Slyce Partners with Shoe Carnival

Service Agreement

Slyce technology is one of the most innovative forms of technology to come out for the Internet. It involves visual search which helps people find items that they are looking for by taking a picture. The software will direct people to the retail store that is selling the item. Slyce and visual search technology has proven to be so innovative for sales that companies are joining with Slyce in order to increase sales. Among the items that are being sold are clothing and footwear. Slyce has recently formed a partnership with Shoe Carnival.

Slyce has been designed with the purpose of making things easier in the retail store. People can take pictures of an item in the real world or magazine pages in order to find the product that has given them a lot of interest. They will be directed to items that match closely to the item that they took a picture of. This allows people to find the exact shoes or other items that they feel they would like to have.

Slyce has a universal scanner that can be downloaded onto mobile devices. The smartphone and tablet app makes it so that any consumer can take advantage of the visual search technology. Customers will be able to take snapshots of any item around them to find close matches.