Meet Sightsavers, The company that is fighting blindness around the world


Mahatma Gandhi once said, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. But, what if I told you that there is a large percentage of the world that is literally blind and unable to see or slowly losing their vision? A young student of Oxford, John Wilson found out exactly this as he embarked on a trip to Africa and the Middle East in 1946. He was shocked to discover the vast amount of people who were blind or losing vision. As he went back to UK, he was determined to tackle this issue. What he started eventually became a global foundation which came to be known as Sightsavers, which is helping fight blindness and inequality for disabled people around the globe.

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In 1950, John Wilson started the British Empire Society for the Blind, which was the original name for SightSavers. Through the foundation, he was able to form national organizations for six different countries within it’s first year. As the organization grew, it took on more support, even being given royal status by the Queen of England. As SightSavers grew throughout the years, it has helped thousands of people receive treatment for blindness, disease, disability and helped give welfare and education to those in need.

Sightsavers has played a key role in helping children with learning disabilities achieve education and reach goals, in countries like Senegal, Cameroon, Kenya, India, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, and more. It has also helped provide surgeries and medical treatments for disabilities such as blindness or loss of vision. One example of this is how the organization, through collaborative efforts is helping provide 41,500 people in Kenya surgery for blindness. With it’s span of reach, SightSavers has worked with government and non government organizations all across the globe to help countries reach their sustainable development goals. In India, over 400,000 truckers are being screened for vision to help reduce accidents due to loss of vision. The organization has also helped reduce inequality against disabled people, as well as helping prepare them for employment and their future.


An Overview Of Jeunesse Global Products

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Jeunessee Products




Nevo is an energy drink. It is available in peach mango, Acai grape, lemon ginger and mixed green. It only has 50 calories per serving and is free of artificial sweeteners and chemicals. It will give you an energy boost without causing a crash.


Instant Ageless


Instant Ageless is a product that can help smooth out wrinkles, pores and fine lines. It can give you a younger appearance without going under the knife. This cream can give you results that last anywhere from 6 to 9 hours. It works by lifting and toning your skin.




Naara is another anti-aging product. It is a beverage that is filled with ingredients that can increase collagen production. There was a double-blind study done that tested the effectiveness of this product. The study showed that using Nava can improve the appearance of the skin within four weeks.




Reserve is a blend of superfruits. It has a variety of ingredients that fight free radical damage. It does not have any artificial flavors or added sugar. It has a sweet berry taste. Project 8


Zen Project 8 helps you manage your weight better. This program lasts for 8 weeks. There are three phases. The first phase is the detox phase. The second phase is the ignite phase. It helps you lose belly fat. The third phase of the program is the thrive phase.


About Jeunesse


Jeunesse is a company that was founded on September 9, 2009. The founders of this company are Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The number 9 is significant to Randy and Wendy. Nine represents longevity. It is reflected on Wendy and Randy’s desire to thrive.


Thousands of people around the world have used Jeunesse. Wendy and Randy want their customers to live a long, happy and healthy life.

Michael Lacey the Problem Solver


Unlike other disciplines such as history that are dynamic, mathematics is constant. Michael Lacey is an individual who has a great interest in math with the intention of initiating new formulas of doing various computations.

These formulas have turned out to have a positive impact in the field. Michael started showing his interest way back while at the University of Illinois. He was an active member in various projects that specialized in probability.

He derived expressions from the Law of Iterated Logarithm. Researchers have found out that logarithm and empirical functions are closely intertwined. This made it easier for him to obtain formulas. Similarly, his skillfulness in probability opened doors for him to do more research on divisions of mathematics. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Apart from him being a committed learner, he also researched at his own time to make life more practical. Through research, he managed to confirm that the Central Limit Theorem would indeed work out well. It was at this point where he came up with the limitation and delimitations on the same theorem.

Supervisors are always on the forefront when it comes to discovering talents and abilities. Michael Lacey benefited from his supervisor who provided guidance to see him come up with new expressions. When Michael was given a chance to present his thesis, he utilized the opportunity to come up with a formula that would solve a certain computation that had been very problematic.

The accomplishment of his program paved the way for him to face the job market. He has shown his commitment in various institutions such as University of North Carolina, Indiana University as well as Louisiana State University. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

While serving as an employee at Indiana University, he also enrolled in Bilinear Hilbert Transform at the same institution. This was a golden chance that had been offered by the National Science Foundation. Surprisingly, Michael Lacey has also been awarded a grand prize called Salem for managing to handle the Hilbert Transform.

Michael is known for helping others. He has always been known to chip in when mathematical issues arise. Apart from mathematics, he has also done great in other disciplines.


Successes of Market America

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Market America was founded in 1992 by JR Ridinger. The firm has grown tremendously over the recent years and it focuses on marketing products from various companies through the use of the modern technology. The firm has its headquarters at Greensboro, N.C and it has seen many companies grow through making people of the products that they offer. Besides, the firm offers its services to both local and international companies and as a result, it has formed close relationships with a significant number of them. Among the products that Market America offers to its clients include cosmetics, household equipment, water purifiers, among many others.

The great leadership skills exercised by the firm’s executives have highly contributed to its growth. Market America has successfully established a vast number of its affiliates across the broader parts of the globe including Australia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, among many others. The high-quality products that the firm offers have seen it attract a vast number of customers around the globe. The firm’s executives also work closely with their team of employees to accomplish the firm’s goals.

Market America has also strived to create partnerships with other firms to develop their brands. The firm recently formed a partnership with iMirus to produce MA Newsstand. The new firm would focus on the printing of magazines for distribution across the broader parts of the globe. The firm has outshined a vast number of companies of its kind through the great attention they give to their clients.

Besides, The company has always strived to employ great strategies towards the achievements of their goals and the ability of the firm’s leaders to ensure profitability and longevity of their firm’s products through brokerage has seen the firm establish its operations. The success of the unfranchise owners has always been the major focus of Market America, as it serves a clear indication of the growth of the firm. The determination of the firm’s team of employees to offer quality services to their clients has also attracted a vast number of them to the firm. Market America seeks to create product awareness through online marketing to help firms achieve their goals.

Fortress Investment Group’s Cofounder and Bucks Team Owner, Wes Edens

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Wes Edens is a successful businessman born on the 30th of October 1961. He was brought up in Montana and joined Capital High school for his high school education. He later graduated with a Bachelor’s in Finance and Business Administration from Oregon State University. He is an established entrepreneur and a private equity investor. He started his career at Lehman Brothers in 1987 as a partner and a managing director.

He later relocated to BlackRock’s private equity division where he worked as a partner and a managing director till the year 1997.

By the time he left BlackRock, he had gained extensive expertise to establish firm. In the year 1998, he founded Fortress Investment Group in conjunction with Robert Kauffman and Randal Nardone.

They established the corporation at an initial investment of $400 million in the capital. The corporation which was started as private equity firm as now grown to become a global leader in alternative assets management.

In January 2018, he confirmed the sale of his primary business, Fortress Investment Group. Japan’s SoftBank Group Corporation acquired the firm at an alarming $3.3 billion in cash. His accrued earnings from the sale sum up to $512 million.

He has received money amounting to $11.4 million through bonus dividends since February 2017. He has also received $1.4 million in shares and $200,000 in salary.

Despite the sale, Fortress Investment Group operates as an independent corporation with its headquarters in New York City. Wes Edens, Randy Nardone, and Peter Briger also retained leadership roles in a five-year contract deal.

Wes Edens is also a renowned philanthropist who has donated over $2.7 million to charity. He majorly gives to education, arts, and health-related related causes. Some of the beneficiaries of his benevolent work are Macalester University College Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation.

He partnered with Marc Lasry to purchase Wisconsin’s Bucks basketball team from Herb Kohl in the year 2014. They spent a total of $550 million to buy it and an additional $100 million for the establishment of a multipurpose arena.

The arena was aimed at replacing the old BMO Harris Center. Wes Edens is currently the chairman of the Board at OneMain Holdings and Drive Shack corporation amongst other companies. He is interested in sports, business, and politics.

Wes Edens’ hobbies include that of horse riding, running and climbing mountains. He has climbed Africa’s highest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro to its peak.

Wes Edens’s Facebook Page:

Aloha Construction-The Partner You Can Trust

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Are you looking for a partner you can trust? Aloha Construction, as it turns out, is all you need to take your construction needs to the next level. Construction as a business is no easy-peasy. It is a field that requires committed men and women to accomplish.

Unfortunately, not all construction companies are your best but Aloha Construction certainly is. So, what makes the corporation stand out from its competitors? Aloha, according to the Better Business Bureau awards is the best in America because of practicing excellent marketplace ethics.

To put your mind into perspective, the organization scooped the 2017 Torch Awards amidst all the odds. Aloha Construction beat its competitors at their game when the panel of judges at Better Business Bureau found the institution deserving of the prize because of its regular contributions to the local community.

The contractor was also the judges’ favorite as the institution has since its establishment proven to offer consumers with superb products and services and at the same time serving them with the highest moral compass known to man. As you are aware, The Torch Award has existed since 1996 and honoring Aloha Construction this time around shows that the organization is the real deal.

Did you know that The Torch Award has always been looking for companies that depict strong and committed leadership, enforcement, unity, a commitment to performance, human resources practices, and a sense of community within the ethical framework? Aloha Construction, as you now know, is the best there is.

Giving back to the community has never been easy but Aloha, somehow, has been able to master the trick. Today, the corporation partners with Learning Express to make its presence known. These two organizations have used the David Farbaky Foundation to help low-income families grow, a move that has gone a long way in cementing Aloha’s legacy.

Aloha has also emerged to be a company that cares for its customers’ needs. The institution has from the get-go delivered stellar services to consumers and even gone the extra mile of issuing them with a ten-year warranty for every new roof installation. Indeed, the headlines that Aloha is currently making are not in vain as they signify a corporation that is larger than life.

The Chainsmokers Will Vapor Your Essence At Every Live Concert This Summer!

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Before they started collaborating on electric dance music presentations, New York City’s artistic and managing director Adam Alpert synthesized Alex Pall and Andrew Taggert. Brought together by his skill in recognizing and unifying talents, this liaison connection will not soon be forgotten. From the very start theirs was an electrifying compilation kicking off with the Platinum bound hit “#Selfie.” Straight through to today, they have not disappointed the music scene topping at #1 on Billboard’s Dance 100 for 2018. With a full schedule of live stage shows from coast to coast throughout this summer, this American deejay duo is showing no signs of hitting pause.


Armed with plenty of bottles of water, their audiences consistently come to showout, ‘busting moves’ yet unnamed. Every deejay’s desire is to move your body until you drop or atleast feel like dropping. But Chainsmokers takes it all some steps further. With their heart pounding beats and their propietary lyrics, they capture your soul, hijack your muscles and wrench your joints through a history of forbidden and collectively common memoirs. Yet each of their own tunes maintain an element of hope that earns their invincible inveighance a continual stomp of approval.


Their concerts appeal to those who are not faint of heart. You must willingly engage in an onslaught of truths, a barrage of beats and their mindblowing unification of troubled trebles. When you do, you will survive even the mental calisthenics. What the water bottles can’t help. And what results is a bit of purging neatly packaged in a sweaty, sweet release.

Perhaps the Chainsmokers‘ most popular production, “Sick Boy” ventured into darkness in ways unheard of by the dual deejay team up until that point. Some fans were caught offguard. New fans jumped onboard with open hearts. All remain intrigued. Still in wonder as to their degree of self divulgence, we cannot deny.. all change starts with admission.

Paul Mampilly Is An Expert Investor Who Is Impressed By Entrepreneurs Who Give It Their All

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Paul Mampilly has been working in the investing and financial sectors for many years and is now a contributor to Banyan Hill Publishing. He received his MBA from Fordham University and went to work for Bankers Trust in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager. He eventually quit Bankers Trust and signed on with ING and Deutsche Bank where he managed billions of dollars. Kinetics Asset Management picked him up later after seeing what an asset he would be for the company, and Mampilly grew the company’s assets to $25 billion. Follow Paul on

Paul Mampilly slowly grew tired of Wall Street and making money for the wealthy and felt like he would enjoy spending more time with his family and helping regular Americans to make money through investing. He now spends a lot of his time researching and analyzing investments and sharing what he finds with the subscribers of his newsletters through Banyan Hill Publishing. He has been interviewed on many different media channels including Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, and CNBC. His newsletter Profits Unlimited has more than 90,000 subscribers, and the numbers continue to grow. On top of this, he runs True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes, which are top-of-the-line trading services.

Eric Dye, of Enterprise Radio, recently asked Paul Mampilly what makes him an authority in the world of investing and finance. Mampilly replied that part of it has to do with his history of assisting regular investors and retail individuals with the task of earning money. He also commented on the fact that he has been working in Wall Street for many years and has worked as an analyst, money manager, along with managing a trading desk. He understands the internal workings of Wall Street and what occurs there every single day, and these are things that the average investor has no idea about.


Paul Mampilly was also recently asked who his favorite entrepreneur was, and he answered that it was Elon Musk. Paul Mampilly appreciates the way that Musk has started businesses in risky industries and gone through with what he has begun. He admires the fact that Elon Musk has invested his own money so heavily in his own businesses instead of simply letting them fail when the times got tough during the mid 2000’s. Paul Mampilly believes that the spread of different kinds of businesses that Musk runs is fascinating and that all of these things make him his favorite entrepreneur. Learn more about Paul on

Whitney Wolfe’s Adventurous Dating Site Bumble is Reshaping the Dating Scene

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Bumble is the name of Whitney Wolfe’s dating site. It was released to the web in 2014 and is now a premiere dating platform that has 33 million users. That number is steadily growing everyday. People love Bumble because it is a different type of dating site. This site only allows women to make the first move. Guys who sing up on Bumble cannot just go ham and start talking to every female they see on the site. Nope, men have to sit around and wait to see if a female wants them. Mrs. Wolfe – Herd wanted it to be this way.

Whitney Wolfe created Bumble to be a place for women. She was tired of the old dating scene where men were always coming at her. She wanted to do something different by allowing women to approach men. The current era that we live in today is all about women rights and equality. Feminism is truly on the rise and Whitney Wolfe is helping to shape this modern feminist landscape with Bumble. This is one reason why she puts women first on this site. She wants them to know that women can make the first move and still retain their female persuasions, sexuality and charms.

Naturally, guys like females. They chase after them and want to settle down the one that appeals to them the most. Traditionally, females loved to be chased. She will sort through multiple pursuers until she finds the one man that appeals to her the most. Whitney Wolfe is no different fro any other female in this regard. However, she is fed up with males abusing the normal cultural and social standards of guys approaching women.

She had endured a lot of harassment and abuse at her last job with Tinder. This online dating site company did things to Wolfe that made her feel humiliated, angry and frustrated. She ended up winning settlement money that was valued in the millions. She took that money and put some of it toward starting Bumble. On Bumble, women will not be made to feel inferior to men. They will not be viewed as sexual objects or treated as the weaker sex. They are equals. Whitney Wolfe wants the world to know this reality. Bumble is now reshaping the dating world and how women are perceived in modern times.

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How ClassDojo Improves The Classroom Experience


ClassDojo is a mobile app that was launched in 2011. The two founders of this company were Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. Since that time seven years ago it has become a tool that is widely used in elementary and middle schools across the nation and internationally. One of the best things about it is that it allows parents who can’t speak English a way to participate in their child’s classroom and communicate with their child’s teacher.

This app helps students develop skills while also allowing a comprehensive way for students, teachers, and parents connect. Students and teachers can share what is going on in the classroom through text, pictures, and videos. Parents have access to this sharing platform and communicate back their thoughts about what is going on. Through this sharing ClassDojo creates a positive classroom community which leads to an improved education for the students. The ClassDojo app is now being used in about 90% of school districts across the United States. In the US and internationally it supports 35 different languages with plans to expand into more languages as time goes on.

Teachers set up a ClassDojo virtual and secure classroom using the app using a free account. They then send invites to their students and their parents. Once students and parents accept the invite they are able to access this virtual classroom where they are able to monitor the progress of the child. ClassDojo also gives teachers a way to reward students within the app when they master a new skill. The app also provides teachers with ways to customize what skills they want to emphasize in their classrooms so that students know what is expected of them.

Privacy protection is one of the factors that the designers of ClassDojo have regarded as one of the most important parts of this app. This app has a privacy center where users are given control of the information that is communicated over this app. The app also offers a 12-month deletion feature which permanently removes older information. Additionally, ClassDojo never sells or rents any of the information garnered in this app to any third party.