As a California Businessman and Active Philanthropist, Adam Milstein Supports the Jewish Population

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With racism a continual topic in the news stream, Adam Milstein is recognized as one of the world’s most influential Jewish leaders and philanthropists. Milstein and his wife have lived in California since 1981 and are dedicated to educating the world and the Jewish population about their Jewish heritage. Together, the Milsteins co-founded the IAC or the Israeli-American Council as an agency to develop the Jewish people and educate them on their background. The IAC is also active in supporting Israel and strengthening the relationship between the two countries.

Adam Milstein is instrumental in promoting the Jewish population and making it a recognizable culture of America. Adam Milstein stated that before IAC, the terms ‘Israeli-Americans’ or ‘Americans of Israeli descent” were not used in the U.S. because Judaism was not an accepted as a separate ethnicity. As an active philanthropist who was born in Haffa, Isreal, Milstein knows that over 60 percent of the Jewish population resides in the U.S. and they should be aware of their Jewish heritage and one of the original nations of the world.

Today, Milstein is an active philanthropist who participates in many key organizations for the benefit of the Jewish people. Heis the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, which he and his college friend, David Hager, began when they graduated from Southern California University, and today it is one of the leading real estate brokerages in California.

Adam Milstein and his family moved to California in 1981 for a higher education. He and his wife established the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000 as a center to connect the Jewish people their homeland, Israel.

Adam Milstein also sits on the Board of many agencies including the AIPAC National Council, StandWithUs, Stand By Me, Israel on Campus Coalition, the Hasbara Fellowships, Jewish Funders Network, and Birthright Israel. He serves as National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council or IAC, which he and his wife founded. The IAC has contributed to the Jewish population immensely and is considered the fastest growing Jewish organization in the U.S. Via twitter

Unpaid Loans and Devco

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The Press of Atlantic City has released an article that deals with the loan that has not been paid. There is a CDRA loan that is still left standing. As a result, questions are being raised about New Brunswick Devco. The Middlesex County Improvement Authority has failed to pay the $1 million interest on top of the loan of $20 million it was given by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. As a result, it is way behind in its payments. The original loan was issued in 2005 for the development for The Heldrich. It is a hotel that was developed by Devco, a nonprofit company.

DEVCO is a company that specializes in the redevelopment of the urban real estate. It is one of the driving factors in the revitalization of the urban community. The professionals of the company make sure that the community has a higher value. They protect it from decay. This allows people to want to remain in the area. This also encourages growth in different aspects of the quality of the community. One thing that Devco encourages is job growth. They have won plenty of awards for their redevelopment and community improvement projects.

Devco has been founded in the mid-1970s with the purpose of improving the condition of the community. One thing that it has been credited as being is something powerful for the growth of the economy. One of the talents that the company has is marketing and networking. Devco has shown great ability in creating partnerships that are strengthenign and good for the financing of projects. The total amount of money that Devco has overseen in investment is $1.6 billion.