Whitney Wolfe’s Adventurous Dating Site Bumble is Reshaping the Dating Scene

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Bumble is the name of Whitney Wolfe’s dating site. It was released to the web in 2014 and is now a premiere dating platform that has 33 million users. That number is steadily growing everyday. People love Bumble because it is a different type of dating site. This site only allows women to make the first move. Guys who sing up on Bumble cannot just go ham and start talking to every female they see on the site. Nope, men have to sit around and wait to see if a female wants them. Mrs. Wolfe – Herd wanted it to be this way.


Whitney Wolfe created Bumble to be a place for women. She was tired of the old dating scene where men were always coming at her. She wanted to do something different by allowing women to approach men. The current era that we live in today is all about women rights and equality. Feminism is truly on the rise and Whitney Wolfe is helping to shape this modern feminist landscape with Bumble. This is one reason why she puts women first on this site. She wants them to know that women can make the first move and still retain their female persuasions, sexuality and charms.

Naturally, guys like females. They chase after them and want to settle down the one that appeals to them the most. Traditionally, females loved to be chased. She will sort through multiple pursuers until she finds the one man that appeals to her the most. Whitney Wolfe is no different fro any other female in this regard. However, she is fed up with males abusing the normal cultural and social standards of guys approaching women.

She had endured a lot of harassment and abuse at her last job with Tinder. This online dating site company did things to Wolfe that made her feel humiliated, angry and frustrated. She ended up winning settlement money that was valued in the millions. She took that money and put some of it toward starting Bumble. On Bumble, women will not be made to feel inferior to men. They will not be viewed as sexual objects or treated as the weaker sex. They are equals. Whitney Wolfe wants the world to know this reality. Bumble is now reshaping the dating world and how women are perceived in modern times.

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Doe Deere: Moving With Wisdom

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One of the common myths about business and careers is that people have to always be on the move. However, Doe Deere takes a slightly different approach when it comes to her business. She states that she waits for inspiration to come. The one thing about this is that it could take weeks or even months for it to come to her. However, when she gets some kind of inspiration, she acts quickly so that she could capitalize on it. One thing that could be said about ideas is that if one does not use it, she may lose it as quickly as she gained it. Doe Deere is one to use all of her ideas. This is one of the reasons that she is so successful.

Another thing is that Doe Deere is successful about is making sure that her idea is a good idea. Before trying to sell the idea, she experiments with the idea and lives it so that she can be sure that it is going to be a hit. In other words, if she has a pitch, she tries to sell it to herself before trying to sell it to her customers. This is a sign that she thinks like a consumer as well as a business owner.

She is also taking advantage of a certain shift that is happening. One of the shifts that she is very passionate about is the shift from the physical retailer to the e-commerce. This does make it easier for people to buy something when they can find the store that sells the item they want. However, this does not mean that the physical location of a store is going away. Brick and Mortar shopping is here to stay for a long time. Doe Deere uses wisdom to capitalize on both methods of business.

Doe Deere has shown that she is very wise and insightful. She also makes sure that she looks at the market conditions before she decides her next move. She wants to make sure that she can spot a gap in the market in which she could make some great sales before jumping in.

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Malini Saba: One of the Good Ones

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In the news, we always hear about the bad side of business. We focus on those business tycoons that get their millions from the sweat of others. We always hear about fraud and other crimes that these white collar individuals are cooking up. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear about a tycoon that helps people and pulled herself up from rags to riches? Well now we can hear about that person, and that person is Malini Saba.


Maini Saba grew up in the poor nation of Sri Lanka, located in Asia. She moved to the United States at a very young age and with very little money. Once she and her husband went through their education, Malini became very interested in business, particularly on the investment side of things. She traveled around asking several successful investors what they did to get where they are today. She wanted to know the capital requirements and investment strategies that made these successful investors who they were. She applied to work for several investment firms and venture capital firms, but she was turned away at every corner. That is when she created Saban.


Saban is now a leading investment firm that focuses on real estate, tech, oil, and gas. They are also starting to get into the commodities markets, owning several hectares of rice patties and fields. Malini has the bold strategy to invest where nobody else is willing to. She sees risk as a good thing. She sees risk as a way to greater rewards because of the greater effort that goes into the investment. It was this strategy that led to her success.


Because of her success in the business world, she was able to give back through philanthropy. She gives out millions of dollars to charities that she believes in, and she even started one of her own. Malini created Stree, a nonprofit organization that is focused on the plight of women around the globle. This organization works with women to get them the healthcare that they need, legal empowerment, and a way to fix the public policy in their areas. Today, Stree’s reach stretches across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.


Malini Saban is focused on making a worldwide impact. She has seen what it is to be poor, and she knows what it means to grow up in a world where women are treated as lesser people. Through her investment success, she has tried to change the world to make it a better place for everyone.



Lime Crime’s Own Doe Deere Breaking All The Rules.

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It is no secret that there are some rules of fashion that fashion experts say should not be broken. Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime makeup says that she breaks the rules all the time and makeup is about pushing boundaries. Doe suggests that it is no sin to break some of the best rules in fashion. Perhaps the unicorn queen has a great idea about breaking the rules. Think about it this way, breaking the rules has worked well for Lime Crime.

Lime Crime and Doe Deere have been filling the void in the makeup industry for years. Women were asking for a higher quality, cruelty free, vegan safe make up that was full of brighter colors. Lime Crime delivered on a wide scale by answering those requests with what the girls wanted. Girls love to wear bold makeup. The so-called experts tell us don’t wear bold eyes with a bold lip. Doe Deere says that she is guilty of breaking this rule everyday and she suggests other girls should do it too.

Another thing that can be and should be done according to Doe is wearing too many colors. We aren’t sure just how many is too many when it comes to colors. Doe suggests that when these colors are with other likable colors it is all good. Multiple shades are meant to be used together and Lime Crime allows and encourages makeup users to splash around in a sea of beautiful color.

Deere suggests that she uses coordination to match the colors with much success. She can also mix patterns with success. Patterns are fun and they can be used to make woman look amazing. Doe is the kind of girl who also wears socks and open toed shoes though. She sees no reason to hide cute socks behind colorful and cute shoes. Who knows, she might be on to something here. She has to know some secrets that the rest of the fashion world doesn’t.

Doe started the Lime Crime Makeup Company with a large dream and a small pocketbook. She has a few hundred dollars and the idea to create a line of makeup that would fill the hole in the market. She wanted to provide the users with makeup that was colorful and she created a winning situation for everyone involved.