Quality leadership is defined by methodical nature in synergy with adaptability. These are the factors that forge today’s magnates, the titans industry. Through corporate culture, firms begin to embody the nuances of their leaders, and this is why Nabors Industries is at the top of the market.

Anthony Petrello has faithfully guided the company since 1991, after a 12 year career at Baker & McKenzie. As a manager at the law firm, he was tasked with international law, priming him for challenges to come. Conquering logic in its many facets, Anthony Petrello is quite the Renaissance man; exemplified by his J.D from Harvard Law School, and M.S. from Yale. Since Anthony Petrello became CEO in 2011, Nabors Industries share prices have gone up a stunning 180%. As Nabors Industries operates in over 20 countries, it is one of the world’s largest offshore drilling contractors, and employs the world’s largest land based rig-drilling fleet.

There are various other ventures enhanced by Petrello’s bold leadership. The man is a director at Stewart & Stevenson LLC, as well as Hilcorp Energy Company. In this capacity, he extends his capabilities outward. However, he also spends some of his time in a magnanimous manner. Petrello is a member of the Board of Trustees at Houston Children’s Hospital. He puts his money where his mouth is, Petrello recently gave $5 million to the hospital’s neurological research institute. Helping the helpless is the spirit of philanthropy, and so Petrello gives back to his community in bountiful beauty.

While not all companies can lay claim to such a selfless leader, it is certain that Nabors Industries has been blessed by such a stalwart. Given the often impersonal characteristics attributed to CEO’s around the globe, it is refreshing to see a man of true character at the helm of a global giant.

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