Sameer Jejurikar – One Of Dalla’s Finest Plastic Surgeons

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Plan your procedure for about a month before time, so you have a whole week to start planning, prepare your body and prepare for the new changes you will make in your life to help you with the operation. However, in particular, if you undergo a plastic operation, smoke can have a negative impact on the treatment process by slowing down or reducing the critical flow of your blood and sending it to your surgical site. Alcohol is also harmful when undergoing surgery due to its well-documented properties of the treatment, which may affect your health and security during the operation, while negative effects on the treatment process by following the procedure.

Dr. Jejurikar is perfect with his hand in a hospitalization, but he is an eminent lecturer. Although Dr. Jejurikar is known for the treatment of cosmetic treatments on patients, he is also spending his time returning to people who cannot afford the necessary operations. After the residence and scholarship, he was able to collaborate with some of the most important surgeons in the area of the film center in the area of the film and the company. There are skin care and night facilities for patients who are shared by the surgeon group.

In the medical school, Mr. Jejurikar was exposed to a wide range of surgical specialties, but he was attracted to the creativity of plastics surgeries and a wide variety of surgeries. As part of the group, he had his own practice in the field of plastics, but he had the advantage of the sharing of overheads and the economy of scale for purchase.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar recently completed another journey to perform lip and palate surgery with a Smile in Bangladesh. Traditional face-lift surgery is usually sought after by patients who are not satisfied with the appearance of their back because of their size, form, or saggy skin.

Make sure that you have someone at your fingertips to take you home after the operation and get involved in the assistance of your friends or family to assist you in the operation for the first few weeks. Dr. Jejurikar has seen patients who get up and start to walk through the evening of their operation, which is sure that they will get back to the point. Dr. Jejurikar and the whole staff go over and over again to give their clients a feeling of comfort, respect, and convenience.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokknides: Exceptional Minds at Innovacare Health

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Innovacare Health is among the best Healthcare and Medical service provider in North America. It offers quality and excellent healthcare services that are affordable to people. They use advanced technology which treats and accommodates patients at ease. The hospital has two programs that are used in the provision of health care services to the citizens. These programs are Medicaid and Medicare Advantage programs. The organization aims to provide high-quality healthcare services to all its clients. Innovacare is able to do that because of its high profile professionals who are efficient and qualified in their work. Through the organization’s unquestionable leadership, innovacare is among the healthcare services provider. Rick Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer of innovacare Health while Penelope Kokkinides it the C.O.O.



There is an article that was published in the Temple of the cave. This article talks about the unquestionable leadership of Shinto and Kokkinides at Innovacare Health. The article is praising Rick Shinto for his unquestionable leadership skills as the Chief Executive Officer. He has been in the leadership of the medical and healthcare sector for more than 20 years, and therefore he is an expert. Shinto worked for the Medical Pathways Management organization as both the C.M.O and C.O.O. He also worked as a corporate Vice President of Medical Management of MedPartners. Later he worked for Cal Optima Health Plans as the Chief Executive Officer. His profile also indicates that he worked for NAMM organization in Califonia. Shinto is a qualified professional who has studied and he has gained the right skills. He graduated with a Degree in Science from the University of California. He, later on, went to New York University where he graduated with a degree in medicine. Additionally, Shinto is a graduate from the University of Redlands where he studied M.B.A. For more details visit Bloomberg.



The article also talks about the Innovacare ’s current C.A.O, Kokkinides. Kokkinides previously worked for clinical operations of Innovacare Health as the Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer. This creative lady has more than 20 years of working experience as well. Kikkinides worked in the Medicaid and Medicare programs. She previously worked for Centerlight Health Care as the C.O.O and the Executive Vice President. She had also worked for TouchStone Health as the Chief Operating Officer. Being a graduate with two degrees, masters degree and postmasters degree has equipped her with enough skills and knowledge in the health sector. You can visit Businesswire to know more.



In conclusion, Shinto and Kokkinides are qualified leaders with skills and experience to run and grow the Innovacare Health.


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An Overview Of Jeunesse Global Products

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Jeunessee Products




Nevo is an energy drink. It is available in peach mango, Acai grape, lemon ginger and mixed green. It only has 50 calories per serving and is free of artificial sweeteners and chemicals. It will give you an energy boost without causing a crash.


Instant Ageless


Instant Ageless is a product that can help smooth out wrinkles, pores and fine lines. It can give you a younger appearance without going under the knife. This cream can give you results that last anywhere from 6 to 9 hours. It works by lifting and toning your skin.




Naara is another anti-aging product. It is a beverage that is filled with ingredients that can increase collagen production. There was a double-blind study done that tested the effectiveness of this product. The study showed that using Nava can improve the appearance of the skin within four weeks.




Reserve is a blend of superfruits. It has a variety of ingredients that fight free radical damage. It does not have any artificial flavors or added sugar. It has a sweet berry taste. Project 8


Zen Project 8 helps you manage your weight better. This program lasts for 8 weeks. There are three phases. The first phase is the detox phase. The second phase is the ignite phase. It helps you lose belly fat. The third phase of the program is the thrive phase.


About Jeunesse


Jeunesse is a company that was founded on September 9, 2009. The founders of this company are Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The number 9 is significant to Randy and Wendy. Nine represents longevity. It is reflected on Wendy and Randy’s desire to thrive.


Thousands of people around the world have used Jeunesse. Wendy and Randy want their customers to live a long, happy and healthy life.

The End of One You and the Start of Another

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In some ways, giving the Youth Enhancement System a spin is like ending the old lifestyle that was breaking you apart and starting anew once more. While there’s never truly a replacement to taking care of yourself — exercise, eating well, the whole nine — you can get awfully close with Jeunesse’s line of youth enhancement products, which are designed to target not the ailments themselves but the body’s repair systems. That’s to say that it improves your biological garrison and fortifies the gates with immune boosters, fitness aids and more. There’s a well-rounded system at play, but it wasn’t without a great deal of effort to build the alternative wellness solution company from the ground up.

Jeunesse started off as an ambitious goal between two aging entrepreneurs who’d seen much of life’s offerings in their time as successful enterprisers. Randy Ray decided to unite with Wendy Lewis on September 9 at exactly 9 o’clock in the evening; the year was none other than 2009 — less than a decade ago. The company has come a long way in such a short time, beginning as a multi-level marketing platform that sold all-natural health products for people young and old to realize their potential once more. Behind the symbolism of the number 9 is the intense belief that longevity and wellness for all is the only purposeful way for the duo to live now, and to this day, the Jeunesse Family stands as a testament to the vision that now embraces the world at large.

The Youth Enhancement System is the cornerstone product that the company offers to solve age-based issues stemming from free radicals, compromised immune functions, sedentary living and more. The range of application methods is quite extensive, and this is to optimize the introduction of the following benefits individually:

  • Improved ability to fall asleep and remain that way for the whole night
  • Quicker and easier waking in the mornings
  • Elevated mood and attitude
  • Enhanced sharpness of mind
  • Amped-up energy to stay on the move all day
  • Boosted immune and repair processes

Opportunities At Sussex Healthcare

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The primary reason of having a job is to have an income. In as much as this is the basic reason, it is every employee’s desire to find work they enjoy and find fulfillment in.

Sussex Healthcare is a care and support home that offers care for the elderly and adults with physical or learning disabilities. It was founded in 1985 with its first home in Warnham. It now has homes in Sharpthorne, Nutley, Horsham, Billingshurst, East Grinstead, Henfield and Purley as well.

Their mission is to help the elderly get the most out of life in their golden years and help those with learning and physical disabilities interact better with their environment. Working at an institution such as Sussex gives one a sense of fulfilment. Other than just getting a pay check at the end of the month, you get to make someone’s life a little bit better with every act of service, smile and hello.

Read more: Sussex Healthcare Helps Patients Feel at Home

Sussex Healthcare also offers therapies such as dementia care, occupational therapy, palliative care and physiotherapy. They use cutting edge equipment for their therapies and train their employees on the best methods to use in administering therapy to the clients. This makes Sussex Healthcare a good place to grow one’s experience in. working in Sussex Health care gives you an opportunity to work in an environment that challenges your intellect and gives you exposure to experiences that build their career.

Work without incentives and motivation makes you as an employee feel like you are taken for granted. Salary is what you get in exchange or the services you give to the company. But there are benefits that should come with the job. While working at Sussex Healthcare, employees are guaranteed of lunch at work, uniforms, transport to work, among others. Apart from the benefits you get from the institution, just seeing the people you get to care for at work get to enjoy life and smile will give you a sense of fulfillment.

If you are looking for a place to grow your career and enjoy your work with every passing day, Sussex Healthcare is the place you have been looking for. Currently, there are over 20 positions that need to be filled. For more information visit the career page on their website.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America & NFL Team Up To Tackle Prostate Cancer Awareness

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Cancer can be one of the most devastating diseases out there as well as one of the most common. There are many forms of cancer but one of the most deadly is prostate cancer. It is predicted that one is seven men will be diagnosed prostate cancer within their lifetimes. African American men are 70% more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The Cancer Society of America is estimating that over 160,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer within the year 2017. It is very highly recommended that men who are at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer get screened at age 40. Many men, who are either of the age to begin screening for prostate cancer or are at a high risk, tend to procrastinate getting screened which can lead to a much later discovery of the cancer. Early discovery is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the game as well as expand the effectiveness and options for treatment.

There is a great deal of stigma associated with the methods used for screening for prostate cancer but ultimately a bit of discomfort is an easy price to pay when your life could be on the line. The screenings involve a simple blood test, a PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) and a DRE, digital rectal exam where a doctor will insert a gloved finger into the rectum to physically examine prostate. The DRE can be uncomfortable and a bit embarrassing but here is something to consider: the physician performing the exam has likely endured the very same exam you are going through. It is a clinical procedure intended to ensure your health.

Partnering with the NFL, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is on a Prostate Pep Talk campaign to raise awareness of prostate cancer and to encourage men to not skip out on the vital testing to catch it early.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America was created in 1988 by Richard J. Stephenson who lost his mother to cancer. Richard felt strongly that his mother would have had a much better chance if the physicians involved had better treatment options.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is dedicated to providing a comprehensive treatment plan that goes beyond just the raw medicine to treat disease. CTCA goes past simply treating the disease and provides a wide range of therapies designed to help patients get the most out of their lives.

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Dr. David Samadi Is Saving Lives Through The Use Of Robotics

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Advances in technology have found a way to improve almost every aspect of the world around us. The introduction of washing machines allowed us to stop hand washing clothing and the introduction of cars and airplanes have allowed us to travel much larger distances in much shorter periods of time thus greatly increasing productivity of almost every industry. Advances in technology are no different for the medical field. They have allowed doctors to save more lives with cutting edge research and more precise medical equipment. One such doctor that has fully embraced the rise in technology usage in the medical field is Dr. David Samadi.

Currently, Dr. Samadi is the Chief of Robotic Surgery in Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, New York. Robotic surgery allows for much more precise incisions to be made which leads to less invasive operations that are much safer and more effective for the patient. His work has led him to be a leader in both the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of cancers including but not limited to bladder cancer, prostate cancer, and kidney cancer. Dr. David Samadi has operated in well over three dozen countries all around the world offering his knowledge and expertise to hundreds of people throughout his career. While he has studied and practiced mainly in the men’s health sector of the medical field, Dr. Samadi also wishes to reach the largest audience possible with his medical advice.

To do this, he recently created his own radio talk show where he gives free medical advice to anyone who listens and wishes to reach out with a question. Despite this busy lifestyle Dr. Samadi still attempts to perform surgeries anywhere from two to three times every week and on some of those days he has been known to perform multiple surgeries. The doctor is also know to care deeply about his patients often checking on every single one of them before leaving the hospital for the day. This routine allows him to build a strong rapport with his patients that often extends well after they have left the hospital. As technology improves so will the medical field and more lives will be saved each and every year. With people like Dr. David Samadi at the helm of such cutting edge technology, we can rest assured that the field is headed in the right direction. Dr. Samadi received his M.D. from the Stony Brook Medical School in Stony Brook, New York.

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Get to know about Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides the faces behind InnovaCare Health

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InnovaCare Health is the number one provider of controlled health care services in North America. Medicare Advantage, Provider Networks, and Medicaid Programs are the primary avenues of care that they use to provide access to excellent healthcare services by creating programs that are cost effective, sustainable, and fully integrated with modern technology.

The leadership at INNOVACARE HEALTH

Rick Shinto

Dr. Rick is the present president and CEO of InnovaCare Inc. He additionally filled in as the president and CEO of Aveta Inc from 2008 to 2012 when the organization was sold. Before that, he was in the management team.Rick utilized the tremendous experience to make InnovaCare Health the fruitful entity it is today. As the CEO, he began many activities that have seen numerous needy patients get quality health services.Under his authority, more than two hundred thousand patients have joined its membership program that has more than 7500 workers. As indicated by Rick, the health care does treat their patients, as well as instruct them to beware.Furthermore, they offer help to their friends and family when the patients are recuperating.


The actions above earned Rick Shinto Access to Caring Award. The honor was given to him at Wester University of health sciences.

Penelope Kokkinides

She is the current chief administrative officer with the organization since 2015. Before that, she had served as the chief operating officer at InnovaCare and Aveta. She has more than two decades experience in health care services specializing in programs by the government and the managed care industry. She has vast skills and knowledge in managing health care operations and processes and developing clinical programs with the aim of improving organizational infrastructure and efficiencies.


Penelope Kokkinides attended Binghamton University where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and classical languages. She also graduated with a master’s degree from the University of New York and posts masters advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse from Columbia University.Other leaders in the institution are:

  • Douglas Malton – Chief Financial Officer
  • Jonathan A. Meyers – Chief Actuary Officer
  • Christopher Joyce – General Counsel
  • Michael J. Sortino – Chief Accounting Officer
  • S Bhasker – Chief Information Officer

In conclusion, InnovaCare Health is changing the health care system to meet the difficulties of the current complex healthcare environment while upholding the excellent health values.