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Background Information on Dick DeVos


Richard Marvin Jr. popularly known as Dick DeVos was born on 21st October 1955. He was born and raised in Grand Rapids. He started his education at the famous Forest Hill Public School. Later on, he joined the Northwood University where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration. He also attended the Harvard Business School and involved himself with some of the Executive Study Programs at the Wharton School. He has received different honorary doctorates from Central Michigan University, Northwood University, and the Grove City College. At Northwood University, Dick DeVos received recognition for the distinguished alumni. He married Betsy Devos in the 80s. In 2006, Dick DeVos competed for the governor’s seat as a Republican nominee.


The Achievements of Dick DeVos


After completing his education, Dick DeVos started to be more active in their family business, the Amway Company. He had already been exposed to the operations of Amyway when he was a child. The exposure made him gain interest in the practices and activities of the company. While still growing up, Dick DeVos and his brother were assigned the role of greeting guests at conventions held by the company. He later became the heir of the Amyway Foundation which grew with time. He continues to participate in different foundations that help in establishing his name.

He owns part of the Orland Magic which is the National Basketball Association. His father was The President and CEO of the team in 1991 before he became a part owner on 21st October 2015.

Dick DeVos is currently the president of the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation that donates millions to religious, civic, artistic, educational, free-market economic and community movements. The foundation started most of its activities in 1990 and still grows day by day.


Some of the Movements Supported by Dick DeVos


Some of the organizations and movements supported by the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation include; The Helen Devos Children’s Hospital, Regional Air Alliance situated in Michigan and Kids Hope USA. Other movements and organizations supported by the Foundation are; The Thunderbirds School of Global Management, The Hugh Michael Beahan Foundation, and The Willow Creek Association. The list goes on, but the mentioned movements are the ones that have made him famous.

The main objective of the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation is to serve more people through the different organizations and movements that they fund. He believes that his financial efforts and support towards other organizations and movements helps them to become better and help more people.


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Norman Pattiz together with Tom Webster finally announce the results of their joint research.

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Going on to become an Icon in his right Norman Pattiz has brought about significant changes and improvement to the radio broadcasting Industry with many companies operating under his name. Through his investment in the industry, Mr. Pattiz has been able to evoke and enable radio broadcasting to evolve to what it is today. In his role to change the industry, Mr. Pattiz invested in companies that later became very successful. Westwood One that was his first investment in the industry went on to become a leader in the sector. From the success of Westwood One, Mr. Norman Pattiz expanded his horizon and invested in two other companies that include PodcastOne.

Apart from his invest ventures, Norman Pattiz has also worked under very many leadership roles in the same industry majorly occupying executive posts. Apart from this, he was lucky enough to be appointed by two retired American presidents to fill the post of Chairperson at the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Norman Pattiz was able to hold the position for two consecutive times. Through his hard work and determination to always succeed Norman Pattiz the broadcasting mogul has mainly impacted on what American has been listening to on the radio.

Recently the Chief Executive of PodcastOne Mr. Norman Pattiz together with the Vice President of Edison Research Strategy went on to announce the results of a joint research they had undertaken. The study they had both helped conduct had involved trying to see and understand the positive effects that podcast advertising had on consumer goods when it came to increasing purchase by users.

The research itself had taken six whole months to carry out, and it involved the use of five leading consumer brands in America. These brands were advertised using PodcastOne a with the aim of trying to establish if there was any significant increase in sales on all the products after being promoted.

After completing the research, the professional team doing the data analysis from Edison Research Strategy finally came up with conclusive results. The results revealed that many of the people that listened to the advertisements went on to identify with the products and bought them. Those that did this were more than sixty percent of those that listened to the ads. This trend cut across all the other products advertised. The conclusive results then became clear that podcast advertisements had positive effects on the sales of goods sold. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/normanpattiz


Todd Lubar: A True Leader and Innovator in the Maryland Real Estate Industry


Although the overall population in Baltimore is decreasing, the number of young professionals is increasing. This led to a demand for more housing such as apartments and condos for this demographic. Major developers capitalized on this need by remodeling older buildings into attractive modern housing. Baltimore is working hard to improve and increase public transportation options to rejuvenate the downtown area and to make commuting cheaper and more convenient. The city has been very supportive to the business community in recent years and this has led to a growth of new companies. The cost of living in Baltimore is expected to remain lower than surrounding major cities such as Washington, D.C. The city could be an attractive alternative to more expensive cities. The city is focused on catering to the needs of the younger population. For more details visit Inspirery.

Despite the negative news coverage in recent years, the real estate industry is booming in the city. Th economy is on the rise. This has contributed to a drop in unemployment and increased wages. Under Armour is one of the major companies having great success in the city. A number of mid-sized companies are also having tremendous success.

Todd Lubar has an extensive resume in the real estate industry in Maryland. Lubar has worked in the industry for over 20 years. He also experience in the financial industry which contributed to his success in real estate. He is the president of TDL Ventures and aims to take the company to new heights. He also owns a variety of companies in the real estate industry.

He is highly respected in the real estate industry and his recommendations are taken seriously in the business. He graduated from Syracuse University. Soon after college he went to work for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He left this job in 1999 and continued his career at Legacy Financial Group where he quickly enjoyed great success. This led to his ascension in the industry. Follow him on Twitter.

Global Organizations Making a Difference in Human Life by Fighting for Human Rights

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The world today is full of war, violence, intolerance, and poverty. These may cause fundamental rights of human beings to be violated. Wars have caused displacement of people and forced them to migrate from their homes. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/5-smart-ways-people-and-places-are-resisting-trumps-immigration-policies/

In all these intolerance in the world is one of the reasons that there is need to have human rights groups to protect people whose rights may be violated. Several groups fight for rights such as civil, migrant, and human rights. An example of such groups is The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights is based in California and focuses mainly on the rights of immigrant families and individuals. Founded in 1986, the organization is an agent of social change to achieve freedom of mobility, real human rights, and true participatory democracy. The organization has a mission to achieve a society that is inclusive of immigrants.

Another organization that fights for human rights is The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This foundation was started by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Michael and Jim co-founded the Phoenix New Times as well as the Village Voice Media, and they are strongly devoted to funding several groups that advocate for the migrant rights all over Arizona.

They got the money to support these organizations from a $3.75 million settlement cash after they were unlawfully arrested by Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arpaio. The two reporters sued the county and won the case leading to the huge settlement amount.

Lacey and Larkin were arrested and jailed after running a story on the Sherriff. Recently, Jim and Michael were honored by the ACLU Foundation of Arizona by the Civil Libertarian of the year award. They received this recognition because of their commitment to the protection of migrant rights in Arizona.

Another organization that advocates for human rights is The Advocates for Human Rights. This organization is a leader in the human rights movement in the world.

The organization focuses on creating a holistic change on both the local and global scale in the implementation of human rights standards. It has over three decades of changing the lives of refugees, immigrants, and other minority groups through their innovative programs. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The Advocates for Human Rights was founded in 1983 and majorly relies on its long list of influential partners and volunteers to make a difference in the life of refugees. The volunteers involved in the activities of this organization are people who want to make a difference or have been affected in one way or another by such ills in the society.

You are encouraged to join the organization as donors, volunteers or even as staff to make a difference in the lives of minority groups.

Trabucos For War, Sieges And Pumpkins

Ancient Warfare

Trabuco is the Portuguese word for trebuchet which was an ancient war machine. It was invented by the Chinese people sometime around 400 B.C. This weapon was used by some ancient armies as an attrillary piece. The trabuco was famous for the role that it played in warfare during the middle ages. The following information will provide a brief history about this magnificent weapon.

Early weapons developers for the Chinese people invented the trabuco. The Mohists were among the first people in history to have used this weapon. Their are recordings in the Mojing of its use. Historians are not sure sure who came up with the idea of the trabuco. However, they do know from historical records that the Chinese army frequently used this war machine before any other culture.

The trabuco was not a prominent weapon during ancient warfare. It was in use by various armies during the Warring States Period. This was a time of great instability within the nation of China. Many different armies were clashing to gain control of the land during that time. The Warring States Period lasted from 476 B.C. – 221 B.C. The trabuco was invented when heavy warfare was taking place during this era based on youtube.com.

The weapon remianed in China for nearly 1000 years according to redetrabuco.com.br until it was brought to Europe by the Avars. The Avars was a nomadic people who are originally from the land of Russia. They encountered the Mongols and the Chinese since their lands were situated in Northern Asia. Once the Avars learned of this type of war machine. They adopted it for themselves before using it to expand into Europe.

By 600 A.D. The trabuco started to be used all over Europe. The technology was slowly adopted into many royal armies of that time. This weapon helped various armies to lay siege to cities and to attack their enemies from long distances. Siege warfare was perfected when the trabuco started to frequently appear battlefields. This happened sometime around 600 A.D.

The height of this weapon’s use was during the Crusades when both Christians and Muslims used it to destroy each other. By the 15th century on pt.wiktionary.org, most armies stopped using the trabuco. Gunpowder and cannons have taken its place. Currently, trabuco’s are used to hurl pumpkins in slinging contests.

Learn more about Trabuco: http://veja.abril.com.br/blog/sobre-palavras/trabuco-da-astucia-ao-chumbo-grosso/

A Brief Look at Tony Petrello’s Impressive Profile

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Tony Petrello’s career has been one his greatest success. In 2015, he ranked as the highest paid CEO in the United States. Tony Petrello attributes many of his achievements to consistent hard work and applying creativity in all his endeavors. Besides, Tony Petrello is committed to giving back to society by helping children with neurological disorders. His life is worth emulating and admiration.

Tony Petrello was born and grew up in Newark and attended public schools. While at the high school, Petrello was famous for his math abilities. As a result, Yale University took notice and awarded him a scholarship and the opportunity to learn under the stewardship of Serge Lang, a brilliant author, professor, and mathematician. At Yale University, Tony Petrello became known for his strong sense of humor and outgoing personality. It is from Yale University that Tony Petrello met his beloved wife, Cynthia, a renowned soap opera producer, dancer, and a movie and TV actress.

Upon graduating from Yale University, Tony Petrello surprised many of his classmates and professors after deciding to pursue his career as a mathematician. Tony Petrello began his career in 1979 at Baker & McKenzie, an accomplished American law firm. Here, he would specialize in business law, specifically arbitration and taxation. He became a managing partner of Baker & McKenzie’s New York division in 1986. It is at Baker & McKenzie that Tony Petrello met a client by the name Nabors Industries, a premier global oil and natural gas contractor. As a result, managers at Nabors Industries felt impressed by Petrello’s efforts and decided to hire him as the Chief Operating Officer in 1991. In the same year, Petrello was appointed to the Board of Directors of Nabors Industries. A year later, he became the company’s president.

Tony Petrello’s achievements as Nabors Industries’ President and Chief Operating Officer were undeniably helpful in propelling the company to success. For example, Petrello led Nabors Industries in a successful acquisition of Grace Drill in 1993. In 2010, he initiated the acquisition of Superior Well Services. Besides his role at Nabors, Tony Petrello serves as a director at Hilcorp Energy Company and MediaOnDemand.com. For more info about us: http://fuelfix.com/blog/tag/anthony-petrello/ click here.

Over time, Tony Petrello has leveraged his business acumen to help raise money for charitable initiatives. He is passionate about helping children living with neurological disorders. He donated $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital to aid in the construction of a complex dedicated to pediatric neurological care.