Whitney Wolfe’s Adventurous Dating Site Bumble is Reshaping the Dating Scene

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Bumble is the name of Whitney Wolfe’s dating site. It was released to the web in 2014 and is now a premiere dating platform that has 33 million users. That number is steadily growing everyday. People love Bumble because it is a different type of dating site. This site only allows women to make the first move. Guys who sing up on Bumble cannot just go ham and start talking to every female they see on the site. Nope, men have to sit around and wait to see if a female wants them. Mrs. Wolfe – Herd wanted it to be this way.


Whitney Wolfe created Bumble to be a place for women. She was tired of the old dating scene where men were always coming at her. She wanted to do something different by allowing women to approach men. The current era that we live in today is all about women rights and equality. Feminism is truly on the rise and Whitney Wolfe is helping to shape this modern feminist landscape with Bumble. This is one reason why she puts women first on this site. She wants them to know that women can make the first move and still retain their female persuasions, sexuality and charms.

Naturally, guys like females. They chase after them and want to settle down the one that appeals to them the most. Traditionally, females loved to be chased. She will sort through multiple pursuers until she finds the one man that appeals to her the most. Whitney Wolfe is no different fro any other female in this regard. However, she is fed up with males abusing the normal cultural and social standards of guys approaching women.

She had endured a lot of harassment and abuse at her last job with Tinder. This online dating site company did things to Wolfe that made her feel humiliated, angry and frustrated. She ended up winning settlement money that was valued in the millions. She took that money and put some of it toward starting Bumble. On Bumble, women will not be made to feel inferior to men. They will not be viewed as sexual objects or treated as the weaker sex. They are equals. Whitney Wolfe wants the world to know this reality. Bumble is now reshaping the dating world and how women are perceived in modern times.

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Fabletics Emerges as Top Fashion Retailer

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The fashion industry is one of the most competitive in the economy. There are a number of fashion retailers that are looking to sell their products. However, companies such as Amazon have control of up to 20% of the market. As a result, many companies in the fashion industry often struggle to remain competitive. One of the companies that has emerged as a top competitor to Amazon is Fabletics. This company was founded by Kate Hudson who has put together a line of women’s active apparel. What has made her company stand out is its reverse showroom technique. This technique emphasizes shopping online and the buying merchandise at store locations. Whenever a customer is looking to buy apparel, they will first choose their clothing options and then buy them once they go to a local store. With this technique, Fabletics has become one of the most profitable companies in the fashion industry.


Kate Hudson is the founder of Fabletics and decided to start up a fashion company in order to pursue one of her passions. She is quite active herself and has looked to offer a line of women’s apparel for athletic purposes. Over the years, she was aware that women’s athletic apparel can be expensive as well as of average quality. Therefore, Kate looked to develop her own line of apparel that would appeal to active women. She would then put together a wide range of products such as leggings, shirts, jackets and sports bras. All of these products would then hit the market and become some of the most popular options when it comes to women’s athletic apparel.


When the company was formed, Kate Hudson looked to offer women’s athletic apparel that was both stylish and affordable. Therefore, she came up with a number of modern designs that would appeal to many women who were looking to exercise in style. She put together a wide range of products and then looked to sell them through a subscription model. This allowed consumers to purchase apparel each month at discounted prices. By offering this option, a number of women have been able to capitalize on getting some of the most trendy athletic apparel for reasonable prices.


For customers who are looking to take advantage of the many products that Fabletics offers, one of the best things to do is take the lifestyle quiz. This is a short questionnaire that will help a number of women find the ideal apparel for their needs. All customers will need to do is answer questions about things such as clothing design, frequency of workouts and also what environment they typically exercise in. By answering these questions, customer will then be able to get feedback on which apparel they should order.

Empowerment of women through the athleisure wear brand that Fabletics offers

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Crowd sourcing opinions is continuously becoming a common backup scenario for consumers. Most consumers are continuously engaging in internet searches to see what other people give as feedback on products and services they are interested in purchasing. Companies that have discovered the increasing need for clients to outsource their opinions have embraced the need for positive reviews on their products and services. Technology is increasingly growing and advancing and with this trend, consumers are dependent on the online reviews they see to make decisions. The consumers have become very reliant on these reviews and trust them almost as equally as they trust a direct recommendation from a person they know.



Fabletics is one of the firms that has taken consumer reviews very seriously in growing their brand. Since they started out in 2013, their overall growth has been more than 200 percent and revenue returns in dollars are above 235 million. Their success has been credited to the fact that they are continuously engaging in customer reviews and improvement of their products to suit their clients’ needs. Customer or client review directly affects the way your brand will perform and how the sales revenue will turn out. Positive reviews will bring your brand to the top of your search engines and this encourages sales as more people are likely to come across it as a preferred brand. Additionally, customer loyalty is increased through positive reviews. If a customer is satisfied he or she will go ahead and recommend others to try out your brand as they themselves continuously purchase your product or service. Fabletics used this strategy to drive its sales to greater heights and advance its brand. It is continuously following up with their clients through their reviews and this is their niche. The transparency that comes about with customer reviews is trustworthy and helps in maintaining and building customer relations.



Kate Hudson is among the founders of Fabletics. Her active lifestyle and easy going nature are the key reasons she was a good selection for this particular company. Fabletics is an athleisure brand. It provides clothes that are fashionable and are still good for athletic activities and working out. Fabletics not only provides clothes but also offers inspiration and empowerment for women of different ages, sizes, and shapes. Demi Lovato recently partnered with the company due to what they stand for and the quality of clothes they provide. The prices are affordable and they offer a wide variety to choose from. Women are advised to take their Lifestyle quiz so that they can get recommendations of what outfits will be best suited for them.



Kate Hudson has been a figure to be emulated throughout the Fabletics journey. She has aligned the communication process, increased and led the social media presence, reviewed sales on a daily basis and to top it up she is the face of the company. Kate is dedicated to building her career as a business woman while still maintaining her post as a renowned actress. Adam and Don, her fellow founders are proud of what the company has grown into through the help of Kate Hudson.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Plans to Beat Amazon

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Amazon should be concerned about falling from the top spot in the fashion e-commerce market because it appears the competition is about to get closer than anyone expected. In the past few years, Amazon has been lighting it up in the apparel market, taking in a very impressive 20 percent of all the sales in this competitive niche. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is the clothing company that is starting to make Amazon sweat, and if sales numbers are an indication, things are about to get heated. In the last three years alone. Kate Hudson‘s Fabletics has sold a little over $250 million is women’s clothing and active-wear.


Hudson can explain the quick rise to the top of her athleisure brand easily, crediting things like her membership perks and reverse showrooming as the answers. While these are not new sales practices, the way that they are paired has certainly been something that this company has managed well. Look inside the Fabletics retail store to discover how these two play out off each other. We discover women inside the store are doing more than shopping and buying yoga pants or leggings, they are taking lifestyle quizzes, trying on clothing, and window-shopping too. The sales team at Fabletics is not pressuring these shoppers to buy anything, they offer more of a pampering shopping experience than anything else.


Now take a closer look at what is happening when you head to the Fabletics e-commerce store. These women who were trying on all the active-wear in the malls discover that as a member, the apparel is uploaded to the online shopping cart. This not only allows these customers to pick up shopping where they left off, they don’t have to hold back because they are afraid the wrong sizes will show up at their doors. They tried everything on, so they know it fits, so they wind up shopping on impulse and filling those carts with all sorts of workout apparel.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is taking the fashion e-commerce market by store with other membership perks. Free shipping for online orders, help from a personal shopping assistant. and even huge discounts on all the active-wear, just some of the reasons shoppers are becoming loyal Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Amazon is not treating their customers with perks like this, and if things continue at this rate, they could be looking at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics pass them right by.

Fabletics: The Frontrunner With Ingenious Marketing Techniques

Fashion Trends

Since its inception, Fabletics has emerged to be one of the biggest players in the fashion industry. With their glamourous activewear put together by celebrities like Kate Hudson, the brand has soon become on of the most sought after active and leisure wear brands on the market today. Using ingenious marketing techniques and by understanding their audience perfectly, Fabletics has proved that it can take on competitors who have been in the business for ages. When Kate Hudson came up with the idea for Fabletics, she wanted to offer women all over America some of the latest designs in active and leisure wear, while giving them something that feels extremely comfortable.


When the question of how to sell the brand came into mind, marketing products online seemed to be the best bet for the brand. They wanted to make their products available at absolute convenience, to keep their customers coming back for more, without much effort. The brand therefore launched their website, through which customers could purchase their products. The brand took it one step further whereby they implemented a monthly membership plan through which customers could sign up and get access to clothing that was best suited to them. On signing up for the website, members are asked a few questions which will help the site understand your preferences better. This is then implemented in a way where you are shown outfits that match what you are looking for. Of course, one has the option to look outside those as well, since the brand has upteem amount of choice in their clothing.


Opening up stores across the country was the next big step that the brand wanted to take. They already had in place one of the most ingenious ways to attract customers online, and thus decided to take the path less travelled for their physical stores as well. Fabletics implemented a marketing strategy known as reverse showrooming to set apart their stores from the rest. The brand knew that there was still a certain section of the market that was skeptical about online shopping, and needed to see the products in person to gauge whether or not those would be suited to them. The stores therefore function as a physical catalogue, whereby customers can come and check out what they see online and even try them on to get a feel of it. Customers can thereon log onto the website in their own time and purchase what they liked at the stores.

Fabletics Gains Attention with a Massive Crowd of Women

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The Fabletics brand of clothing is pretty special. There are a ton of people that know about this brand, and even more people are learning about the clothing line that Kate Hudson has put forth. She is one of the most significant players in the clothing game right now. She has proven that she has what it takes to make people stop, look and listen to what she is saying about athleisure wear. She has made it her business to compete with companies like Amazon, and Fabletics has been a real leader in the clothing industry.


Fabletics is the type of company that has managed to give more people access to clothing that is designed for meet a lot of specific needs. People that are running errands can get these types of clothes. Others that are interested in swimming or working out in the gym can also acquire these clothes from Fabletics. This is the type of company that has managed to give people access to some stretchy material. People like to have the ability to workout in clothes that are comfortable, and Fabletics is the brand that makes people very comfortable.


Amazon has a large portion of the market on lock, but Fabletics is gaining ground. It is a company that has gained some popularity because Kate Hudson has promoted this brand as one of the most creative brands around. She has been able to sort out all of the things that has made her business thrive. She has the subscription services. There is also a connection to the JustFab website. Kate Hudson has gained the massive audience because she had a plan. She set out to become part of a clothing line that gave people access to her active wear line. Hudson made it her mission to open more than 100 stores in the next 5 years to attract customers offline. This is all something that has made her brand move to another level quickly. The Fabletics brand hasn’t been around for a long time, but this brand has emerged as a stronger brand.


Fabletics is becoming the type of company that people are interested in when they want to buy clothes based on their preferences. People can start a style profile and build according to the preferences that they have chosen. When this happens they can sign up for the Fabletics subscription services. Most people will find that this is the best possible way to get clothes that come to them without spending a large amount of time trying to figure out what to wear. So many people cannot decide on what garments they should buy. The subscription service just makes it easy. Amazon doesn’t have this type of service. This is something that has made it possible for Fabletics to penetrate this type of environment and become successful. Kate Hudson brought something to the table that other clothing companies did not have. It was a company that has managed to gain subscribers and generate revenue quickly.

Reliving fashion with Fabletics online and retail stores

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Looking for high-quality activewear can be a difficult task. Fortunately, Fabletics has in the past tried to make the process simple and as easy as possible. You can find quality fitness clothing at the best price. Fabletics was created after its founders saw a gap in activewear fashion. There may be lots of luxury brands out there, but none has offered something high quality and stylish gear at affordable prices. The brand has fared well amongst its competitors by selling workout gear with subscription at discounted offers.

Fabletics has focused on a different business model. Fabletics has had its parent company JustFab that focuses on catalog-based and internet-based business to offer shoppers discounts to VIP members. Once someone opts in for VIP membership, they have their credit cards charged automatically by a certain amount each month. This money goes into Fabletics purchases and to having one’s activewear made personally for them. One can also opt out of this in a month, by skipping payment before the 5th of a new month.

You can relive athletics fashion through any of the activewear dressing you want. Fabletics gives you an array of dressing options such as sports bras, sports leggings, sports pants, tees, tanks or anything of the sort. The quality and low price you receive with shopping with this branding are incomparable to any other shopping platform on Facebook. Customers that have purchased items here have highly praised it for its personalized shopping experience. The outstanding customer service and VIP Membership is something every online shopper should experience.

The brand has had both online and brick and mortar retail stores. The actual retail stores have offered customers the latest Fabletics collections with a unique print and style for their dress, swim, performance and so much more. The stores provide an exclusive shopping for clients; free shipping, free points of sale and in-store fitting point are some features enjoyed. What is so interesting about shopping with this brand is that you can make purchases online and later pick-up at the store. You can never wrong with any of your clothing as you can be sure about your choice after the online shopping process.

About Fabletics

Fabletics has had its JustFab as its parent company and was ranked No 98 in the Top 500 Internet Retailer Guide. The company announced to have five retail locations opened and has had a huge success with this. Fabletics launched with iconic actress and fashion tastemaker Kate Hudson as its image bearer. She has a passion for supporting and motivating women that led her to open this retail store that focuses on activewear for ladies.

WEN by Chaz Wows Beauty Writer on 7-Day Personal Hair Journey

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Beauty writer Emily McClure hates her fine, thin and sometime frizzy hair. It doesn’t have movement or too much shine and just falls limp. Since she has access to a lot of beauty products, she decided to try the world famous Wen hair by Chaz no-poo method of washing her hair.
Emily kept a daily hair log and posted daily hair selfies to Bustle.

WEN by Chaz is the revolutionary way to care for hair without using store shampoos and conditioners laden with harmful detergents. The no lather shampoo system is made of healthy plant-based ingredients that offer shine, body and strength to strands from root to end. These unique cleansing conditioners are one-bottle dynamos that can wash hair, condition, de-tangle, deep condition and treat hair of all types in any hair condition.

LA stylist Chaz Dean is the creator of the WEN by Chaz brand and proud to say his company uses only the highest quality standards. His celebrity clientele are loyal to the WEN name and enjoy using the product, because their hair needs to be in superb shape for red carpet events and other public appearances. He sells his products on Total beauty and Sephora cosmetics stores.

Emily chose the FIG cleansing conditioner for extra body and moisture and immediately loved washing with WEN in the shower. After she blow-dried and styled her medium-length hair, she was amazed at the instant shine, manageability and thickness. Her close girlfriends were hair envious and wanted to know where her new hair came from. Visit: http://www.wen.com/before-after.html

Emily has these pointers for using WEN by Chaz to achieve the ultimate results:

1. Follow bottle directions and don’t be afraid to use a lot of product. Emily had shied away and used much less.

2. Always wash daily with WEN in the AM.

3. Follow with a blow-dry and styling session.

Simple and beautiful.

Naomi Campbell: Gorgeous Inside and Out

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Although she is widely known as one of the most successful models of all time, it’s not common knowledge that Naomi Campbell is a caring and groundbreaking activist who has helped to reduce poverty and help those in need through a number of different initiatives.

Let’s take a look at just two of these many initiatives, and in the process, we’ll shed some light on the inner beauty of Naomi Campbell.

We Love Brazil

Established in 2005, We Love Brazil is a poverty-fighting charitable organization that raises awareness of the standard of living endured by many Brazilians and attempts to aid these individuals (specifically women) by selling fabrics made in the country.

We Love Brazil has been very successful thus far, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. More than simply providing money to those in need and marvelous fabrics to customers, the initiative has provided hope to those who could use it most. Because of We Love Brazil, mothers are able to feed their children without issue. These same children can then attend school and better themselves, so that they may rise above the economic odds that are so heavily stacked against them.

Fashion for Relief

Fashion for Relief is another incredible charitable organization founded by Naomi. Fashion for Relief allows Campbell to utilize her long-accumulated modeling skills for the public good by arranging and conducting charity fashion shows, with each event benefiting a specific cause. To date, Fashion for Relief has aided victims of Hurricane Katrina, Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, Japan’s 2011 earthquake, and many others.

Given that Fashion for Relief has already raised over three and one half million pounds, it isn’t an exaggeration to call it a massive success.

As was stated initially, Naomi Campbell is a truly groundbreaking philanthropist and activist. While her outer appearance can be appreciated with a quick glance, it takes a bit longer to learn of and honor all she’s given back to individuals around the globe.

Still, most agree that the committed time is more than worth it.

Fine Hair Transformed by WEN by Chaz Dean

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Customers often wonder if these miracle hair care solutions work before they try them. Testimonials are usually the best source of information, because these brave consumers decided to give these products a try. In a review originally reported on Bustle, one brave beauty and fashion contributor shared her experience with WEN by Chaz. This hair care line is created by stylist Chaz Dean [see, http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html] and claims to help hair become healthier and beautiful.

Tired of her fine hair, she sets out on a journey to try to help her fine and thin strands become healthier. After the first day, she noticed her hair was cleaner. She decided to use the three in one product, which is a shampoo, conditioner, and styler in one. A couple more days later, she noticed that it was bouncier. She had to regularly wash and style her hair, and that routine can be time consuming for some people. She reached the results desired in about a week of regular use. The product lives up to its claims, but a customer must remember that it is a shampoo and conditioner. Because of the nature of Wen, a customer must be willing to wash and style daily.

WEN by Chaz is a hair care line designed by Chaz Dean. Chaz Dean is a stylist with a studio in LA. His philosophy is to ensure that customers achieve the hair they always desired through styling and products. He sells his products online on Amazon and high end beauty stores like Sephora. He is known for achieving this through masterful styling techniques and all natural, high quality products.

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