The Chainsmokers Will Vapor Your Essence At Every Live Concert This Summer!

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Before they started collaborating on electric dance music presentations, New York City’s artistic and managing director Adam Alpert synthesized Alex Pall and Andrew Taggert. Brought together by his skill in recognizing and unifying talents, this liaison connection will not soon be forgotten. From the very start theirs was an electrifying compilation kicking off with the Platinum bound hit “#Selfie.” Straight through to today, they have not disappointed the music scene topping at #1 on Billboard’s Dance 100 for 2018. With a full schedule of live stage shows from coast to coast throughout this summer, this American deejay duo is showing no signs of hitting pause.


Armed with plenty of bottles of water, their audiences consistently come to showout, ‘busting moves’ yet unnamed. Every deejay’s desire is to move your body until you drop or atleast feel like dropping. But Chainsmokers takes it all some steps further. With their heart pounding beats and their propietary lyrics, they capture your soul, hijack your muscles and wrench your joints through a history of forbidden and collectively common memoirs. Yet each of their own tunes maintain an element of hope that earns their invincible inveighance a continual stomp of approval.


Their concerts appeal to those who are not faint of heart. You must willingly engage in an onslaught of truths, a barrage of beats and their mindblowing unification of troubled trebles. When you do, you will survive even the mental calisthenics. What the water bottles can’t help. And what results is a bit of purging neatly packaged in a sweaty, sweet release.

Perhaps the Chainsmokers‘ most popular production, “Sick Boy” ventured into darkness in ways unheard of by the dual deejay team up until that point. Some fans were caught offguard. New fans jumped onboard with open hearts. All remain intrigued. Still in wonder as to their degree of self divulgence, we cannot deny.. all change starts with admission.

The Growing Career of Robert Ivy

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For many, having one profession can be a lot to master, but for one guy, it wasn’t enough. Robert Ivy is not only a great architect, but also an author and an editor. Ivy did not become these things overnight however, he has spent years building himself up to this. He has been an officer in the US Navy, obtained a Bachelor’s degree at Sewanee: The University of the South, and a Master of Architecture degree at Tulane University.

Robert Ivy has won many awards so far in his life and is continuing to add on to those awards. Ivy has been one of seven to be honored the Alpha Rho Chi, the national architecture fraternity. He has received a Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas. Ivy has also received the Crain award from the American Business Media, and the McGraw-Hill Management Excellence award. In addition, he has also been awarded the National Polk Lifetime Achievement, which is given the the Mississippi Institute of Art and Letters. This is a very prestigious award given by Mississippi that few people have received. Robert Ivy is the only architect to have been given this award. The president of the Mississippi Institute of Art and Letters, Nancy La Forge, clearly thinks very highly of Ivy as she says, “There’s really no one else from Mississippi like Robert Ivy”.

In terms of Ivy’s career, he has really left his mark on society. He was editor-in-chief for the Architectural Record, where he received the national magazine award. He also served as editor-in-chief at McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record. Currently, however, he is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects. Ivy also has a biography that is on it’s third edition.

Clearly Ivy has had a Robert Ivy’s successful career so far and surely will continue to earn prestigious awards and go on to do many more amazing things in his future.

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