Arjun Kapur- the Founder of GoBuyside is interviewed by Inspirery


GoBuyside is a recruiting firm that was founded by Arjun Kapur. Under the tenure of Arjun Kapur, GoBuyside has experienced a steady growth curve, and the recruitment firm is currently operational both locally and internationally. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

About Arjun Kapur

Arjun Kapur studied economics at the Johns Hopkins University. He also enrolled at the Stanford’s Graduate School of Business where he graduated with a master’s degree in Business Administration.

As the founder of GoBuyside, Arjun Kapur has been interviewed by various media houses from time to time. Recently, he was interviewed by Inspirery. During the interview, he was able to talk about his life as a businessperson among other things. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

Arjun Kapur Talks about How he Brings Ideas to Life.

As an economics expert, Arjun Kapur has worked in the finance sector. While working in the finance industry, Arjun Kapur noticed that there is a stiff competition when it comes to looking for specialized talents. Eventually, Arjun Kapur saw it fit to come up with a tech-enabled platform that would, in turn, replace the traditional hiring techniques in the industry. The tech-enabled platform would come in handy by forming a network whereby both the employers and the candidates looking for work would benefit; that is how GoBuyside emerged.

Arjun Kapur Talks about How He Makes the Most Out Of His Day

Every day is always different in a way. As each day passes by, new challenges come about when running a company. Additionally, various opportunities present themselves from time to time and you must seize them accordingly. In the perspective of a businessperson, Arjun Kapur acknowledged that your prioritization brings about more productivity. Additionally, a working schedule comes in handy since it will offer some guidance on the various obligations that you need to fulfill.

When asked about how he brings ideas to life, Arjun Kapur said that he first identifies an opportunity. Afterwards, he carries out some research. Eventually, he executes the idea after consulting with real-time potential clients. It is advisable to interact with your clients since they will offer some insight on what they prefer.


Dick Devos: Businessman and Philanthropist


Although many know him as the son of the late Richard Devos, Dick Devos has been making moves in Washington with his wife, the 11th US Education Secretary Betsy Devos. For many years, Devos has been working within political circles. He even ran for governor in Michigan in 2006. While he was not successful in his bid, he was able to work within his community of Grand Rapids, changing the downtown area into a bustling epicenter of commercialized growth.


That business acumen has helped in many other ways as he has recently been appointed to the Management Advisory Council for the Federal Aviation Administration. The council is comprised of 13 members from transportation authority backgrounds to former airline executives. The council meets every quarter to look at new ideas for growth, policies, and regulations. While Devos is not a former airline CEO, he has led Amway as CEO and President, which makes him one of the most qualified in terms of business experience to servce on the council.


There is one other event that makes Devos a near-legend in business. The expansion of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport is one that many in Grand Rapids would have never seen coming. For one, the airport had been around since the early 1900s and was older. There didn’t seem to be much need for another airport in the area. Nevertheless, Devos partnered up with the CEO of the airport to make it so that it would be the largest international airport in the region.


Devos had big plans for the airport. He had a passion for aviation and had learned how to fly when he was young. He had always worked with the CEO of the airport in the past, as he was the co-founder of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which was located on the grounds of Gerald R. Ford.


The airport relaunched in 1999 to abysmal ticket sales growth. It was the first thing that Devos did to change the fate of the airport. He called up the CEO of AirTran Airways and asked if he would open up new flight destinations at the Grand Rapids location. He talked about the plan to turn the area into a business traveler’s dream. The CEO agreed and opened up flights to Vegas, St. Louis, Denver, and Orlando, which were other popular business traveler destinations.


Almost instantly the ticket sales picked up as people were finally able to book flights to other areas besides New York City and regional flights. Grand Rapids had finally became a larger airport than others in the area over time, but it required help if it was going to grow. Devos partnered up with several airlines to put together a $45 million renovation deal that would build a new business traveler center and food court area for the airport, as well as expand terminals.


The new airport was going to be one of the newest points of interest for those who were looking to go to conventions. It was also going to be an easy station for international travelers from Mexico and Canada.


The FAA appointed Dick Devos due to his business acumen in aviation as well as his knowledge of education in the industry. As the co-founder of an aviation charter school, he was able to support the growth and education of pilots, which had also helped Gerald R. Ford International Airport stay afloat for many years. It was this training school that was able to keep pilots coming into the industry as it’s one of the only schools that trains expert pilots.


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Waiakea’s Volcanic Water Revolution

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To simply get straight to matter at hand, Wakaikea water is dominating the field thanks to its plentiful attributes. This particular water originates from the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. This particular mountain range has enough rock to fill the Grand Canyon an estimated 18 times. Mauna Loa actually means “long mountain” in Hawaiian culture. When measured from its base, this volcano is actually the tallest mountain on earth. The rocks here are very porous, and porous rock do a phenomenal job of filtering the water that flows through it. This is one of the top attributes to why this water is so healthy.

On the other hand, Waiakea is the company/brand that own the rights to this amazing water. The company has only been around for six years, but it has a made a huge impact on society. As of 2018, the bottled-water industry is worth billions of dollars. Just about everyone carries or drink some form of bottled water, but all bottled water isn’t created equal. Many of today’s most popular brands offer water that is borderline acidic. If water is acidic, then it has the potential to cause a host of health issues. The same thing goes for tap water. The cleansing agents that are implemented into the water are harmful to humans, especially if you’re guzzling this stuff down by the gallons. Waiakea doesn’t have to utilize chemicals to cleanse its water because the porous rocks already has that part of business completed.

Waiakea volcanic water is also loaded with beneficial minerals that do an amazing job of keeping the body hydrated. Calcium, magnesium and electrolytes are some of the ingredients that are absorbed into the water. Thanks to this area being so rainfall sufficient, there shouldn’t be any shortages of water in the near future.

Penelope Kokkinides And The Leadership Team Behind InnovaCare Health

Business Leaders

InnovaCare Health is a company based in Fort Lee, New Jersey which aims to improve the lives of both members as well as physicians through their innovative solutions for healthcare which is value-based. The company works across the whole healthcare ecosystem, with patients, payers, providers, and other partners in order to increase access to affordable high-quality care.



Their vision is to focus on strong relationships between provider and patient, and thus they are distributing and developing proprietary technologies which aim to inspire engagement between the provider and the patient. InnovaCare’s Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans are NCQA accredited, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services rated them with a 4.5-star quality rating. They created models which are sustainable, fully integrated with technologies and cost-effective, through their two main avenues: Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. You can visit Hired to know more.


The success of the company is a result of the dedication and experience of the team behind it. Rick Shinto serves as the Chief Executive Officer, and Penelope Kokkinides acts as Chief Administrative Officer. Other members who have contributed to the company’s success are Jonathan Meyers and Mike Sortino, who were the Chief Actuary Officer and Chief Accounting Officer respectively. Recent additions to the leadership team at InnovaCare Health have been Peter Zafris and Frank Izquierdo. Zafris is serving as ice President of Sales and Marketing, while Izquierdo was named Vice President of Corporate Contracting and Network Development.


Rick Shinto brought transformative leadership and technical experience to the table. He earned an MBA from the University of Redlands, and his medical degree from the State University of New York. In addition, he holds a BS from the University of California and is a winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. Before joining InnovaCare, Shinto worked for NAMM California, Medical Pathways Management Company, Cal Optima Health Plan, and Aveta. Check out



Penelope Kokkinides rejoined the company in June 2015, in the past having served as Vice President of Clinical Operations and Chief Operating Officer. She has over 2 decades of experience in the healthcare industry, specializing in government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. She brought to the table extensive knowledge in managing healthcare operations and developing clinical programs. In the past, she worked for Touchstone Health, AmeriChoice and Centerlight Healthcare. She holds a master’s degree in social work, earned from New York University, and a bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University.


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Gareth Henry Partners With Angelo, Gordon And Company

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Gareth Henry has a knack for choosing wise investments, helping his clients grow their money and it shows in his employment choices. Mr. Henry graduated from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland with first honors in 2001. Mr. Henry’s degree is in BSc Actuarial Mathematics & Statistics. Gareth first started working for Watson Wyatt, a global consultin firm, in the research department before joining Europe based money management firm Schroders as the Director of Strategic Solutions, advising clients in their financial investment choices. After a few years with Schroders, Gareth Henry moved onto Fortress Investment Group.

Recently, it was announced that Gareth Henry would be taking over as Managing Director and Global Head of Investor Relations at Angelo, Gordon and Company, a private, small investment firm that currently manages $26 billion dollars in worldwide investments. Angelo, Gordon specializes in real estate, private equity, and credit investments and has offices in New York, Europe, and Asia, with affliate offices across the United States.

Angelo, Gordon and Company are excited to add Mr. Gareth’s talents onto their company’s staff to deepen Angelo Gordon’s investment in quality staff members and to strengthen the quality of their staff/ client relations. Mr. Henry will be a perfect fit for Angelo, Gordon as Gareth Henry came from the Fortress Investment Group where he worked for years as the Global Head of Investor Relations for the company’s Liquid Markets division. Mr. Henry worked at Fortress in their London based offices overseeing all client services, plus marketing and sales for the entire company. Through Fortress, Gareth Henry has built both a strong reputation for solid investments, and a long list of clients and connections that trust his financial knowledge and investment skills.

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Brian Torchin Helping Out the Medical and Law Companies to Recruit New Employees

Brian Torchin, Businessman, Entrepreneur

Brian Torchin has had great success over the years that he has been offering his services. After he completed his studies at the university, he went on to put up a practice of what he had learned in school. So that for Brian Torchin to be able to practice as a chiropractic practitioner he went one to acquire the necessary documents. After he had acquired all the documents, he opened a clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to practice chiropractic. The clinic was to ensure that they offered the patients with the pain relief or any suffering they were undergoing. Find out more about Brian Torchin on Wellness.

Brian Torchin is a well-known name in Delaware, Florida, and Philadelphia. The one thing that he is well known for is starting and building of HCRC staffing. A company that’s responsible for offering employment to people that are looking for work in hospitals and medical groups. Both Brian and his company they are active members of social media, they are ready to be followed, contacted or added on Facebook and Twitter. Every account of Brain will be up to date with the current news.

The other thing that Brian uses Facebook and Twitter for is sharing news and information about an upcoming event. If they are currently hiring, they will post the details on social media pages so that to get to more people. Brian makes good use of the knowledge that he has in the chiropractic field to further the abilities that he has as an industry professional. Brian makes sure that the staffs that they will offer will be the best so that to maintain customer relationship.

Brian has been featured on many blogs and articles, apart from that he has been the highlight of news reports by news sources. At the iReport, by CNN it detailed out the services that HCRC Staffing was offering to ensure the quality of services provided in the medical and law companies was excellent. Over the years HCRC Staffing has been expanding their services globally, that will make it possible to take care of people in Canada, Europe, Australia, and the USA. To keep the customers, they will share as much as they can on social media pages.

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Whitney Wolfe on Starting a Female-first Dating App

Apps, CEO, Entrepreneur, Founder

Whitney Wolfe Herd is the founder and CEO of Bumble, a social networking dating site. Launched in 2014, Bumble is one of the fastest growing dating sites and is the only platform where women make the first move. Bumble is unique because it allows women the opportunity to make strong networking connections while on the site. Bumble BFF was launched in 2016 with a feature to find and make friends, and Bumble Bizz was launched in 2017 for business networking. Within four years, the site had grown to over 35 million users in over 144 countries worldwide. Connect with Whitney Wolfe by visiting her linkedin account.

Whitney Wolfe was born in Utah and studied at Judge Memorial Catholic High School. She took a sabbatical to Paris, France with her parents and is fluid in French. Wolfe later attended Southern Methodist University where she registered for a course in International Studies. She then joined the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, and in her junior year, she traveled abroad to study at Sorbonne University in Paris. While in college, Wolfe started a business selling bamboo tote bags to benefit areas that had been affected by the BP Oil Spill. She partnered with a celebrity stylist Patrick Aufdenkamp and launched the initiative known as the Help us project, which turned out to be successful after celebrities like Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie were photographed with the bags.

Whitney Wolfe joined Hatch Labs at the age of 22 and involved herself with Cardify, a start-up venture, which was later abandoned. She then joined Tinder and became vice president of marketing for the app. Whitney contributed to the idea behind the name of the app from the flame logo and past experiences using small matchsticks (tinder) to light a flame in her father’s cabin. Whitney Wolfe left Tinder and was contacted by Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo, about creating a dating platform. They started Bumble that year and by December 2014; it had over 15 million users on the site. Whitney Wolf has been featured in the 2017 and 2018 Forbes ‘ top 30 under 30’ list and has been on the covers of WIRED, Forbes and Fast Company Magazines.

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Brazilian Rodrigo Terpins’ Achievements and Success


He is a member of the Bull Sertoes team that concentrates in rallying. Rodrigo Terpins is considered one of the most successful rally drivers in Brazil. His recognition is vast as one cannot engage in a conversation without mentioning his name. He does not only influence the rally culture in Brazil but depicts himself as a businessman who established his organization. His organization is well known for forming great racing events across Brazil. This event attracts numerous competitors that grace the occasion of promoting the rally culture in Brazil. His prestigious rally team is globally known as him, and his brother Michel are both members of the team and have brought forth various achievements and success. The two usually compete professionally and always take part in the Sertoes Rally. His household name is widely known as he is passionate in his dealings and attracts followers and support when competing. You can check out



Some of the various prominent races that helped him earn recognition is a specific T1 model category of the championship rally in Brazil. This category mainly organizes racing events, for instance, the T1 prototype where Terpins emerged third. Coming out victorious in several rally races, his brand name has earned him various endorsements making him one of the greatest ever. When racing together with Michel, his brother, the duo scooped the winner in the second stage and was later positioned the fifth position overall. The two have teamed up in various races coming out triumphant in some track races. For example, the T-Rex model has helped the two work together and bring out the desired results. Rally car competitions are elaborate but require maximum concertation, which has been showed by the Brazilian driver. Skill and perfection are vital requirements that make up a complete rally driver, and all these qualities are visible in the champion who has conquered Brazil rally championships. His entrepreneurship ventures include an environmentally friendly company that focuses on timber. The Company focuses on timber products as well as diversification of various services in the scope of timber processing. His inspiration comes from within the people around him as well as open communication where he says Rodrigo Terpins always likes to engage in teamwork.



Why Investors Should Take A Closer Look Into Freedom Check

Investment Program

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, chances are you have heard of Freedom Checks. Most people save for retirements by putting aside money from each paycheck they earned, however in a lot of cases 401(k) accounts aren’t enough and many Americans look to make extra money. Unfortunately, the internet offers many strategies that are looking to take advantage of investors, and are making unsubstantiated claims of riches and fortunes. As a result, many are wary of potential strategies that appear on the internet. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.


Freedom Checks on the other hand, are operating on simple Master Limited Partnerships and Statute 26-F. The concept was introduced by Matt Badiali, who is a geologist, holding a master’s degree in earth science. His work and education led him to visit and inspect oil fields, coal mines and other sources of fuel. His presentation of Freedom Checks made some people lose interest upon realizing that they need to make an investment.



Freedom Checks are not a get rich quick scheme. A person can invest as little as $10, and it is as simple as investing in the stock market, however, as Badiali himself states in his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist, one needs to understand how Master Limited Partnerships works. In addition, as with any investment, thorough research needs to be made, which means that the program needs a bit of work and dedication from the investor. Master Limited Partnerships are the source of returns that Freedom Checks offer. Companies that are recognized as MLPs act as publicly traded entities, as long as the company earns at least 90% of its revenue from working with natural resources.


Investing in Freedom Checks is not any more risky than any other investment opportunity; however, the potential reward is higher. In order to make an investment, one would have to look at the current trends and make a calculated risk, similar to how one would place an order in the stock market. Understanding how MLPs work and where the market is heading are important keys to minimizing your risks and take advantage of the best returns your investment could offer. Read this article at

Advice To Aspiring Entrepreneurs From Guilherme Paulus

Expert, Tourism Industry

The recently held Top sell event main theme was entrepreneurship. Those in attendance would get to learn quite a lot from a number of key figures who had done well for themselves and understood a thing or two about the same.

One of the key speakers at the event was Guilherme Paulus, the founder of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A. He has been named Entrepreneur of the Year by a number of publications and received awards for the same. This would truly be a historic moment for all those who attended.


Guilherme Paulus recounted how he founded CVC together with a partner before he left after four years. This left him as the sole owner, and he had to figure out how he would run a business at such a young age and face all the constraints that stood in his way. At the time CVC was facing an uphill battle given the lack of steady clients and government regulation. The government had introduced a withholding tax that meant most of the company’s refunds were retained for up to a year. Given the size of CVC at the time it did not have much leeway with cash and every dollar that was not being utilized meant that something was grinding to a halt.

In the years that followed Guilherme Paulus would manage to overturn this and in so doing create a profitable company. Today, as he speaks to aspiring entrepreneurs his company is considered the largest tour operator in Brazil. The company now serves more than four million clients every year and continues to grow these figures. They have been able to produce new products at every turn to ensure they capture a wider demographic.

Guilherme Paulus advised those in attendance to ensure that they are continuously innovating and adding value to their products. For him, CVC would not be where it is were it not for constant innovation that always kept it ahead of the pack. He was among the first to start chartering planes for clients in the industry, even at a time when he knew the company did not have much leeway with cash, but today this innovative product is among the best performing.