Securus Technologies Changing Inmate Communication World For the Better

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Communication is one of the most important social aspects in our life as your human beings. Regardless of the fact that one is serving their terms behind bars, you are entitled to limited and supervised communication with friends and family. For quite a long time the inmate industry was lagging behind in terms of communications; however, with the entry of industry giant such as Securus Technologies, things are bound to change not only regarding technology advancements but also in terms of safety.


Securus Technology is an inmate technology company founded in 1986 to provide inmate communication, government information solutions, and parole services. This tech company currently serves over 2500 inmate correctional facilities in 45 states. With a huge reliance on modern technology, Securus Technologies is known for providing innovative technical services, responsive customer care and comprehensive solutions to the needs of its clients. Since its formation, Securus Technologies has its headquarter offices in Dallas, Texas, with four other regional offices around Dallas metro area, Georgia, and Atlanta.


As a leader in criminal and civil justice technology systems, Securus Technologies has to ensure that the incarceration facilities and the outside environs are safe and well protected. The tech company led by Rick Smith through its facilities is taking steps in the right directions if the recent comments by the company clients are anything to go by. According to one comment from an inmate correctional facility, since they started using the services of Securus Technologies, they have been drawn by the company’s vision. Their assessment and deployment of emergency services is quite remarkable and has helped them keep their jails safe. Other users praised Securus Technologies for their monitoring tools and how it has helped solve a number of criminal cases in the outside world.


Inmate security is a critical aspect of the overall safety. Securus Technologies is stopping at nothing until both the inmate and outside environments are safe.


2017 Stevie® Awards Finalist Is Securus Customer Service Training Department

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Securus Technologies is providing civil as well as criminal justice solutions. It has become the finalist in the category of Customer Service Training Team of the Year. This is at the 11th annual Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service. Do note that there are only three finalists. This means that Securus Technologies will get either Gold or Silver or a Bronze Stevie Award. This is a tremendous accomplishment for the company.



I have seen these Stevie Awards before, as they are organizing seven business awards shows which are among the most prestigious in the world. I have seen the International Business Awards as well as the Stevie Awards for Great Employers.



I am eagerly waiting for February 24 when the final results are going to be announced. This will be during a gala banquet that will be held at Caesars Palace located in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am sure that finalists from the U.S. as well as from several other nations will be attending this prestigious event.



I have been informed that over 2,300 nominations were received from all kinds of organizations and virtually every industry. All of them were evaluated in the competition. These finalists are determined after the scores of the 77 preliminary judges are averaged out. All these judges come from around the world. This year the entries were in 61 categories in case of the customer service as well as contact center achievements. These include the Contact Center of the Year Award, besides the Award for Innovation in Customer Service, as well as the Customer Service Department of the Year Award.



Danny de Hoyos is the Senior Vice President of Operations at Securus Technologies. He has expressed his happiness at being nominated. He stated how Securus has managed to raise the bar yet again on how to service customers.

Securus Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

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Securus Technologies Company is based in Dallas, Texas. The company has worked with the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau to get an accreditation as the better company to do business. Securus Technologies Company has also received a certification combined with an A+ rating. Because Securus Technologies Company works to justify what they print and speak in the media, they can be trusted in all their business dealings. According to the Better business Bureau, the company justified all the necessary criterion of accreditation to get the highest accreditation and A+ rating in the land.


Securus Technologies Company is one of the leading providers of social justice through technology. For the company, hey engage in working to fulfill the justification criterion in the land. As a matter of fact, the company has worked to maintain a good name in the management platforms. Because they use technology in justification, they are entitled to working for the increment of public safety and criminal justice solutions in the land. As a matter of fact, the company also works with investigation departments and the correctional industry to assist them in getting beer results in investigations through their technologies. The company has also announced that they have received accreditation by the Better Business Bureau based in Dallas.


According to the Senior Operations Vice President of Securus Technologies Company, Securus Technologies Company worked to receive this accreditation as a matter of urgency. Because Securus Technologies Company works to develop high-end solutions to the most delicate departments o the government, this accreditation works for the benefit of the people involved in this arena. For the company to receive this accreditation, they worked so hard to fulfill the set accreditation and rating criterion. Success is what they achieved at the end of the exercise. Because it is a voluntary action, the Better business Bureau does not foster its business.



How the Securus Forms and Grievances App Modernizes Prison Communications

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Securus Technologies provides cutting-edge solutions to federal correctional facilities and other security institutions. The latest innovation by Securus is a new way for corrections staff to file grievances and complaints, which will save time and money. The ConnectUs automated system will now feature the Inmate Forms and Grievance app and replace an older system that relied on paper for various forms.


Before this digital process was implemented, prisons printed over 13.8 forms per inmate each month. The Inmate Forms and Grievance app will be replacing the printed paper process and booklets usually used by prisons. The app will allow prisoners to easily create any type of document and submit it all in one place. This new process is faster and less expensive and is more convenient to use.


The forms and documents can be created through the ConnectUs systems and will be specific to each prison that uses the program. The application will allow inmates to create documents, view status, make changes, and file reports. Prisoners also have the option to accept, review or appeal the results of the forms and grievances. With these features located in one place, correctional staff no longer has to worry about the time, space and process that went into accepting, filing, responding and storing paper documents.


The modernized system allows for easier communication within the prison system. Inmates can now create and keep track of specific documents and easily respond to other requests made through the app. According to Chief Kolitwenzew from Kankakee County, Ill., everyone who uses the app loves it and will continue to use it.


Securus Technologies provides services for over 3,450 law enforcement, public safety and correctional facilities across the country. The company received an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Their headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. Discover more about how Securus is molding the future of corrections and public safety.