Lime Crime’s Own Doe Deere Breaking All The Rules.

Makeup, Women in Business

It is no secret that there are some rules of fashion that fashion experts say should not be broken. Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime makeup says that she breaks the rules all the time and makeup is about pushing boundaries. Doe suggests that it is no sin to break some of the best rules in fashion. Perhaps the unicorn queen has a great idea about breaking the rules. Think about it this way, breaking the rules has worked well for Lime Crime.

Lime Crime and Doe Deere have been filling the void in the makeup industry for years. Women were asking for a higher quality, cruelty free, vegan safe make up that was full of brighter colors. Lime Crime delivered on a wide scale by answering those requests with what the girls wanted. Girls love to wear bold makeup. The so-called experts tell us don’t wear bold eyes with a bold lip. Doe Deere says that she is guilty of breaking this rule everyday and she suggests other girls should do it too.

Another thing that can be and should be done according to Doe is wearing too many colors. We aren’t sure just how many is too many when it comes to colors. Doe suggests that when these colors are with other likable colors it is all good. Multiple shades are meant to be used together and Lime Crime allows and encourages makeup users to splash around in a sea of beautiful color.

Deere suggests that she uses coordination to match the colors with much success. She can also mix patterns with success. Patterns are fun and they can be used to make woman look amazing. Doe is the kind of girl who also wears socks and open toed shoes though. She sees no reason to hide cute socks behind colorful and cute shoes. Who knows, she might be on to something here. She has to know some secrets that the rest of the fashion world doesn’t.

Doe started the Lime Crime Makeup Company with a large dream and a small pocketbook. She has a few hundred dollars and the idea to create a line of makeup that would fill the hole in the market. She wanted to provide the users with makeup that was colorful and she created a winning situation for everyone involved.