Background Information on Dick DeVos


Richard Marvin Jr. popularly known as Dick DeVos was born on 21st October 1955. He was born and raised in Grand Rapids. He started his education at the famous Forest Hill Public School. Later on, he joined the Northwood University where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration. He also attended the Harvard Business School and involved himself with some of the Executive Study Programs at the Wharton School. He has received different honorary doctorates from Central Michigan University, Northwood University, and the Grove City College. At Northwood University, Dick DeVos received recognition for the distinguished alumni. He married Betsy Devos in the 80s. In 2006, Dick DeVos competed for the governor’s seat as a Republican nominee.


The Achievements of Dick DeVos


After completing his education, Dick DeVos started to be more active in their family business, the Amway Company. He had already been exposed to the operations of Amyway when he was a child. The exposure made him gain interest in the practices and activities of the company. While still growing up, Dick DeVos and his brother were assigned the role of greeting guests at conventions held by the company. He later became the heir of the Amyway Foundation which grew with time. He continues to participate in different foundations that help in establishing his name.

He owns part of the Orland Magic which is the National Basketball Association. His father was The President and CEO of the team in 1991 before he became a part owner on 21st October 2015.

Dick DeVos is currently the president of the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation that donates millions to religious, civic, artistic, educational, free-market economic and community movements. The foundation started most of its activities in 1990 and still grows day by day.


Some of the Movements Supported by Dick DeVos


Some of the organizations and movements supported by the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation include; The Helen Devos Children’s Hospital, Regional Air Alliance situated in Michigan and Kids Hope USA. Other movements and organizations supported by the Foundation are; The Thunderbirds School of Global Management, The Hugh Michael Beahan Foundation, and The Willow Creek Association. The list goes on, but the mentioned movements are the ones that have made him famous.

The main objective of the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation is to serve more people through the different organizations and movements that they fund. He believes that his financial efforts and support towards other organizations and movements helps them to become better and help more people.


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