TMS Health Solutions-Finding a Solution for Depression


Clinical depression affects 14 to 17 percent of the population at least once in their lifetime. In many cases, medication, therapy or a combination of the two will take care of the symptoms of depression, but sometimes patients do not respond to treatment. They are known to have Treatment-Resistant Depression. TMS therapy Oakland has been shown to be effective in treating this kind of depression. TMS Health Solutions provides not only Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, but they also offer psychiatric services and will even prescribe and monitor medication for their patients. Sometimes it is vital for a patient to receive both TMS treatment Oakland as well as medication but other times one or the other will be sufficient to reduce the symptoms of depression.

Depression can sometimes be hard to diagnose but many people suffering form depression will feel anxiety, hopelessness, and will have a difficult time functioning normally. Clinical depression is a serious condition, can even be life-threatening, and needs to be treated.

A Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation session only takes about 30 minutes to an hour, and it is possible for patients who have received the treatment to resume their regular activities after receiving treatment. A TMS treatment plan can take form four to eight weeks depending on the patient.

TMS is a really great alternative to more “traditional” treatments and medications that do not always work for all patinets, and it does not have the negative effects that many antidepressants do such as weight gain, sedation, or sexual problems.

TMS Health Solutions is comprised of a caring team of clinicians who care about their patients’ welfare and who want to see results as much as their patients do. They are passionate about their work and strive to provide the very best care possible.

TMS Health Solutions has adopted the butterfly as their logo because it represents the transformation that their patients take. It also represents hope and freedom from the grasp of depression.

TMS Health Solutions was founded by Dr. Bermudes in 2007, and it has been helping people with depression ever since. TMS Health Solutions even offers financial assistance to patients who do not have insurance coverage but still need help.

TMS Health Solutions works very closely with the therapist, primary care provider, and psychiatrist of the patient in order to better understand their condition and what the best plan of action will be to make them better.

Opportunities At Sussex Healthcare

Health Care

The primary reason of having a job is to have an income. In as much as this is the basic reason, it is every employee’s desire to find work they enjoy and find fulfillment in.

Sussex Healthcare is a care and support home that offers care for the elderly and adults with physical or learning disabilities. It was founded in 1985 with its first home in Warnham. It now has homes in Sharpthorne, Nutley, Horsham, Billingshurst, East Grinstead, Henfield and Purley as well.

Their mission is to help the elderly get the most out of life in their golden years and help those with learning and physical disabilities interact better with their environment. Working at an institution such as Sussex gives one a sense of fulfilment. Other than just getting a pay check at the end of the month, you get to make someone’s life a little bit better with every act of service, smile and hello.

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Sussex Healthcare also offers therapies such as dementia care, occupational therapy, palliative care and physiotherapy. They use cutting edge equipment for their therapies and train their employees on the best methods to use in administering therapy to the clients. This makes Sussex Healthcare a good place to grow one’s experience in. working in Sussex Health care gives you an opportunity to work in an environment that challenges your intellect and gives you exposure to experiences that build their career.

Work without incentives and motivation makes you as an employee feel like you are taken for granted. Salary is what you get in exchange or the services you give to the company. But there are benefits that should come with the job. While working at Sussex Healthcare, employees are guaranteed of lunch at work, uniforms, transport to work, among others. Apart from the benefits you get from the institution, just seeing the people you get to care for at work get to enjoy life and smile will give you a sense of fulfillment.

If you are looking for a place to grow your career and enjoy your work with every passing day, Sussex Healthcare is the place you have been looking for. Currently, there are over 20 positions that need to be filled. For more information visit the career page on their website.

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Organic Food

Organo Gold is a food and beverages company that began as a small-scale business enterprise with only three workers. It was started in the town of Richmond, Canada in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, the founder, and CEO. It deals with a variety of products such as beverages, personal care products, and nutraceuticals.

It is known for its wide variety of beverages which include; Café Mocha, Green Tea, Red Tea, Black Ice, Black Coffee, Cafe Latte among others. Its personal care products range from OG Smile to G3 Beauty Soap among others. Organo Gold has developed since 2008 up to date, and this has led to the expansion of the business and opening up of branches all over the world. It has also created a wide market network thus its products are readily available in most parts of the world. Shipping arrangements are made upon the customer’s request. Read the reviews at

Organo Gold has a mission of bettering people through empowering them to achieve new levels of financial freedom as well as personal freedom, well-being, and balance. The company is the proud sponsor of a non-profit organization called OG Cares Foundation and is the main corporate donor. It is aimed at supporting the youth and giving them various opportunities. The youth are also equipped with skills and knowledge as well as motivated to impact positive change in the world.

The company is centered on the core values of unity, loyalty, and enlightenment. They believe in teamwork and passing knowledge to others. This creates awareness of one’s strengths, capabilities, and weaknesses enabling an individual to live up to their full potential.


Organo Gold’s collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation led to the concept development and publishing of an entrepreneurship book: ‘Think and Grow Rich.’ Copies of the book have been purchased in millions and thus led to the financial success of the readers. Apart from business advice and quality products, Organo Gold offers fitness ideas and other ideas through their blog,

The company is led currently by Bernardo Chua, CEO, and founder, Shane Morand the co-founder, Holton Buggs, the chief visionary officer, Awie Kardiman, chief financial officer, among others. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

The Products and People at Market America Live up to Its Motto

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Built on products, powered by people, are the words that headline Market America’s website. The truth of this motto can be seen in the people and products associated with this company. As Senior Vice President of M. A. as well as SHOP.COM. Loren Ridinger’s qualifications in the fashion and beauty industry give her the expertise needed to oversee the company’s beauty product lines. Not only does Mrs. Ridinger have over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, but she also created a line of cosmetics known as Motives, which is carried and sold exclusively through Market America.

To help facilitate the distribution and sales of the products carried by his company, its founder and CEO J.R. Ridinger, partnered with the online shopping site known as SHOP.COM. Not only did this partnership create a platform through which Market America could expand as a global e-commerce company, but it also provided SHOP.COM with increased exposure. It has also provided a means through which the company’s affiliate members can obtain earnings with very little investment.

The products offered through Market America are created to meet the needs of today’s consumer. Not only are their products designed to exceed the standards set forth by the FDA, but the company also requests each manufacturer to have an independent audit of their product to ensure it passes the GMP standards for quality. Their team of professional researchers are continually updating their lines with new and innovative products. This team announced several new product line additions at the company’s 2017 International Convention, which included a new fall collection for Motives.

Although Market America goes to great lengths to provide consumers with high quality products, the team behind this company knows its the people behind the distribution and sales of the products who have made the company what it is today. This company has made it easy for anyone to become a franchise owner, by allowing a greater profit margin through cash back programs and unlimited sales territories. CEO J.R. Ridinger has always emphasized the power of belief, which is something he strongly stresses in the various growth seminars offered through Market America.

Ara Chackerian, Innovative Entrepreneur And Long-Time Philanthropist


Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur in San Francisco who also loves to do charity work. His success in business has already spanned many decades and his concentration in the healthcare industry and technology must have led him to spend his time and money in charitable organizations. As a successful entrepreneur, he has established a number of companies with specializations in different kinds of diagnostic imaging services.

Chackerian studied in Florida State University where he earned his degree in B.S. Marketing. He and his father went to Armenia in 2009 where his father and mother were born. In that visit, father and son went to an orphanage. After the trip to Armenia, the two became aware of the need for orphan mentoring. This was the start of the establishment of Nor Luyce Mentoring Center for Youth.

As a businessman, Ara Chackerian is the Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. His business approach is to invest in the early stages of a healthcare company. One of his criteria in choosing a company to put his money in is its commitment to the re-invention of the U.S. Healthcare system. Chackerian’s experience in establishing healthcare companies is over twenty years. The healthcare companies he has founded include TMS Health Solutions, which is based in California and focuses on providing integrated behavioral health services. Two other companies that he helped established are PipelineRX, a Telepharmacy services provider, and BMC Diagnostics, a leading diagnostic imaging services provider.

Ara Chackerian, together with his family, practices the way of giving back to others. Aside from establishing businesses, they have also built and supported a number of non-profit organizations that support the development and education of the youth. They conduct their charity works not only in the United States but also extend their reach abroad to places such as Nicaragua and Armenia.

At present, Chackerian is trying to build public awareness of transcranial magnetic stimulation, an innovative treatment that can revolutionize the healthcare industry. He is also the co-founder and president of Limoapa Teak, a teak farm located in Nicaragua. This company uses environmentally-friendly business practices. In this way, Chackerian is also able to provide work to the local communities in Nicaragua. Check out Vimeo to see more video.

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As a California Businessman and Active Philanthropist, Adam Milstein Supports the Jewish Population

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With racism a continual topic in the news stream, Adam Milstein is recognized as one of the world’s most influential Jewish leaders and philanthropists. Milstein and his wife have lived in California since 1981 and are dedicated to educating the world and the Jewish population about their Jewish heritage. Together, the Milsteins co-founded the IAC or the Israeli-American Council as an agency to develop the Jewish people and educate them on their background. The IAC is also active in supporting Israel and strengthening the relationship between the two countries.

Adam Milstein is instrumental in promoting the Jewish population and making it a recognizable culture of America. Adam Milstein stated that before IAC, the terms ‘Israeli-Americans’ or ‘Americans of Israeli descent” were not used in the U.S. because Judaism was not an accepted as a separate ethnicity. As an active philanthropist who was born in Haffa, Isreal, Milstein knows that over 60 percent of the Jewish population resides in the U.S. and they should be aware of their Jewish heritage and one of the original nations of the world.

Today, Milstein is an active philanthropist who participates in many key organizations for the benefit of the Jewish people. Heis the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, which he and his college friend, David Hager, began when they graduated from Southern California University, and today it is one of the leading real estate brokerages in California.

Adam Milstein and his family moved to California in 1981 for a higher education. He and his wife established the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000 as a center to connect the Jewish people their homeland, Israel.

Adam Milstein also sits on the Board of many agencies including the AIPAC National Council, StandWithUs, Stand By Me, Israel on Campus Coalition, the Hasbara Fellowships, Jewish Funders Network, and Birthright Israel. He serves as National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council or IAC, which he and his wife founded. The IAC has contributed to the Jewish population immensely and is considered the fastest growing Jewish organization in the U.S. Via twitter

George Soros, Making A Difference In Philanthropy

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George Soros is considered to be one of the biggest philanthropists in the world. He has given over 32 billion of his own fortunes to fund Open Society Foundations around the world. The idea of having open societies in the whole world is one that is close to his heart. He doesn’t just give to support the idea, he has taken an active role to see that the idea is embraced and practised.

George Soros first encountered the idea of open societies while reading the book Open societies and its enemies by Karl Popper while in college. In this book, Karl popper explained that there is no absolute idea, truth or philosophy. He explained that for any society or government to flourish, there has to be democratic governance, the people have to be free to express themselves and their rights respected. Karl Popper’s idea of open society was a revelation to Mr Soros. Having come from a closed society, this idea was so practical to him.

George Soros is a Hungarian Jew. He grew up during the Nazi occupation and experience first-hand what ‘absolute philosophy’ can do to a people. He saw thousands of Jewish families be killed and discriminated at this time. His family managed to escape by concealing their past and acquiring new identification papers. When this worked out for them, they set out to help other families do the same. This saw his family help out a lot of Jewish families. This saw the birth of his desire to see closed societies opened and open societies functioning better.

In 1947, Mr Soros moved to America where he had a career of a railway porter as well as a night club waiter to cater for his education at London school of economics. He later joined the world of finance investments where he made his fortune. Once he made more than he needed, he founded the open society foundations, OSF. OSF is a network of foundations, partners and projects that run in over 100 countries across the world. The main objectives of this foundation are; to open up closed societies, help open societies function better and ensure that human rights are respected in governments.

The whole venture is based on Karl Popper’s book. Through OSF, George Soros has been able to facilitate organizations whose objectives are aligned with theirs. He says, when working with organizations in communist countries, it’s quite easy since they already know what open society is and what they need to do and all OSF does is facilitate.

OSF has also seen thousands of students go to schools and colleges. They provide school fees for students who face discrimination based on who they are or where they live. Through this venture, he has been able to help the Roma people living in Europe, sex workers and LGBTIs. Because of the Idea Open Society Foundation stands for, it has attracted support from many people who dedicated to bettering governing systems in the world. Kofi Annan says that what makes Mr Soros’ initiative so effective is the fact that it seeks to change minds and not circumstances. By fostering critical thinking, he has been able to see societies become more open and viable.

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Fabletics Emerges as Top Fashion Retailer

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The fashion industry is one of the most competitive in the economy. There are a number of fashion retailers that are looking to sell their products. However, companies such as Amazon have control of up to 20% of the market. As a result, many companies in the fashion industry often struggle to remain competitive. One of the companies that has emerged as a top competitor to Amazon is Fabletics. This company was founded by Kate Hudson who has put together a line of women’s active apparel. What has made her company stand out is its reverse showroom technique. This technique emphasizes shopping online and the buying merchandise at store locations. Whenever a customer is looking to buy apparel, they will first choose their clothing options and then buy them once they go to a local store. With this technique, Fabletics has become one of the most profitable companies in the fashion industry.


Kate Hudson is the founder of Fabletics and decided to start up a fashion company in order to pursue one of her passions. She is quite active herself and has looked to offer a line of women’s apparel for athletic purposes. Over the years, she was aware that women’s athletic apparel can be expensive as well as of average quality. Therefore, Kate looked to develop her own line of apparel that would appeal to active women. She would then put together a wide range of products such as leggings, shirts, jackets and sports bras. All of these products would then hit the market and become some of the most popular options when it comes to women’s athletic apparel.


When the company was formed, Kate Hudson looked to offer women’s athletic apparel that was both stylish and affordable. Therefore, she came up with a number of modern designs that would appeal to many women who were looking to exercise in style. She put together a wide range of products and then looked to sell them through a subscription model. This allowed consumers to purchase apparel each month at discounted prices. By offering this option, a number of women have been able to capitalize on getting some of the most trendy athletic apparel for reasonable prices.


For customers who are looking to take advantage of the many products that Fabletics offers, one of the best things to do is take the lifestyle quiz. This is a short questionnaire that will help a number of women find the ideal apparel for their needs. All customers will need to do is answer questions about things such as clothing design, frequency of workouts and also what environment they typically exercise in. By answering these questions, customer will then be able to get feedback on which apparel they should order.