Doe Deere who is also known as the ‘Queen of Unicorns’ and has a unique style that has captured the attention of others. Deere always has a new color of hair and by looking at her, you can see her passion for makeup. Doe was born in Russia and moved to the United States when she was seventeen years old, she moved to New York, but currently lives in Los Angeles.

Doe states that she has always been imaginative, and dreamed of being a musician which is what she pursued when she moved to New York. She was also always creative. At the young age of 13 she sold temporary tattoos. She started out in music and was in a band when she lived in New York City, but ended up getting into makeup and she loved it.

Doe believes that women should follow their hearts. She believes that everyone has unique talents and skills and should use them. She also think that it is important to be yourself, because that is where you truly find what you love. Growing up she felt alone and different, but when she grew up she realized that many others felt the same way and that is how her makeup line ‘Lime Crime’ was born.

Back in 2008, bright colored lipstick was different and hard to find, but Doe always loved the bright colors. She couldn’t find the makeup she wanted, so she started to make them. People fell in love with the products, making them very popular.

Doe states that makeup makes her feel like she has the freedom to be her own person. She expresses herself through her makeup and clothing, and that really shows when you look at Doe Deere. Her makeup line ‘Lime Crime’ has become very popular and people every where have fallen in love with Doe’s unique style. Doe realized that she wasn’t the only one looking for something different when her products started booming. Doe is still coming out with new Makeup products to wow others and make them feel unique.

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