Stream Energy Cares About the Communities it Serves

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Stream Energy is Dallas, Texas’ answer to economical utility costs. Stream offers affordable electricity and gas, an accessible Wi-Fi network, as well as mobile and digital home phone plans. They are a very unique company whose main service is energy, but they also offer protective services. Virtual M.D., one of Stream’s protective services provides the prescriber access to a doctor 24/7 for consultations, diagnoses and prescriptions. This and roadside, Identity protection along with credit monitoring are also provided to subscribers by Stream Energy.

While Stream Energy is now offered in ten states, it has always taken part in charitable acts in the areas where it provides services. In Dallas, Texas, its home base, the company established its charitable arm, Stream Cares. Stream Cares has an on-going relationship with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross. The company and its independent sales force also keep an eye on homelessness in the area and so far they have tracked a rise of 24% in Dallas, Texas. Working hand in hand with the Hope Supply Company, Stream Cares hopes to greatly reduce or even eliminate homelessness.

The independent contractors that form Stream Energy’s work force work directly with their customers. They know the community intimately, so when they are struck by disaster, the workforce is motivated to help in any way they can. They raised money and provided hands on help when North Texas was hit by several tornadoes on Christmas week in 2016.

The associates staged another charity event for our military veterans, Operation Once in a Lifetime. This even gave the families of less fortunate military veterans a special lunch in December. This lunch was served at a well known Texas restaurant and consisted of the favorites: ribs, steak and burgers. Just a day later, Stream associates treated veterans’ daughters to the American Girl Doll Experience. Stream paid all the expenses and each girl received an American Girl Doll and lunch at the American Girl CafĂ©.

Stream Energy is spreading all across America, bringing affordable energy. Along with their expansion, they will also bring their penchant for helping the needy. All their associates are recruited from the area they serve and naturally these people care about their communities and their customers. Stream Energy and its associates are positioned to always care and always show it through charitable giving and service.

Venezuela’s Energy Crisis

Energy Problem

Venezuela is desperately hoping for rains to come soon as the country’s Guri Dam reached historic lows of 243 meters. The dam provides more than 60 percent of the nation’s 16,000 megawatt power demand. The government has already taken the unprecedented measure of dredging the canals that feed the dam allowing remaining water to pool together, according to CBCNews. While some suggest that changing rainfall patterns have created this situation, others suggest that the government has not helped the situation which has been ongoing since 2000 when demand for electricity soared way above historical demand levels.

More than 66 percent of electricity is used residents of the country who have one of the highest per capita usage rates in all of Latin America. When the first electricity crisis hit in 2009, the government scrambled spending $1.5 billion installing backup diesel generators that it failed to maintain. The result has been that in order to produce electricity, more water than ever before has been used. Experts like Manuel Gonzalez fear that even if the dam receives adequate rainfall during the rainy season that lasts from April to October it may not be enough.
Some experts strongly argue that the government must spend lots of money to get reliable energy to homes. The problem according to Noticias 24 is that residents are used to spending very little on electricity.