How ClassDojo Improves The Classroom Experience


ClassDojo is a mobile app that was launched in 2011. The two founders of this company were Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. Since that time seven years ago it has become a tool that is widely used in elementary and middle schools across the nation and internationally. One of the best things about it is that it allows parents who can’t speak English a way to participate in their child’s classroom and communicate with their child’s teacher.

This app helps students develop skills while also allowing a comprehensive way for students, teachers, and parents connect. Students and teachers can share what is going on in the classroom through text, pictures, and videos. Parents have access to this sharing platform and communicate back their thoughts about what is going on. Through this sharing ClassDojo creates a positive classroom community which leads to an improved education for the students. The ClassDojo app is now being used in about 90% of school districts across the United States. In the US and internationally it supports 35 different languages with plans to expand into more languages as time goes on.

Teachers set up a ClassDojo virtual and secure classroom using the app using a free account. They then send invites to their students and their parents. Once students and parents accept the invite they are able to access this virtual classroom where they are able to monitor the progress of the child. ClassDojo also gives teachers a way to reward students within the app when they master a new skill. The app also provides teachers with ways to customize what skills they want to emphasize in their classrooms so that students know what is expected of them.

Privacy protection is one of the factors that the designers of ClassDojo have regarded as one of the most important parts of this app. This app has a privacy center where users are given control of the information that is communicated over this app. The app also offers a 12-month deletion feature which permanently removes older information. Additionally, ClassDojo never sells or rents any of the information garnered in this app to any third party.