With new challenges being presented every day in the field of oncology it is incredibly important for the entire industry to be on their toes for whatever they may face. As a part of this, new research is in constant circulation and many platforms offer a way for members of the medical field to access this new information. However, one platform, in particular, stands out: Oncotarget.Oncotarget began publishing in 2010 and continues today. They have a dedicated focus on providing scientific research publicly, promoting cooperation and collaborations among differing specialties, and to quickly disperse new discoveries so that they may be used to combat diseases.

Oncotarget publishes journal weekly which provides a plethora of information for readers through peer-reviewed articles. According to the SJR, Oncotarget had over 6,000 documents published alone in 2016, more than any other journal in the same field.Beyond impressive publication numbers, Oncotarget has an impressive team of editors and contributors that drives Oncotangents continuously flourishing success. Chief Editors Dr. Andrei Gudkov and Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny are both incredibly accomplished in their line of work.

With Dr. Gudkov being the co-founder of Cleveland BioLabs and Dr. Mikhail having over 250 peer-reviewed journals to his name. Beyond this, Oncotarget has had four members of their team win the Life Sciences Breakthrough Prize since 2013.Although they originated as a journal specializing in oncology, Oncotarget has expanded to other horizons with the acceptance of other types of medical publishings dealing with endocrinology, cell biology, neuroscience and many more areas. Oncotarget continues to produce weekly content and stands out as a cut above the rest in the world of medical journals.

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