The modeling industry offers one of the most viable professions in the United States. Models are being compensated fairly, and they have a chance of breaking into Hollywood and different opportunities once they managed to get the exposure that they need. In Austin, Texas, there were once two leading modeling agencies that were competing with each other to reach the top and be recognized as the best modeling agency in Texas. Wilhelmina Austin, founded by Justin Brown is one of the leading modeling agencies in Austin. They have been engaging in a friendly competition against Heyman Talent-South, with both parties dreaming of making it to the international stage. One day, Justin Brown submitted a proposal to the Heyman Talent-South management. He is asking them to become partners with Wilhelmina Austin, and according to the proposal of Justin Brown, the two companies would merge into a single entity and will be known as the Brown Modeling Agency. The management of Heyman Talent-South saw the opportunities that would knock on their doors once they accepted the offer of Justin Brown. The two parties signed the contract, and the Brown Modeling Agency was born. The new company was founded on September 2015, and since their establishment, they have recruited thousands of potential applicants who would like to enter the world of modeling.

Justin Brown was named as the Brown Modeling Agency’s chief executive officer. He was chosen because of his background in modeling, the skills he acquired while being a model, and the knowledge that he has regarding the industry. Justin Brown is working hard day and night to promote the talent agency to international brands. Currently, they are partnering with some of the leading brands in the United States and the models under the Brown Modeling Agency brand are being invited to do modeling stints in Los Angeles, New York City, and other major American cities. Justin Brown has a dream of expanding the operation of the Brown Modeling Agency to Europe and Asia. He believes that going international would be beneficial to the company and to the models that they are handling.

He also added that the Brown Agency still needs models for different brands, including clothing, food, and other products. He is inviting everyone who wanted to build a modeling career to visit their office in Austin and submit the required documents, and he also added that they would need to bring photos and they would be asked by the panel to do some walking and smiling inside the office to see if they are qualified. For those who are living miles away from Texas, they can send their application online and the panel at the Brown Modeling Agency will be reviewing their photos and if they are interested with the applicant, they will be sending them over. Check out

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    A great one indeed, it looks like a hub to me where people of different works of life come together to display what they have in a common market. It can be very fascinating, but cheating in college is something that always takes a negative toll on the career of some people. Hearing about this for the first time and I am getting to love it already.

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