One of the common myths about business and careers is that people have to always be on the move. However, Doe Deere takes a slightly different approach when it comes to her business. She states that she waits for inspiration to come. The one thing about this is that it could take weeks or even months for it to come to her. However, when she gets some kind of inspiration, she acts quickly so that she could capitalize on it. One thing that could be said about ideas is that if one does not use it, she may lose it as quickly as she gained it. Doe Deere is one to use all of her ideas. This is one of the reasons that she is so successful.

Another thing is that Doe Deere is successful about is making sure that her idea is a good idea. Before trying to sell the idea, she experiments with the idea and lives it so that she can be sure that it is going to be a hit. In other words, if she has a pitch, she tries to sell it to herself before trying to sell it to her customers. This is a sign that she thinks like a consumer as well as a business owner.

She is also taking advantage of a certain shift that is happening. One of the shifts that she is very passionate about is the shift from the physical retailer to the e-commerce. This does make it easier for people to buy something when they can find the store that sells the item they want. However, this does not mean that the physical location of a store is going away. Brick and Mortar shopping is here to stay for a long time. Doe Deere uses wisdom to capitalize on both methods of business.

Doe Deere has shown that she is very wise and insightful. She also makes sure that she looks at the market conditions before she decides her next move. She wants to make sure that she can spot a gap in the market in which she could make some great sales before jumping in.

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