Qnet Forms a Partnership Deal with Sharp Corporation to Sell Air Conditioners.

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Sharp Corporation, which is a Japan-based electronics manufacturer, has partnered with Qnet India to market and sell the Sharp-Qnet Plasma Cluster Air Purifier. Sharp’s main factory is situated in Abeno-Ku, Osaka but it sells its electronics in all parts of the world. The strategy for selling the air conditioners involves making use of the Qnet e-commerce program that has been well established by the company. Mr. Kishalay, who works as the Consumer Business Section’s President at Sharp Business Systems India Private Limited, considers Qnet as an efficient distributor of the product due to its past success in the selling of health and lifestyle commodities. He, therefore, believes that selling the air purifier through Qnet will be a success.

Market penetration of the newly air purifier will be fast due to the use of Qnet’s consumer network. The network has many clients, who rely on products from Qnet. According to the spokesperson of Qnet India, there will be a mutual gain in Qnet and Sharp Corporation. The air purifier will be part of Qnet’s products that abide by healthy living policies.

Qnet India is a unit of Qnet Limited, which is based in Hong Kong. The company has another branch in Turkey and majorly distributes its products in Taiwan, Thailand, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Indo]nesia, Saudi Arabia, Philippines and the United Arab Emirates. It was established by a group of young business-minded friends led by Vijay Eswaran in 1998 with a primary goal of bettering the lives of people through network marketing. The company’s products are distributed through multi-level marketing and direct selling, and the methods have been successful in the 16 years that the firm has been active. The main products that it sells include nutritional supplements, weight management, self and home care, fashion accessories, energy boosters, and luxury goods.

The products from Qnet aim at improving the health and financial status of individuals across the world. The firm offers an opportunity to its members to do business by being its independent representatives. The agents create a network by recruiting other distributors, and their compensation is based on the volume of good sold by the each representative and his or her network. The company is also an activist of healthy lifestyles and vegetarianism. Qnet’s consumable products are made from vegetarian ingredients. The products also contain low quantities of sugar, non-natural sugars, and harmful chemicals. The company also creates awareness of degenerative conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity.