For many years, George Soros merely made a public appearance. However, his sudden appearance before the current elections made headlines around the world as George tried his best by pouring millions of dollars in campaigns supporting Hillary Clinton on Politico. According to George Soros, it was vital for the American nation to stand against the hate of Donald Trump who is intent on making a mockery of American liberal values. Unfortunately, the plan did not work as Donald Trump pulled out a shock victory.

Despite the turbulence, George Soros is still adamant on stopping Donald Trump from achieving his objectives, which according to the left wing, is likely to increased hate and push America towards chaos. The first signs of such an effort were visible in Washington’s opulent Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where Soros and more than 100 influential liberals on from around the United States will sit behind the closed doors to think over what went wrong and how left-wing liberals can provide resistance to Trump’s agenda.

Interestingly, the Democratic Alliance Donor Club, is a brainchild of Soros who built one of the first functional alliance of its kind in modern history, in 2004. Initially, the alliance was built to support John Kerry in his election to win the White House. When the bid failed, Soros and his colleagues agreed to continue the DA club to pull Democratic leaders towards the left. Even without Soros active participation in the DA Club on, the organisation has continued to attract major labor unions, left-wing activists, and a variety of liberal groups to form a united agenda.

Accordingly, the three day conference behind closed doors is headed by Soros long-time friend Gara LaMarche. In his message to donors, Gara pointed out that the Democracy Alliance will need to reassess the situation after the shock win of Donald Trump. George Soros also suggested that the aim of the conference is not to point fingers at each other, but to learn from the mistakes. As such, he also acknowledged that left wing may have done something wrong or liberals are unable to make a coherent strategy. Therefore, the conference will also try to make new plans going forward.

It is also notable that some members of the DA club are itching to change the existing setup of the club as they fear that major reassessment is needed to confront Donald Trump. Still, prominent liberals attending the conference have made it clear that there is no need to make a major shift as Donald Trump did not win the popular vote, not he got more votes than the previous Republican candidate. As a result, the Democratic Alliance can function properly without making massive changes to its agenda.

As for the supporters of George Soros, it is good to see the billionaire back in action. In fact, his continuous involvement in the DA club will reassure liberals that Donald Trump will have a hard time implementing his policies. Perhaps, the influence of DA club is evident by the participation of House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman Keith Ellison.

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  • Emerie Timothy

    At first it seems to be no problem at all but I think what happens with most politicians is that they tend to care about financiers. From all records there should be a point where most people have learned out as well. From top experts to analysts, there is a feeling that many people would give even more to creative knowledge about political campaigns.

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