Trabucos For War, Sieges And Pumpkins

Ancient Warfare

Trabuco is the Portuguese word for trebuchet which was an ancient war machine. It was invented by the Chinese people sometime around 400 B.C. This weapon was used by some ancient armies as an attrillary piece. The trabuco was famous for the role that it played in warfare during the middle ages. The following information will provide a brief history about this magnificent weapon.

Early weapons developers for the Chinese people invented the trabuco. The Mohists were among the first people in history to have used this weapon. Their are recordings in the Mojing of its use. Historians are not sure sure who came up with the idea of the trabuco. However, they do know from historical records that the Chinese army frequently used this war machine before any other culture.

The trabuco was not a prominent weapon during ancient warfare. It was in use by various armies during the Warring States Period. This was a time of great instability within the nation of China. Many different armies were clashing to gain control of the land during that time. The Warring States Period lasted from 476 B.C. – 221 B.C. The trabuco was invented when heavy warfare was taking place during this era based on

The weapon remianed in China for nearly 1000 years according to until it was brought to Europe by the Avars. The Avars was a nomadic people who are originally from the land of Russia. They encountered the Mongols and the Chinese since their lands were situated in Northern Asia. Once the Avars learned of this type of war machine. They adopted it for themselves before using it to expand into Europe.

By 600 A.D. The trabuco started to be used all over Europe. The technology was slowly adopted into many royal armies of that time. This weapon helped various armies to lay siege to cities and to attack their enemies from long distances. Siege warfare was perfected when the trabuco started to frequently appear battlefields. This happened sometime around 600 A.D.

The height of this weapon’s use was during the Crusades when both Christians and Muslims used it to destroy each other. By the 15th century on, most armies stopped using the trabuco. Gunpowder and cannons have taken its place. Currently, trabuco’s are used to hurl pumpkins in slinging contests.

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