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Madison Street Capital is a company that divulges in the cutthroat world of investment banking. The company has received a significant amount of recognition from the industry and is widely known to provide their customers with some of the best financial solutions that money can by. Madison Street Capital is a company that believes in surpassing expectations to be one of the best. The company tries its best to excel in the kind of services that they offer and pays extremely close attention to gauging their clients needs to provide them the very best. Madison Street Capital mainly operates out of their headquarters in Chicago but also attends to customers at their several offices throughout the United States. They have an incredibly diverse range of clientele, ranging from big business and companies to individual clients. Even regarding the services that the company offers, they believe in variety. They provide services that range from risk management and also financial analysis. They also help their clients and give them valuable insight into ways in which they can help their businesses grow and expand.


Madison Street Capital tries their level best to ensure that their client’s needs are met, and therefore they only employ the best financial advisors and analysts to take care of the companies that are coming to them. The financial advisors that are employed at Madison Street Capital are specially trained and have a tremendous amount of experience working with clients of this kind. This can easily be seen as one of the main reasons why Madison Street Capital has gained such a stellar reputation over the years. The Madison Street Capital reputation is one which is excellent, considering the immense effort that they put into each interaction that they conduct with their clients.


In recent times, Madison Street Capital has conducted some of the biggest deals in the past year. One of their most recent partnerships was with Ares Security, where they helped the company with their financial matters.


The company is led by Charles Botchway, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He has time and again proven to be an excellent leader, capable of taking Madison Street Capital to new heights and making it the top tier company that it is today. Botchway has a tremendous amount of work experience in the field, which is what has contributed to the direction that the firm is working towards.


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Stephen Rotella Day to Day Manager

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Stephen Rotella is the CEO and President of Stone Castle Cash Management, a financial company that was founded in 2003. This company offers RIAs, trusts, and more. Headquartered in New York city, has become one of the largest brokerages in the country. Stone Castle has $12 billion in assets and employee owned at Charlesbank Capital Partners and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.Stephen Rotella earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from State University of New York located at Stony Brook in 1975. He received his MBA in Finance at State University of New York, located in Albany, in 1978.After graduation, Rotella worked at Accenture as their senior consultant for two years before accepting the Vice Presidency position at The Reserve Group for four years.

Mr. Rotella has more than 30 years of experience in financial experience. He was employed as the CEO of Chase Manhattan for 18 years prior to working at Stone Castle Cash.Stephen Rotella is on the Board of Directors at Lift and Stony Brook School of Business. The CEO had previously served on several boards, including Ballet Met and Youth Care.Stephen Rotella considers himself a morning person who likes to get up around 5:45 each day. He eats a hearty breakfast and then takes his dog for walk in Central Park for exercise. Rotella makes sure he has an updated to-do list every day. He only focuses on the three most important initiatives. He’s excited over robotics, especially AI, and believes they will make a tremendous impact in the world.

As a successful business man, Rotella says it is best to keep things simple. To be successful, a person needs to focus on the viability of the product you are trying to sell. It is important to be a good listener in order to know exactly what the client wants and how to serve him well. Mr. Rotella doesn’t like to look backwards on the mistakes he had made personally or in business, he always likes to look ahead and be a better person in the future than he was in the past.







Naomi Campbell: Gorgeous Inside and Out

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Although she is widely known as one of the most successful models of all time, it’s not common knowledge that Naomi Campbell is a caring and groundbreaking activist who has helped to reduce poverty and help those in need through a number of different initiatives.

Let’s take a look at just two of these many initiatives, and in the process, we’ll shed some light on the inner beauty of Naomi Campbell.

We Love Brazil

Established in 2005, We Love Brazil is a poverty-fighting charitable organization that raises awareness of the standard of living endured by many Brazilians and attempts to aid these individuals (specifically women) by selling fabrics made in the country.

We Love Brazil has been very successful thus far, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. More than simply providing money to those in need and marvelous fabrics to customers, the initiative has provided hope to those who could use it most. Because of We Love Brazil, mothers are able to feed their children without issue. These same children can then attend school and better themselves, so that they may rise above the economic odds that are so heavily stacked against them.

Fashion for Relief

Fashion for Relief is another incredible charitable organization founded by Naomi. Fashion for Relief allows Campbell to utilize her long-accumulated modeling skills for the public good by arranging and conducting charity fashion shows, with each event benefiting a specific cause. To date, Fashion for Relief has aided victims of Hurricane Katrina, Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, Japan’s 2011 earthquake, and many others.

Given that Fashion for Relief has already raised over three and one half million pounds, it isn’t an exaggeration to call it a massive success.

As was stated initially, Naomi Campbell is a truly groundbreaking philanthropist and activist. While her outer appearance can be appreciated with a quick glance, it takes a bit longer to learn of and honor all she’s given back to individuals around the globe.

Still, most agree that the committed time is more than worth it.

Smart and Achievable Wealth Solutions

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Smart and Achievable Wealth Solutions

Finances have for a long time remained a headache to many people. To others, even after earning a huge salary they still end up poor. Retirement for those who are highly or lowly paid is also a dilemma. This makes it hard for people to realize their dreams. However, Richard Blair has stepped in to offer financial solutions. Through Wealth Solutions, Inc. he has helped thousands of people in his 23 years of experience. Today, the corporation is worth $55 million showing the great strides it has made in the financial market.
Adapting to the Change
The world of finances keeps changing every day. This means people have to keep adapting to the change. Through Wealth Solutions, Inc. there is an opportunity to find a package of advice on how to adapt to the changes. It also involves taking up new challenges while reducing risk. A person thus has an opportunity to maintain a steady income despite the challenges in their finances.
Planning for Retirement
Upon retirement, there are different goals people would like to pursue. However, some fail due to financial crisis.  People can thus access to the right plans to know how wealth management should be done wisely.
Financial Planning Education
Richard Blair realized how education can create a great impact in the lives of people through his wife, mother and grandmother who were teachers. He thus decided to start teaching on how to plan and invest. This led to the idea of Wealth Solutions, Inc. which he founded in 1994.
Richard Blair Specialty
In 1993, after graduation, Richard dived into the financial industry. His mission was to offer people comprehensive retirement plans without any bias. He realized the many pitfalls people were bound to fall into and decided to help people strategize on their financial planning. Therefore, he purposed to help individuals, small businesses plus families to become aware of their financial plans and execute them correctly.
Richard is an Investment Advisor Representative who has specialized in financial planning. As a Certified Financial Planner, Richard has specialized in different fields including insurance, asset protection, asset tax, employee benefits, state and federal tax and securities. This means any person can be helped to secure their finances even upon retirement. He is also a trainer who educates people through Financial Education Series.

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