Introducing Samuel Strauch, A Well-Known Real Estate Agent And Investor

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Samuel Strauch is a well-known real estate agent in Miami Beach, Florida. He is a smart investor and a wise businessman. Here is more information about his style of investment and other useful information.

Forward Thinker Investor
Samuel Strauch is what you would considered as a forward thinker investor. He is always doing his best to think forward and this has helped him become a very successful investor. His real estate career is also defined by those who have helped him or continue to help him, including his team members, clients and his investors.

He Is A Smart Investor
Samuel Strauch is a smart investor, too. If someone wants to become a successful investor in real estate, then they have to have a very clear understanding of the market’s fundamentals. Strauch does, which is why he is one of the most sought after real estate professionals in the world.

Other Interesting Information
Strauch is the founder of and he studied at universities such as Hofstra and Harvard Umiversity, as well as the University of Rotterdam. One of the most impressive things about the businessman is his track record. He has an excellent track record in various aspects of real estate, including brokerage, acquisition and real estate management.

The entrepreneur is a fan of photography and he enjoys meditating in his spare time. He is also an avid cyclist. Strauch believes that all people should do what they can to positively contribute to human growth, regardless of how small the action is.

As you can see, Samuel Strauch is successful because of how he thinks and his work ethic. If anyone is ever presented with the opportunity to do business with him, then they should definitely do it.

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Building Affordable Homes with Todd Lubar

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Todd Lubar is a flourishing entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He mainly concentrates on real estates and finance. His work in real estate is to help people who require homes and are poor. He began his profession in the year 1995. He graduated from Syracuse University with a B.A in speech communication. He was also the president of TDL Global Ventures and the senior vice president of Legendary Investments.

When he graduated from the university, he began working in Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan inventor. Through his skills and experience in mortgage banking he helped him to link with prominent people in the business including financial planners and insurance agents and real estate agents. According to his Linked In profile, he later on worked for Legacy Financial Group, the support he gave to the company was very astonishing therefore making the company grow fast and prosper. The organization approximately attained 100 million dollars in loan amount. His skills made the company expand and develop.

Legendary Properties, LLC is a real estate development company that Todd Lubar started in the year 2002. The company also sealed over 200 transactions that assisted in renovation, fast purchasing and advertisements of various housing sites. Legendary Properties, LLC deals with housing properties including Multifamily properties and single-family homes. Because of his experience he came across many people therefore getting $20 million as credit.

Through his expertise in mortgage banking made him create an office organization of First Magnus Financial Corporation, which is a top private mortgage company in the US. The company developed significantly and has improved platforms and products. He also used his skills in the banking mortgage to begin other company called Legendary Financial LLC, due to business there is each time that businesses modify. The major objective of the company is to help people, private or public organization with funds. Todd Lubar makes sure he contributes and supports his clients adequately. He as well is well-recognized as the leading top mortgage investor. For more info, visit