Strategy Planning With Igor Cornelsen


Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investment management consultant that works with individual investors and different investment agencies around the global. Igor Cornelsen is also one of Brazil’s most successful investment managers, and he is recognized internationally for his insight into investment and finance management. He specializes in supporting individuals and investment firms, in both business financial planning and investment strategy conception. When Igor Cornelsen looks to start a project focuses on creating individualized plans for his clients. These custom plans, are tailored to fit the client’s financial situation and remain conjunctive with their long-term and short-term goals.

At the corporate level, in his position, Igor Cornelsen works with individual firms, who are responsible for handling the assets of hundreds and thousands of people; this equates to billions of dollars trading hands on a daily basis. With this much responsibility, it is easy for novice and mature investment firms to get swept up in the legal and emotional currents of their profession. Igor Cornelsen is not afraid to voice his opinions and navigate the untapped areas of the investment market, in order to find the answers for his clients.

As a businessman and entrepreneur, Igor Cornelsen is not scared to advise his clients to take risks. He suggests to many of them that they invest in the high-profit but aggressive stocks. Indicating, that in most cases, these are the stocks that are performing poorly initially but appear to pick up momentum further on in the year. His philosophy is, that by taking reasonable and calculated chances, especially when the reward of unforeseen, is better than never taking the risk at all. This methodology is what makes Igor Cornelsen process unique and favorable amongst global investors. Within his consulting sessions, Igor Cornelsen enables his clients with vital long-term investment tools and knowledge.

Behind the Success of Jacob Gottlieb


Jacob Gottlieb is understood as a titan when it comes to healthcare investing. He is also a successful financial entrepreneur. Most recently, he added Altium Capital to his repertoire. Altium Capital is a healthcare investment fund that is located out of New York City. The investment fund has a goal of investing in opportunities associated with growth companies within the healthcare sector. In particular, Jacob Gottlieb looks for organizations that provide medical treatment advances and meaningful health.

Altium Capital has invested in various companies such as Amarin Corporation (AMRN), Oramed Pharmaceuticals (ORMP), and Oragenics. Oramed focuses on the development of innovative oral alternatives for treating diabetes among patients using injectable drugs. It has successfully obtained an orally ingested capsule and Glucagon-like peptide for treating diabetes. Amarin Corporation is a pharmaceutical company whose primary aim is to develop drugs that improve cardiovascular health. It achieves this by combining lipid science expertise and the therapeutic benefits associated with polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Oragenics wants to become a leader when it comes to novel antibiotics that deals with infectious diseases. It also wants to be a leader in the development of effective solutions for oral mucositis. The institution has partnered with Intrexon Corporation, thus increasing its access to advanced technologies that help in speeding up the development of antibiotics for tackling resistant bacterial strains.

The collaboration between Altium Capital and the three companies will help improve general health and help the companies involved grow. Jacob Gottlieb believes that the three companies are promising ventures because of their goals and achievements. This will help Altium Capital expand its operations and become more profitable.

Throughout Jacob Gottlieb’ career, he has been advancing his skills including his instinct related to growth opportunities in the industry. This has helped him developed strategies for growth and collaborations is one of them.

Ted Bauman: Recognizing A Stock Market Crash Scenario

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Many investors on Wall Street have forgotten what a bear market is in stocks. The US stock market has been in one of the longest bull markets in history. Economist Ted Bauman feels that the US stock market may continue to rise, however, he feels that there are factors that could trigger a stock market crash. Mr. Bauman is an American citizen who moved to South Africa as a young adult. He earned both his economics and history degrees from the University of Cape Town. He is an expert in low-risk investment strategies and wealth preservation. He currently serves as an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing, where he provides three newsletters that have enabled his subscribers to make smart investment decisions. Ted Bauman feels US equities could crash. Therefore, he lists several scenarios of how the stock market could crash.

Ted Bauman feels that there could be a stock market crash similar to the famous Black Monday crash. This crash took place in 1987 and the stock market plunged almost twenty percent in a single day. Most of the investors panicked and sold their positions as quickly as possible. The stock market ended up bouncing back within a matter of weeks and ended the year higher. Investors who did not panic made money at the end of the year. This scenario is very likely today because of all the high-frequency traders and automatic trading rules-based system.

Another crash scenario that could occur is that everyone on Wall Street comes to the same conclusion about the US markets being overvalued and they all run for the exits simultaneously. Ted Bauman used the CAPE ratio to determine that the US stock market was extremely overvalued. The only other time the ratio had a higher reading was during the tech boom of the 1990s.

Ted Bauman advises individuals that a stock market crash is not a reason to panic and sell all one’s equity holdings. He feels that an individual should always hold an appropriate balance of both stocks and bonds. During a stock market crash, it is wise for an investor to have some cash on hand to purchase more shares at cheaper prices, but they should hold bonds to further protect an individuals portfolio during a stock market crash.

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Jason Hope, The Technology Icon

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Jason Hope is a prominent entrepreneur from Arizona. He is an expert investor in healthcare technology, a futurologist, and a philanthropist. As an entrepreneur and investor in the field of technology, Jason has put into existence a couple of technology companies.

Initially, Jason Hope began his investment with Jawa, a company dealing in mobile communications. This company became the foundation for other similar companies in the technology industry. Some of the collection of companies from which Jason makes profits include Search Engine Optimization (a marketing service provider), Digital Media Solutions, Computer and Business Information Systems, and Interactive Software.

Jason Hope, as a futurist, puts most of his attention on the future technology level. His passion for technology makes him support technology projects. One of the activities in the technology field that attracted his focus is the anti-aging research work.

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Intense research work is currently continuing in the biotechnology field on the rejuvenation biotechnologies. Specialists in the field of medicine are working closely to discover an answer to the problem of aging in life. A drug to lower the aging rate in life is under the development process.

This drug will slow down the rate at which the body of a human being gets old, exhausted and eventually die. An organization called SENS Research Foundation conducts the research work and anti-aging campaign. The organization is making efforts to invent a solution that will help human beings to live a life free from illness or health defects.

Unlike many organizations which major in finding the cure to a disease, SENS Foundation extends across the borders of treatment and attempt to stop or decelerate the aging process.

Jason Hope has boldly united with SENS Research Foundation to ensure that the foundation is fully supported financially in the operation of the anti-aging research work. He embarked on his funding to the foundation in 2010. Jason funded the foundation with half a million dollars to construct a laboratory in Cambridge, England.

Occasionally, Jason has supported the organization with over $1 million in total. Jason Hope’s passion, plan, and support for the next technology level has gained him a good social status, public identity, and popularity in the Technology field.

He has made significant steps with his accurate predictions in technology trends and ideas. He is such an icon in the industry.

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Steve Richie’s Leadership Impact on Papa John’s International

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Steve Ritchie is the current president and chief executive officer for Papa John’s International Inc., which is among the top Pizza Company in the world. Richie was promoted to the company’s top position early this after working for Papa John’s for more than two decades. During the years that Steve Richie has worked for Papa John’s International, he has been able to play different roles including the chief operating officer, president and chief operating officer, and franchisee among many other positions. During his speech while releasing the news of Steve Richie’s promotion, John Schnatter the founder of the company, pointed out that he was very proud of Richie Steve for his hard work and devotion he has shown for the company since he first joined Papa John’s international (@PapaJohns) as hourly customer service representative in the year 1996.

Steve Richie’s Contributions as the Company’s CEO

During the short period that Steve Ritchie Papa Johns has served the company as their chief executive officer, he has contributed a lot that has led to the company increasing its sales and attracting more loyal customers. His recent move on Papa John’s International intent to diversify training for its staff is meant to earn the company more positive results as well as strengthening its reputation. According to Steve Richie’s post on the company’s website that was meant to notify all the stakeholders, employees and customers about the move, also stated other steps that the company has been taking in order to improve its services include conducting a cultural audit and investigations that will be meant to find out Papa John’s diversity and inclusion in all its operations.

Steve Richie took this step following the recent training tour of the company leaders who stated that they had an opportunity of learning from team members and franchisees on ways in which they can perform better. However, Richie was not impressed by the way the team that attended the training was not inclusive and had not respected national diversification rules. That is why Richie is determined to fix this by offering training to all employees of the company who are about 120, 000. Visit to know about Steve’s salary.

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Wes Edens Is The Successful Risk Taker

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Believing In The Underdog

Wesley Edens is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. He is known for diving back into the lending market no later than a couple years after the financial crisis. Today, Edens and Fortress are contributing over $3 billion to create a private passenger train in Florida. His investment seems risky because self-driving cars are on the horizon. Edens is no stranger to risky deals. In 2014 Wes Edens bought a portion of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. He is the co-owner of a team who hasn’t won a championship is close to 50 years. He also invested heavily in a struggling English soccer club called Aston Villa. Wes Edens says he wants to see things as they are and not necessarily how other people see them. His ability to see potential in an otherwise doubtful project is what sets him apart. See more information about Wes Edens at


Gaining Success

Wes Edens gained most of his success while leading Fortress. He became the co-founder in 1998 and he remains the co-CEO today. In 2007, Fortress was one of the initial private equity firms going public. Edens gained $2.3 billion stake in that process. Ten years later, Softbank purchased Fortress for $3.3 billion. That purchased earned Wes Edens a 40% premium on his stake’s initial value.

Early Days

Wes Edens had a psychologist father and a schoolteacher mother. He was raised on a ranch in Montana, and spent the majority of his childhood days outdoors. Edens says there were only two TV stations you could watch, so you either read a book or went outside. In his teenage years he took an interest in competitive skiing. Today he still skis around Jackson, Wyoming. He just opened a luxury hotel in the area called the Caldera House.


Wes Edens got his degree in finance and business administration from Oregon State University. When he finished school in 1984 he landed a job at a bank in San Francisco. One of his acquaintances at Merrill Lynch suggested that he try his talent with Wall Street. He took the advice and moved to New York where he earned a position at Lehman Brothers.

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Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein and the new and convenient way to find lawyers


New York has launched a new online system to easily acquire a lawyer for an individuals case according to an article by What makes the system so great is that it is available for use all day and people can get to it by the link or use the phone to connect to an attorney. Read more: Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein and Friends over 56000 for Fountain House

The portal connects users to a proven and experienced attorney to handle their case. It is called the Lawyer Referral and Information Service and it has been created by

The article goes into the step by step procedure to obtain a lawyer that fits the individual by answering a questionnaire on the portal and the system will then match them with an attorney who fits their needs and one who is in close proximity.

Referrals are free, but people will be charged $35 dollars for a 30-minute session, but it can depend on the type of case. The individual can choose to take this lawyer or reject based upon the initial screening. The service has greatly helped clients but also has given lawyers business.

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney that deals with compensation and with different corporation matters. He is the partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, although he has experience working for various law firms before then.

In his lifetime he has been a part of the major transactions between many high companies and has seen the transformations take place. Aside from being a practiced lawyer, he has written articles that have been published on executive compensation and for example, had some published in the Harvard Law School Forum.

Jeremy Goldstein is known as a leading attorney on compensation issues and is a part of various boards.

He has also taken a role in helping the community and is a member of the Fountain House. They assist people who have mental illnesses.

Jeremy Goldstein has many degrees and an extensive background in education with a J.D. from New York University Law School and a B.A. from Cornell University where he got cum laude.

He also attended the University of Chicago and has an M.S. from there. Jeremy Goldstein can be contacted by phone or email. His degrees from the University of Chicago and Cornell are in Art History.

Jeremy Goldstein has an extensive background that has tailored to becoming a lawyer with a rich education history and experience at other firms as a partner and associate.

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Talos Energy Merger Means Big Developments in the Gulf of Mexico

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Talos Energy is an oil and gas company located in the Gulf South region of the United States. They are considered to be one of the best companies in the country to work for and continue to grow and create new work opportunities. They are an Independent company that has been able to acquire the technology and resources to become competitive in the field. They have extensive knowledge of the Gulf of Mexico which serves to help them apply leading practices and sustain continued grow and progress.

Talos Energy recently acquired Stone Energy to create a 2.5 billion merger. This would allow the company to forego public offering and would help secure their place aa a wildcatting operation in the Gulf of Mexico near the Southern US as well as into Mexico. These operations hold certain amounts of risk such as oil spills and maintenance costs but can prove to be highly profitable as well. The whole deal was completed by Talos Energy CEO Tim Duncan in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. He evacuated his family to Alabama and returned to Texas to work on the deal from his mother’s home at the dining room table.

Currently, Talos Energy is producing 48,000 barrels of oil per day, but they hope to produce more than that in the near future. With all of the forward thinking and hands-on approach of upper management, this company is set to see high levels of growth and continue to be one of the most sought-after companies in the industry to work for, as well as being a top provider of oil and gas industry jobs in the future.

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Sameer Jejurikar – One Of Dalla’s Finest Plastic Surgeons

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Plan your procedure for about a month before time, so you have a whole week to start planning, prepare your body and prepare for the new changes you will make in your life to help you with the operation. However, in particular, if you undergo a plastic operation, smoke can have a negative impact on the treatment process by slowing down or reducing the critical flow of your blood and sending it to your surgical site. Alcohol is also harmful when undergoing surgery due to its well-documented properties of the treatment, which may affect your health and security during the operation, while negative effects on the treatment process by following the procedure.

Dr. Jejurikar is perfect with his hand in a hospitalization, but he is an eminent lecturer. Although Dr. Jejurikar is known for the treatment of cosmetic treatments on patients, he is also spending his time returning to people who cannot afford the necessary operations. After the residence and scholarship, he was able to collaborate with some of the most important surgeons in the area of the film center in the area of the film and the company. There are skin care and night facilities for patients who are shared by the surgeon group.

In the medical school, Mr. Jejurikar was exposed to a wide range of surgical specialties, but he was attracted to the creativity of plastics surgeries and a wide variety of surgeries. As part of the group, he had his own practice in the field of plastics, but he had the advantage of the sharing of overheads and the economy of scale for purchase.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar recently completed another journey to perform lip and palate surgery with a Smile in Bangladesh. Traditional face-lift surgery is usually sought after by patients who are not satisfied with the appearance of their back because of their size, form, or saggy skin.

Make sure that you have someone at your fingertips to take you home after the operation and get involved in the assistance of your friends or family to assist you in the operation for the first few weeks. Dr. Jejurikar has seen patients who get up and start to walk through the evening of their operation, which is sure that they will get back to the point. Dr. Jejurikar and the whole staff go over and over again to give their clients a feeling of comfort, respect, and convenience.

Upwork Gives More People a Chance to Connect


When people and employers join Upwork, they have a chance to try things that might help them in the future. It allows them the chance to do more and to give back in different situations. It also makes things easier for others who need to bring attention to all the issues in the industry. There are things that help them come up with new opportunities and new experiences. No matter what people do or how hard they work, Upwork knows they can help them connect with others.

When Upwork joined NASDAQ, people saw it as a move for them to keep getting better. They know they need to join different things and continue growing so they can help more people connect over virtual tasks. They also know they need to do things that might make it easier for more people to do the work they need. Everything they do goes back to helping people on the virtual platform and making sure they can do things the right way. For Upwork, the point of all this is so they can show more people the right opportunities.

People on Upwork who need work done can get a positive experience when they’re looking for others. They can also make sure they’re doing things the right way so they don’t have to worry about the issues that might normally come from being a part of a big company like Upwork. It makes employers have a chance for a more positive experience because it allows them to connect with contractors in a different capacity. By focusing on these opportunities, more people have the chance to do things the right way.

There are times when people look at things differently and Upwork gives them the chance to do that. Upwork allows more people to learn about what they can do to make more out of the situations they’re in. It also makes it so more people have positive experiences when they’re coming up with new ideas for the company. There are options people can use that might be able to help them see a different opportunity when looking for virtual work.