Bernardo Chua is a successful businessman who is the president of Organo Gold. Chua founded the company and is its CEO as well. Organo Gold distributes and manufactures coffee to its vast clientele. Chua was born in the Philippines but he is globally known, and his brand is international with its main office situated in Canada. Chua likes interacting with his customers as it is his way of relating to them and for this reason, he is on every social media site such as Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. He is very active on these sites and shares a lot of information on them. For example, one can find him on Twitter using the handle OG Bernie, and here he shares activities that he is doing and also some aspects of his personal life. This is also the same as his facebook page where he posts personal information. Know more about Bernardo Chua at Zoominfo

Bernardo Chua has other companies such as Gano Excel and Coffee Connoisseur that he has founded. These companies are also very successful. Among the many accomplishments that Chua has made during his time as an entrepreneur, the most remarkable is creating a coffee option that is helpful. This appeals to me the most because a healthy coffee option has great benefits that people can get. Many people eat unhealthy food on a daily basis, and this affects their health in general, but with this coffee, they can cut down on this. If one decides to use Chua’s services, they will benefit greatly because the quality of products that he has is good. Chua uses the direct sales business model when selling because according to Bernardo Chua it allows relation to the customers. This way he can be able to satisfy their needs. The coffee that he sells is among the best in the world, and he has convenient distribution networks.

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