Doug Levitt is a singer-songwriter from Washington, D.C. He makes music that is a mixture of Americana, folk, pop and rock. Prior to becoming a singer-songwriter Doug Levitt worked as a foreign correspondent for ABC, NBC and others. While he was based in London, England he met the Americana music producer David Henry. Doug and David hit it off and decided to collaborate on a music product.

Doug switched his profession to be a singer-songwriter and from then on he began riding the Greyhound bus line to perform at various stops across the country. While he was touring he was also recording stories, taking photographs and writing new songs based on everything he saw while riding the Greyhound buses. This music project went on to become The Greyhound Diaries. The Greyhound Diaries is like a tapestry of American culture during the last decade.

Doug and David worked together to refine the project. Being multi-instrumental, Doug Levitt played the guitar, piano and sang all the lead vocals for The Greyhound Diaries. The founding member of Counting Crows -Steve Bowman- played the drums for The Greyhound Diaries.

The results of The Greyhound Diaries is a blend of American culture in song. The listener senses the soul of each person Doug spoke with as he tells their story first in narration then in song. The listener also feels like they are right there along with Doug on the bus, seeing, feeling and traveling across the country.

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