Along with his brother David, he is the chair of Koch industries which is the second largest private company in America. The company provides energy services, chemical services and manufacturing for a variety of plastics and industrial parts. The brothers are combined to be worth about $80 billion dollars, making them some of the wealthiest people on the planet.

Charles Koch is also a large proponent of libertarianism, free markets and free expression. He has worked hard to promote these ideas by funding think tanks, professors and political campaigns. He has helped many people who share his ideology reach elected office.

Recently, he co-wrote an article with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the Washington Times in favor of more free expression on college campuses. They warned that colleges had begun to stifle free expression in recent years, which will ultimately harm students and is counter to the mission of Universities. Colleges are creating “safe-spaces” free from “micro-aggressions” where students might hear opposing views. This kind of political correctness does not help students, it harms them.

Colleges have not invited conservative speakers to campus to speak and have targeted non-conforming opinions for censure. Students at Emory University demanded action when someone wrote “Trump 2016” in chalk on the college campus sidewalk, even though Trump actually won the primary in the state.

Even though Koch and Bloomberg do not share many views in common, on this issue they found common cause.

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