Investors find the Brexit Gold coin in the Brexit aftermath


Even if you never pay close attention to politics on the other side of the Atlantic, you certainly must have heard about the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union. The decisions were labelled as “Brexit.” The decision had a lot to Europe, Britain and the world as a whole. There could be repercussions in economics, security, and politics. Some of these repercussions have already been felt in the economic sector.

Just after the Brexit, the demand for gold has been on a consistent rise. Previous fears that the leave campaign was going to have an impact on the economic became real. Just after the Friday vote, prices of gold were sent upward by about 5 percent. Gold has taken on a massive growth by 25% in 2016. It has risen by a massive amount in the past two years.

The Brexit vote resulted in bad times and good times at different sections of the economy. Take for instance stocks that rose and doubled months after. Investors that sought refuge from the failing pound went for precious metals and gold. A precious metal like silver did better compared to gold and increased by a massive 10 percent daily. Several European shares indices dropped by about six percent whereas the dollar saw a growth by about 1 percent.

Compared to investing in gold, the stock market is usually a slippery slope. Bonds too have experienced a severe weather investment as skepticism over their investments grow. According to experts at US Money Reserve, precious metals such as silver and gold have always experienced a healthy forward leap. The demand for the precious metals has been highly surprising in the recent past. While currencies steadily weaken, coins and precious metals have always increased in value.

Investing in coins is a long-term shot, it is wise to buy lock it away for some time so that you can get a real profit with your investment.

The rate at which people have purchased gold has risen rapidly in the past. There have been cases where people convert as much as 40 to 50 percent of their whole net worth to physical gold. Previous years have had people invest sparingly with only 5 percent.

Gold has always been valued as a sign of wealth, the recent demand for the gold after Brexit shows that it is no different. Investing in gold today is a sure way to preserve your wealth for any economic turmoil in the future. Anyone that invests in gold for the long term will always find the investment worthwhile.

The Brexit Gold Rush


First, Brexit is actually a combined term for “British Exit” or the recent decision of Britain to severe ties from the European Union at the June 2016 referendum. The result is a shifting of much political and economical change for both Britain and other European Nations. However, Britain currently remains a member of the European Union as an actual date of the separation still has yet to be set.

What all Brexit gold coins have in common is that they all display a design of the nation of Britain in some sort of highlight from the color and design of the British flag to a simple shadowy lining of the nation. In U.S. dollars, the cheapest one is priced at just over $40 while the most expensive can range at over $400.00.

From what Joshua Saul, CEO of Pure Gold company has reported, since Brexit, gold sales have skyrocketed to as much as 50 percent compared to only up to 10 percent until very recently. Royal Mint, which is government runned, has also seen an increase in sales of their gold bars up to a seven-fold. On June 25-26, 2016 alone, saw seven times its average compared to its sales throughout an entire year.

Panic over the U.K. financial system has helped to speed up the sales and it does not look as if there is any slow-down in sight. Dealers have stated that they have seen similar spikes in gold purchases with the Britons during other economic crises such as that of 2008. However, during those times, the interest in purchasing gold very quickly lost popularity. The dealers are now predicting that this time could be markedly difference due to the fact that gold has played a significant part in trade for centuries and during this time, half of the buyers are storing their gold and silver coins in bank vaults.

It also helps that other countries, such as Germany, play a role in maintaining their connection to gold as a valuable asset.

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