The Efforts Of Erick Lefkofsky Towards Incorporating Cancer Survivors In Clinical Trials

Cancer, Research

Cancer has certainly become a gnawing nightmare to the contemporary society. It stands as the leading chronic killer disease in the world today. Its prevalence, however, has not gone unnoticed, and medical researchers and scientists have buried their elite minds in search of a cure that will put a hold on this bushfire of a disease. Sadly, we are yet to be fortunate enough to develop a reliable cure. Nonetheless, this does not mean that this killer ailment is at liberty of terminating people’s lives. Preventive measures and standards have been developed and instituted with the sole purpose of slowing its dominance, and this is where Eric Lefkosky joins the battle against the threatening cancer horror.

Cancer Survivors

The United States currently records the largest number of cancer survivors in the world today. However, there have been considerable improvements evidenced in cancer treatment, for example, the expansion of cancer screening efforts, especially among the aging population. This significant milestone towards the fight against cancer has been very successful, and it is expected to heighten in the years to come. After the initial diagnosis, survivors have been known to live for an extended period of five to 10 years.

Understanding Prior Cancer

Prior cancer has been prevalent among people diagnosed with cancer. Irrespective of age, these cases are evident on all people, who unfortunately are ineligible for clinical trials. This occurs due to fear of negatively affecting the trial outcomes and treatment studies. Nonetheless, due to the growth of the population of cancer survivors, it is prudent to have an understanding of the impact and importance of prior cancer in conducting improved cancer trials.

Eric’s Contributions

Eric Lefkofsky shares in the dream of many other fighters against cancer. He is the CEO and Co-founder of Tempus, a technological company geared towards fighting this killer disease. Through his firm, he offers information to the doctors at the University of Chicago as a means to help curb the adversities of breast cancer among women. Tempus analyzes breast cancer patients data to assist cancer researchers in predicting how these patients will respond to various treatments. Through him and his firm, medics can now make more informed and personalized decisions on cancer therapies and treatments.

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