company was pleased with the success of the transaction. Although he did not disclose the financial details of the transactions, he noted that the plant would play a critical role in enhancing OSI’s growth. In addition, Scott declined to talk about the products that OSI would be producing at the plant. Tyson Foods originally set the plant for closure. However, completion of this deal will see the company continue with its operation. These acquisitions bring the number of facilities under OSI umbrella to more than 80 plants. These facilities are based in 17 countries.

Greg Secker: The Youngest Forex Trader and Trainer


Greg Secker is known for his powerful speaking ability and a great trainer, Philanthropist and great forex trader. He is therefore known to be world’s most successful young forex traders in the market. The young billionaire was born in the year 1975 and has not looked up upon his age to determine his success. He has worked for his success and has created several companies under the umbrella of one group body called Knowledge to Action Group. He is a great World Scholar when it comes to forex classes. His companies that are under Knowledge to Action includes Greg Seeker Foundation, Small Chart Software, Learn to Trade and the great Capital Index. He offers both online and live assistance when it comes to training.

Greg Secker started training people about forex in the year 2013. The guys have come from far, unlike many lucky investors who are given everything to start. He started his journey as a mere employee to the person he is today. His journey of success has had many troubles along the way but he has made it. He believes in hard work and dedications as recipes for his success and believes that nothing can stop him. He got his first employment at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He then joined Virtual Training Desk. It was a company he formed and it was the only one that started offered forex related training. It focused on foreign transactions that influenced forex trading and how movements used to behave like. They offered traders with best trading tips and signals once they are detected. Greg Secker joined his last company to be employed as the vice president. This is where he developed and gained a lot of trading skills in his entire life. The company’s name was Mellon Financial Corporation. He stayed for only 3 months and formed Learn to Trade. He offered both online and live trading tips. The company have since trained over 200,000 people and are currently trading profitably.

Greg Secker’s journey of getting his first client started while he was still 3 months in business. He had so many friends and family members who wanted to trade forex. Due to the massive profits he made on regular basis, they all decided to join his training platforms.

Lori Senecal Set to Relinquish Her CP+B Responsibilities


Lori Senecal, the current CP+B global Chief Executive Officer, is set to retire towards the end of 2017. Senecal assumed her current role in 2015; she is the first person to serve in the position. While serving as the global CEO with CP+B, Senecal also served as president and CEO of MDC Partners Network; a role she had before becoming the global CEO of CP+B. Chuck Porter, the co-founder and chairman of CP+B, lauded Senecal for her invaluable contributions to CP+B. Porter specifically praised Senecal for injecting her fresh ideas to the agency that rejuvenated it. Porter affirmed that Lori Senecal’s exit was predetermined and was part of the agency’s effort to mold new leader that would drive the agency to greater heights. Senecal’s planned departure from CP+B come in the wake of other high profile resignations. Richard Pinder—head of CP+B UK’s operations— is also set to exit his role. Dave Buonaguidi and Arjun Singh, both London based CP+B’s staff, have resigned from the positions they held at CP+B.

Although is unclear who will be Senecal’ successor at CP+B, the company has been promoting a new generation of leaders within it. Danielle Aldrich, a former managing director for CP+B Boulder, was made the president of CP+B West. Aldrich’s new responsibilities cover CP+B Boulder and CP+B Los Angeles. Aldrich was part of the team that courted American Airline and Hershey’s. Aldrich is part of CP+B’s entrepreneurial leaders.

Ad Week describes Senecal as a leader that has a wealth of experience amassed from her previous notable roles in worthy organizations. Because of her experience, Porter refers to her as “management genius.’’ True to Porter’s assertion of Senecal, her role at CP+B was full of significant achievements both for her and the agency. Recently CP+B acquired high profile clients including American Airlines and Hershey’s. American Airlines joined CP+B advertising having worked with Tim Advertising for over 25 years. On Bloomberg, Porter stressed that CP+B, during Senecal’s tenure, acquired clients but lost none of its customers. In 2016, a year after Senecal took over the global leadership of the agency, CP+B is reported to have witnessed a growth in its revenues by 21%.

On YouTube, watch her recent leadership speaking at 3% Conference.