End Citizens United

Democracy, Political Supporter

America’s Founding Fathers embraced an idea that at the time was completely radical. No other country, political party, or fringe group on earth ascribed to this idea. This extreme notion is one that America holds dearest: citizens have the right to control their government. Before our ancestors made desperate stand, everyone thought the right to leadership was preordained by God. Kings were born kings because they were chosen by a wiser power.

In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the right to donate money to political candidates without transparency. This means that companies whose profits are in the millions, maybe even reaching the billions, have a right to donate large sums of money to those will work to pass laws that favor the corporations effectively stealing one important aspect of success to any campaign — financial support. Financial contributions are a significant way to empower every voter. By allowing corporations to donate sums that completely negate the power of an average voters donation, then democracy is effectively being stolen.

End Citizens United is a group trying to wrest power back from the super rich and place it back where it belongs: among the people. It works to elect pro-reform candidates, call attention to this problem, and use ballot measures and grassroots power to bring about real change. Through grassroots funding, in small amounts from 100,000 individual voters, End Citizens United has already raised $4 million this year and are projecting $35 million by the 2018 elections.

While the group endorses many candidates in all states, challengers and incumbents included, recently End Citizens United endorsed Jon Ossoff and help raise $500,000 in grassroots funding.

The Big Money 20 an effort to begin removing legislators from office who are known to receive substantial gifts or donations from companies and then work to pass legislation that would directly benefit those companies. For example, Rep Mimi Walters (California) who voted for tax reform would raise the taxes of middle-class families after a group powered by secret mega-donors began threatening legislators who opposed the bill in her district.

End Citizens United is based in Washington, DC, and is led by President Tiffany Muller. This organization is a Political Actions Committee (PAC) and cannot receive donations over $5,000.

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