President of OSI Group David McDonald : Three decades of success

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Very few companies become one of the largest in their fields and fewer continue to innovate their products, one such company does have been able to do both is international food provider OSI Group. The food provider giant has been under the leadership of one the most revered and respected executives in the business world David Mcdonald Osi Group who serves as the current president and COO of the company for the past three decades. In addition, many have called Mcdonald a key component in the progression and innovative growth of OSI Group these past decades. In a sit-down interview with David Mcdonald, we get to delve deeper into what has made OSI Group such a success.

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After three decades, how do you remain motivated?

David McDonald states that work is never dull due to the constantly changing needs of their customers. These needs make the day exciting and challenge the team to innovate and form the best solution for our customers.

What is the future of OSI Group?

Much like the past says, David McDonald. The fact of the matter is that the goals that have led the company to its current state are what is going to help it grow in the future.

How has OSI been able to keep up with a changing world?

Being able to adapt quickly and take the necessary precautions is essential in an ever-changing world like today. Currently, customers want to have the best local ingredients they can get when the time comes when their preferences change OSI is ready.

How does OSI promote the entrepreneurial spirit?

David McDonald comments on how the motivation for innovation really comes not from top-level executives or anyone within the company, but from the clients themselves. Often they ask for the team to create something new or improve on a menu item. The team naturally fires up the kitchen and begins to create until they have found the perfect solution for the customer.



Bernardo Chua, Career and Background

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Bernardo Chua is a successful businessman who is the president of Organo Gold. Chua founded the company and is its CEO as well. Organo Gold distributes and manufactures coffee to its vast clientele. Chua was born in the Philippines but he is globally known, and his brand is international with its main office situated in Canada. Chua likes interacting with his customers as it is his way of relating to them and for this reason, he is on every social media site such as Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. He is very active on these sites and shares a lot of information on them. For example, one can find him on Twitter using the handle OG Bernie, and here he shares activities that he is doing and also some aspects of his personal life. This is also the same as his facebook page where he posts personal information. Know more about Bernardo Chua at Zoominfo

Bernardo Chua has other companies such as Gano Excel and Coffee Connoisseur that he has founded. These companies are also very successful. Among the many accomplishments that Chua has made during his time as an entrepreneur, the most remarkable is creating a coffee option that is helpful. This appeals to me the most because a healthy coffee option has great benefits that people can get. Many people eat unhealthy food on a daily basis, and this affects their health in general, but with this coffee, they can cut down on this. If one decides to use Chua’s services, they will benefit greatly because the quality of products that he has is good. Chua uses the direct sales business model when selling because according to Bernardo Chua it allows relation to the customers. This way he can be able to satisfy their needs. The coffee that he sells is among the best in the world, and he has convenient distribution networks.

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Steve Richie’s Leadership Impact on Papa John’s International

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Steve Ritchie is the current president and chief executive officer for Papa John’s International Inc., which is among the top Pizza Company in the world. Richie was promoted to the company’s top position early this after working for Papa John’s for more than two decades. During the years that Steve Richie has worked for Papa John’s International, he has been able to play different roles including the chief operating officer, president and chief operating officer, and franchisee among many other positions. During his speech while releasing the news of Steve Richie’s promotion, John Schnatter the founder of the company, pointed out that he was very proud of Richie Steve for his hard work and devotion he has shown for the company since he first joined Papa John’s international (@PapaJohns) as hourly customer service representative in the year 1996.

Steve Richie’s Contributions as the Company’s CEO

During the short period that Steve Ritchie Papa Johns has served the company as their chief executive officer, he has contributed a lot that has led to the company increasing its sales and attracting more loyal customers. His recent move on Papa John’s International intent to diversify training for its staff is meant to earn the company more positive results as well as strengthening its reputation. According to Steve Richie’s post on the company’s website that was meant to notify all the stakeholders, employees and customers about the move, also stated other steps that the company has been taking in order to improve its services include conducting a cultural audit and investigations that will be meant to find out Papa John’s diversity and inclusion in all its operations.

Steve Richie took this step following the recent training tour of the company leaders who stated that they had an opportunity of learning from team members and franchisees on ways in which they can perform better. However, Richie was not impressed by the way the team that attended the training was not inclusive and had not respected national diversification rules. That is why Richie is determined to fix this by offering training to all employees of the company who are about 120, 000. Visit to know about Steve’s salary.

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Wes Edens Is The Successful Risk Taker

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Believing In The Underdog

Wesley Edens is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. He is known for diving back into the lending market no later than a couple years after the financial crisis. Today, Edens and Fortress are contributing over $3 billion to create a private passenger train in Florida. His investment seems risky because self-driving cars are on the horizon. Edens is no stranger to risky deals. In 2014 Wes Edens bought a portion of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. He is the co-owner of a team who hasn’t won a championship is close to 50 years. He also invested heavily in a struggling English soccer club called Aston Villa. Wes Edens says he wants to see things as they are and not necessarily how other people see them. His ability to see potential in an otherwise doubtful project is what sets him apart. See more information about Wes Edens at


Gaining Success

Wes Edens gained most of his success while leading Fortress. He became the co-founder in 1998 and he remains the co-CEO today. In 2007, Fortress was one of the initial private equity firms going public. Edens gained $2.3 billion stake in that process. Ten years later, Softbank purchased Fortress for $3.3 billion. That purchased earned Wes Edens a 40% premium on his stake’s initial value.

Early Days

Wes Edens had a psychologist father and a schoolteacher mother. He was raised on a ranch in Montana, and spent the majority of his childhood days outdoors. Edens says there were only two TV stations you could watch, so you either read a book or went outside. In his teenage years he took an interest in competitive skiing. Today he still skis around Jackson, Wyoming. He just opened a luxury hotel in the area called the Caldera House.


Wes Edens got his degree in finance and business administration from Oregon State University. When he finished school in 1984 he landed a job at a bank in San Francisco. One of his acquaintances at Merrill Lynch suggested that he try his talent with Wall Street. He took the advice and moved to New York where he earned a position at Lehman Brothers.

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Talos Energy Merger Means Big Developments in the Gulf of Mexico

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Talos Energy is an oil and gas company located in the Gulf South region of the United States. They are considered to be one of the best companies in the country to work for and continue to grow and create new work opportunities. They are an Independent company that has been able to acquire the technology and resources to become competitive in the field. They have extensive knowledge of the Gulf of Mexico which serves to help them apply leading practices and sustain continued grow and progress.

Talos Energy recently acquired Stone Energy to create a 2.5 billion merger. This would allow the company to forego public offering and would help secure their place aa a wildcatting operation in the Gulf of Mexico near the Southern US as well as into Mexico. These operations hold certain amounts of risk such as oil spills and maintenance costs but can prove to be highly profitable as well. The whole deal was completed by Talos Energy CEO Tim Duncan in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. He evacuated his family to Alabama and returned to Texas to work on the deal from his mother’s home at the dining room table.

Currently, Talos Energy is producing 48,000 barrels of oil per day, but they hope to produce more than that in the near future. With all of the forward thinking and hands-on approach of upper management, this company is set to see high levels of growth and continue to be one of the most sought-after companies in the industry to work for, as well as being a top provider of oil and gas industry jobs in the future.

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Waiakea’s Volcanic Water Revolution

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To simply get straight to matter at hand, Wakaikea water is dominating the field thanks to its plentiful attributes. This particular water originates from the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. This particular mountain range has enough rock to fill the Grand Canyon an estimated 18 times. Mauna Loa actually means “long mountain” in Hawaiian culture. When measured from its base, this volcano is actually the tallest mountain on earth. The rocks here are very porous, and porous rock do a phenomenal job of filtering the water that flows through it. This is one of the top attributes to why this water is so healthy.

On the other hand, Waiakea is the company/brand that own the rights to this amazing water. The company has only been around for six years, but it has a made a huge impact on society. As of 2018, the bottled-water industry is worth billions of dollars. Just about everyone carries or drink some form of bottled water, but all bottled water isn’t created equal. Many of today’s most popular brands offer water that is borderline acidic. If water is acidic, then it has the potential to cause a host of health issues. The same thing goes for tap water. The cleansing agents that are implemented into the water are harmful to humans, especially if you’re guzzling this stuff down by the gallons. Waiakea doesn’t have to utilize chemicals to cleanse its water because the porous rocks already has that part of business completed.

Waiakea volcanic water is also loaded with beneficial minerals that do an amazing job of keeping the body hydrated. Calcium, magnesium and electrolytes are some of the ingredients that are absorbed into the water. Thanks to this area being so rainfall sufficient, there shouldn’t be any shortages of water in the near future.

Stream Energy Cares About the Communities it Serves

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Stream Energy is Dallas, Texas’ answer to economical utility costs. Stream offers affordable electricity and gas, an accessible Wi-Fi network, as well as mobile and digital home phone plans. They are a very unique company whose main service is energy, but they also offer protective services. Virtual M.D., one of Stream’s protective services provides the prescriber access to a doctor 24/7 for consultations, diagnoses and prescriptions. This and roadside, Identity protection along with credit monitoring are also provided to subscribers by Stream Energy.

While Stream Energy is now offered in ten states, it has always taken part in charitable acts in the areas where it provides services. In Dallas, Texas, its home base, the company established its charitable arm, Stream Cares. Stream Cares has an on-going relationship with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross. The company and its independent sales force also keep an eye on homelessness in the area and so far they have tracked a rise of 24% in Dallas, Texas. Working hand in hand with the Hope Supply Company, Stream Cares hopes to greatly reduce or even eliminate homelessness.

The independent contractors that form Stream Energy’s work force work directly with their customers. They know the community intimately, so when they are struck by disaster, the workforce is motivated to help in any way they can. They raised money and provided hands on help when North Texas was hit by several tornadoes on Christmas week in 2016.

The associates staged another charity event for our military veterans, Operation Once in a Lifetime. This even gave the families of less fortunate military veterans a special lunch in December. This lunch was served at a well known Texas restaurant and consisted of the favorites: ribs, steak and burgers. Just a day later, Stream associates treated veterans’ daughters to the American Girl Doll Experience. Stream paid all the expenses and each girl received an American Girl Doll and lunch at the American Girl Café.

Stream Energy is spreading all across America, bringing affordable energy. Along with their expansion, they will also bring their penchant for helping the needy. All their associates are recruited from the area they serve and naturally these people care about their communities and their customers. Stream Energy and its associates are positioned to always care and always show it through charitable giving and service.

Enjoy Popular Food Options from the OSI Food Professionals

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Need Quality Processed Foods? Get OSI

The OSI Group promises their customers a great meal that is processed through the highest food service standards. Your family deserves a meal, they can enjoy without harsh additives or jeopardizing their productivity with a poor diet. OSI Food Solutions Group has been able to be nominees of the British Food Council Award and accepted the award in 2016. You’re able to have a great processed food meal with an all-natural OSI select brand. You can learn what’s in your food by visiting their website for full disclosure. Get an OSI Food Solutions Group diet that you can trust to feed your customers today.

The OSI Food Solutions Group Network

There are thousands of customers that are a part of the European Food Group. They give their customers the option of rich, organic foods processed from the largest food facility plant in the EU. OSI has been able to acquire their food service plant to process their condiments and other meat products. Trust their team of professionals to help you get the meal you need to start each day off right. Get a completely balanced meal that is guaranteed to give your family a perfect blend of quality and affordability.

OSI Industries Business News

Did you know you can find a great job opportunity with the popular Flagship Europe food group? Their team of professionals have been able to allow other entry-level and experienced food service workers be a part of the team. You can become a part of an equal opportunity employer by visiting their website. They were recently able to help hundreds of local area Chicago, Tyson Food Plant workers retain their job. They have been able to double their annual chicken production under the deal. Visit the popular OSI Food Solutions Group, for more details by browsing online.

Learn How JHSF Made It To The Top Of The Real Estate Industry

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Real estate has always been considered an area with many lucrative business opportunities. In the real estate business ought to provide cutting-edge solutions to their clients. One organization that has mastered that art of giving cutting-edge solutions is JHSF. The organization was started in 1972 by Jose Auriemo Neto. Jose is among the accomplished entrepreneurs in San Paolo’s real estate world. The company seeks to reinvent itself regularly in a bid to expand its business activities in future. Any great business or company projects its operations, activities, and strategies depending on what is ahead. Its success can be attributed to its open-door policy for development, and the level of support they dedicate to their projects.

The company continually seeks new business opportunities, and in 2009, it ventured into retail by signing exclusive contracts with Jimmy Choo, Pucci, and Hermes. JHSF boasts of having immense support from the business and private sector. This is as a result of their contribution to the country where they have improved and managed shopping centers, high-end hotels, and transnational business airports. This has allowed the organization to be a strong pillar in the Brazilian real-estate sector. The company strives to spearhead quality advancement that improves its delivery services. This goal has been incorporated in its statement of purpose, DNA, and structure.

The company has made its mark in Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus among other cities. JHSF has specialized in four areas like incorporation, restaurants and airport, Fasano hotel, and shopping center. As the real estate world grows, the organization continues to develop projects in various areas. Recently, the company has undertaken the implantation project that seeks to improve and organize Catarina Urban Development, malls, and lavish inns. This has led to an increase in their revenue. The organization has been performing so well until it was listed in the stock exchange market since 2007.

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Why Louis Chenevert Will Live In the Hearts of People for Many Days

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Serving in a technology corporation as the president and chief executive officer is no joke. It means the management and running of the company’s affairs are on your shoulders. Although there are several technology companies today, the United Technologies Corporation has gained a wider global customer base and market space. As the CEO and also the chairman of this corporation, Louis Chenevert has brought unimaginable positive changes. He assumed these two offices in 2010 through an elective process. It’s good to appreciate that Louis has worked with a leading aerospace manufacturer called Pratty & Whitney.


Louis was quite pivotal in this company in promoting their products and processes. He became the president of Pratty & Whitney through hard work. He studied at Montreal where he graduated with a production management degree. He then joined General Motors where he served as the production manager upon being promoted. Louis Chenevert later became the production general manager and worked in this company for about 14 years. His leadership helped the company to get greater openings in places it didn’t have roots before. Louis is a man of great aptitude in management matters and a strong business leader.


Before the United Technology Corporation changed into the global company, it used to be a transactional corporation. UTC is known for its great deals and its contributions to the civilian and military economies. UTC produces many major products like security systems, HVAC, elevators, and aircraft engines. Although the company was prone to the 2006 economic decline, Louis Chenevert offered protective leadership that made the company thrive at such a time.


Louis was careful to ensure the profits of the company were properly protected. This gave this company an opportunity to remain productive when other businesses were sinking down. Many other corporations cut their prices down to attract customers. However, Louis Chenevert stood with his great leadership skills in business and made the company strong and popular. According to Louis, difficult times are bound to come in every business, but they are not an excuse why a business shouldn’t thrive. He believes every business that thrives has the input of the employees who work as a team.