Why Forbes Featured Peter Briger; The President And Co-Chairman Of Fortress Investment Group

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Peter Briger is a Principal at Fortress Investment Group LLC. He is equally a Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company. Prior to becoming the co-chairman of the board of directors, he had been a member of the management committee of the company.

Educational Background

Peter holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Princeton University.Additionally, he has a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

 Peter Briger’s Professional Career

Peter Briger’s professional career started at the Goldman Sachs and Co where he worked for 15 years. There, he became a partner in 1996. While at Goldman Sachs and Co, Peter was appointed as the head of these committees:

  • Asian Management Committee,
  • Global Control and Compliance Committee, and
  • Japan Executive Committee.

Also, he was appointed as a co-head of various groups at Goldman Sachs and Co. These groups include but not limited to the following:

  • Whole Loan Sales and Trading Business
  • Asian Real Estate Private Equity Business
  • Special Opportunities (Asia) Fund LLC
  • Asian Distressed Debt Business

And in 2002, he joined the Fortress Investment Group where he managed the hybrid hedge fund operation as well as the Credit and Real Estate business at the firm.

Peter’s journey at Fortress Investment Group

Peter joined the firm in 2002. In 2007, he featured on the Forbes list of top 400 business professionals in the US. And he ranked as number 317 with a net worth of $1.5 billion. Forbes included him because he had gained a duly deserved recognition.Then in 2009, he was elected as the co-chairman; a great development that stemmed from the fact that he had been impressive since joining the company. What Employees are saying about Peter Briger and the top Executives at Fortress Investment Group .Most of the employees at the company have confirmed that the organization is the best place to work. Employees’ performance, dedication, and hard-work are recognized by the top management executives of the organization.The interns have equally testified that they have been able to learn a lot of skills during their short stay at the company.In addition, the company has been described by both past and present employees that the company is a good place to work.Furthermore, Peter has been able to prove that he is vastly experienced in asset management and investments with his over 2 decades experience in the industry. More so, he is a reputable leader and an outstanding business professional.

Four Tipd For Success In Investment Banking

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Many people fancy a career in investment banking. This is so because investment bankers are known to be one of the successful members of the society, at least, economically. Many are oblivious of the fact that investment bankers and other financial experts deal with crucial clients’ resources and information. However, there are certain qualities that an investment banker must possess. These qualities, according to Martin Lustgarten, have been acquired over time since his days at the university.


According to the established investment banker and founder of the Lustgarten, Martin Investment Bank, this trait is of utmost importance in a career in the financial sector, particularly investment banking. He notes that long hours, self-discipline and diligence is has been the price paid by the finest investment bankers. He states that an investment banker must be willing to work under intense pressure and demands from both clients and their bosses. It is as result of the hard work and diligence that client satisfaction is earned.


This is the most important attribute. To earn the loyalty of the client, an investment banker must possess a strong intellectual capacity. He must be capable of keen and correct analysis of data and good command of mathematics, economics and finance. The successful banker, Martin says that these qualities are very essential for an investment banker as he needs to makes decisions as to how his client will invest their property while minimizing costs and risks involved.


Successful investment bankers must be aware of what is transpiring globally. Knowledge assists a banker to act best for their client.

Good in relationships

Martin states emphatically that this trait has helped him a great deal. He says that being able to engage clients and win their trust has enabled him to convince them to allow him work for them. He also states that the quality of work which he has done for his clients has also helped him build relationships with his clients.


Martin Lustgarten is the CEO of Lustgarten, Mart. He is one of the most feted investment bankers in Florida Miami. The former Henlux Inc. managing director has assisted hundreds of thousands of investors to invest their money at a profit. Find him on Facebook for more news and information.

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