Bernardo Chua Is The Head of Organo Gold

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Bernardo Chua is a Filipino and a world-renowned multi-level market leader. He is also the Head of Organo Gold. Organo Gold, on the other hand, is known for being a tea, coffee and sometimes tablets Production Company that is the largest in the world.

Bernard clearly excelled in positioning the production company as most people nowadays prefer the brand Organo Gold as compared to other coffee or tea, simply because of the nutrient it contains called Ganoderma that basically consists of lingzhi mushroom. \

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While growing up, Bernard had a good opportunity to interact with Chinese culture, where he learned about the nutrient and years later, he found a market niche and decided to fill it in. His company, Organo Gold, has been so successful especially in the lucrative region of North America.

Bernardo Chua gained his marketing expertise since he was at Gano Excel which was another different company where he held an executive position before coming up with Organo Gold Company. For close to a decade now, Bernard has been a top name in the industry of direct sales as he focuses mainly on teas and coffees. In 2015, Organo Gold was named as a food supplement best seller company and was awarded the National Shoppers Choice Award.

Being a big market leader, Bernard has been featured in a series of interviews both on broadcast and print media. An example of the broadcast media that he has been featured on is the Direct Selling News which highlighted Organo Gold as the world’s 55th largest direct selling company. He was also featured on the PR. Newswire where he was even given an award.

Bernard has a social media presence on Twitter and on Facebook as the main applications where he is quite active. Being a marketer, he constantly posts about Organo Gold’s products on his timeline and on other occasions he gives motivational quotes and stories.



Brands Are Leaving Ad Agencies And Depending More On Consultancies For Brand Growth

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According to Edwin Miranda there is great difficulty in finding balance between high-performance solutions and creativity. It seems companies are needed more than viral videos and market exposure. Market leaders are seeking solutions that will make an impact on their bottom lines. They need something that will boost cash flow, build bigger margins, and encourage a larger market share, and that’s where consultancies come in. Just two years ago, four consultancies were named among 10 of the best and biggest agencies. Edwin Miranda says three years ago, only two agencies were listed with the best.

Accenture provides services to more than 3 quarters of the Fortune 500 and IBM iX listed revenue of $1.9 billion about 4 years ago. Consultancies are up to the challenge and they are very capable of trampling the best creative agencies. Edwin Miranda reports it comes as no surprise that more than 73% of marketers are interested in hiring consultancies instead of agencies to service their digital marketing desires. The advancement of technology provides the ability for measuring everything. Consultants are historically great at providing simple metrics and definitive success for their clients.

Agencies usually sway towards the creative path and use ideas as strategies. Executives of agencies will present an Ad and claim it is the best way to drive market share, while consultancies have already realized that an ad is no longer enough to create a brand. The past year’s customer journeys include a mix of online and offline interactions. Consultancies work to find and analyze those movements and then they create solutions based on what they find out. The results of working the task this way has included faster and more frequent sales. According to Edwin Miranda, brands such as Airbnb, Uber, and LG choose to work with consultancies to get projects done as opposed to ad agencies.

Bernardo Chua, Career and Background

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Bernardo Chua is a successful businessman who is the president of Organo Gold. Chua founded the company and is its CEO as well. Organo Gold distributes and manufactures coffee to its vast clientele. Chua was born in the Philippines but he is globally known, and his brand is international with its main office situated in Canada. Chua likes interacting with his customers as it is his way of relating to them and for this reason, he is on every social media site such as Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. He is very active on these sites and shares a lot of information on them. For example, one can find him on Twitter using the handle OG Bernie, and here he shares activities that he is doing and also some aspects of his personal life. This is also the same as his facebook page where he posts personal information. Know more about Bernardo Chua at Zoominfo

Bernardo Chua has other companies such as Gano Excel and Coffee Connoisseur that he has founded. These companies are also very successful. Among the many accomplishments that Chua has made during his time as an entrepreneur, the most remarkable is creating a coffee option that is helpful. This appeals to me the most because a healthy coffee option has great benefits that people can get. Many people eat unhealthy food on a daily basis, and this affects their health in general, but with this coffee, they can cut down on this. If one decides to use Chua’s services, they will benefit greatly because the quality of products that he has is good. Chua uses the direct sales business model when selling because according to Bernardo Chua it allows relation to the customers. This way he can be able to satisfy their needs. The coffee that he sells is among the best in the world, and he has convenient distribution networks.

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Stream Energy Cares About the Communities it Serves

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Stream Energy is Dallas, Texas’ answer to economical utility costs. Stream offers affordable electricity and gas, an accessible Wi-Fi network, as well as mobile and digital home phone plans. They are a very unique company whose main service is energy, but they also offer protective services. Virtual M.D., one of Stream’s protective services provides the prescriber access to a doctor 24/7 for consultations, diagnoses and prescriptions. This and roadside, Identity protection along with credit monitoring are also provided to subscribers by Stream Energy.

While Stream Energy is now offered in ten states, it has always taken part in charitable acts in the areas where it provides services. In Dallas, Texas, its home base, the company established its charitable arm, Stream Cares. Stream Cares has an on-going relationship with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross. The company and its independent sales force also keep an eye on homelessness in the area and so far they have tracked a rise of 24% in Dallas, Texas. Working hand in hand with the Hope Supply Company, Stream Cares hopes to greatly reduce or even eliminate homelessness.

The independent contractors that form Stream Energy’s work force work directly with their customers. They know the community intimately, so when they are struck by disaster, the workforce is motivated to help in any way they can. They raised money and provided hands on help when North Texas was hit by several tornadoes on Christmas week in 2016.

The associates staged another charity event for our military veterans, Operation Once in a Lifetime. This even gave the families of less fortunate military veterans a special lunch in December. This lunch was served at a well known Texas restaurant and consisted of the favorites: ribs, steak and burgers. Just a day later, Stream associates treated veterans’ daughters to the American Girl Doll Experience. Stream paid all the expenses and each girl received an American Girl Doll and lunch at the American Girl Café.

Stream Energy is spreading all across America, bringing affordable energy. Along with their expansion, they will also bring their penchant for helping the needy. All their associates are recruited from the area they serve and naturally these people care about their communities and their customers. Stream Energy and its associates are positioned to always care and always show it through charitable giving and service.


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Peter Briger came to Fortress in 2002 with a fifteen years’ experience while working with Goldman, Sachs as a partner. In Fortress, he is mandated to manage the credit division of the group, which deals with real estate business and issuing credit facilities. Again, he is of Forbes 400, a list of world business specialists. In addition to that, Peter is a board member of Princeton University Investment Company, a key member as a financial supporter of the central bank conservancy. Peter is a working supporter of non-profit tipping point, an entity that assists small income families in San Francisco. Finally, Peter is a board member of Caliber schools, which is a network of commission schools. Peter Briger studied at the University of Pennsylvania, school of business and he holds a master’s degree in business administration. Fortress specializes investment Group concentrates in assets investments, capital markets, and corporate mergers among other vital areas. Ideally, Fortress investment Group respects capital markets and has better expertise in realizing finances through debts and equity market. The Group has a record in administering portfolio companies and has helped such companies with its vast experience and extensive knowledge. Fortress employees, therefore, have foundational sectorial distinguished expertise global in scope. Peter Briger joined the organization as a principal, the position he holds up today.

In 2013, a range of top executives from USA premier banks met in San Francisco. The meeting held deliberated on the creation of Bitcoins. Fortress team attended the meeting including the alumnus of Silicon Valley who supported bitcoins. Peter Briger expounded the reasons why the fortress was interested in the technology regarding the Bitcoins. He tipped that Wells Fargo should support Bitcoins with the probable challenges associated with its services for instance in the payment networks. Briger concluded by addressing on lack of cooperation on the exchange of Bitcoins, the task that Fortress and Wells Fargo could provide cooperatively. The cooperation amid these largest financial dealers developed hence provided a probable chance for Wall Street getting wholly adapted in the bitcoin technology. Briger interest in bitcoin continued, and he convened another meeting in January 2013, and he invited many financiers to deliberate on the Bitcoins. Gift From Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

Aloha Construction-The Partner You Can Trust

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Are you looking for a partner you can trust? Aloha Construction, as it turns out, is all you need to take your construction needs to the next level. Construction as a business is no easy-peasy. It is a field that requires committed men and women to accomplish.

Unfortunately, not all construction companies are your best but Aloha Construction certainly is. So, what makes the corporation stand out from its competitors? Aloha, according to the Better Business Bureau awards is the best in America because of practicing excellent marketplace ethics.

To put your mind into perspective, the organization scooped the 2017 Torch Awards amidst all the odds. Aloha Construction beat its competitors at their game when the panel of judges at Better Business Bureau found the institution deserving of the prize because of its regular contributions to the local community.

The contractor was also the judges’ favorite as the institution has since its establishment proven to offer consumers with superb products and services and at the same time serving them with the highest moral compass known to man. As you are aware, The Torch Award has existed since 1996 and honoring Aloha Construction this time around shows that the organization is the real deal.

Did you know that The Torch Award has always been looking for companies that depict strong and committed leadership, enforcement, unity, a commitment to performance, human resources practices, and a sense of community within the ethical framework? Aloha Construction, as you now know, is the best there is.

Giving back to the community has never been easy but Aloha, somehow, has been able to master the trick. Today, the corporation partners with Learning Express to make its presence known. These two organizations have used the David Farbaky Foundation to help low-income families grow, a move that has gone a long way in cementing Aloha’s legacy.

Aloha has also emerged to be a company that cares for its customers’ needs. The institution has from the get-go delivered stellar services to consumers and even gone the extra mile of issuing them with a ten-year warranty for every new roof installation. Indeed, the headlines that Aloha is currently making are not in vain as they signify a corporation that is larger than life.