Hussain Sajwani; Significantly Impacting The Real Estate Industry

Emirati Businessman

Whenever the topic of entrepreneurial excellence is broached, Hussain Sajwani’s name can never fail to come up. Hussain is a force to reckon with in the real estate industry globally. Hussain is a famous Emirati businessman. While growing up in Dubai, his entrepreneurial interest peaked while he was frequenting his father’s watch store at the age of three.  Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Crunchbase

Hussain ventured into his profession after graduating from the University of Washington with an Economics degree. He set off his career at GASCO which is one of the subsidiaries of the ADNOC as the contracts manager. He left the company after a short while and proceeded to incept a catering company that catered to the US army in their different bases around the world.

This business stabilized its foundation over the years, and presently it is a fully fledged catering service that supplies to construction sites, hotels, schools and the pioneering clients, the army base.

Hussain Sajwani visionary prowess led him to explore the real estate industry. He created DAMAC Group in the early 21st century. Hussain Sajwani Family took advantage of the decree from the government that allowed foreigners to own properties in Dubai. The company offers engineering, real estate construction and spectacular architectural services. It also centers on the establishment and development of luxury home properties.

Owning to the in-depth knowledge and skill in the pillars of successful property develop possessed by Hussain, DAMAC has experienced significant growth and has also attained global success. The company has successfully delivered over 17,000 luxury homes and also has close to 40,000projects they are working on.

Hussain is notably a business partner of The US President, Donald Trump. The two business gurus came together to come up with the famous Trump International Golf Club. This project amassed over 2 billion dollars from the sale of the luxury villas.

The two are also close family friends and communicate and meet up regularly. Hussain and his spouse have also frequented New York City to have lunch and dinner with the President’s family.

Hussain Sajwani doubles as an active philanthropist. He recently contributed $2million to a cause known as The Ramadan Initiative. The initiative focuses on providing clothes to children who are underprivileged in places around the world.

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