Greg Secker is known for his powerful speaking ability and a great trainer, Philanthropist and great forex trader. He is therefore known to be world’s most successful young forex traders in the market. The young billionaire was born in the year 1975 and has not looked up upon his age to determine his success. He has worked for his success and has created several companies under the umbrella of one group body called Knowledge to Action Group. He is a great World Scholar when it comes to forex classes. His companies that are under Knowledge to Action includes Greg Seeker Foundation, Small Chart Software, Learn to Trade and the great Capital Index. He offers both online and live assistance when it comes to training.

Greg Secker started training people about forex in the year 2013. The guys have come from far, unlike many lucky investors who are given everything to start. He started his journey as a mere employee to the person he is today. His journey of success has had many troubles along the way but he has made it. He believes in hard work and dedications as recipes for his success and believes that nothing can stop him. He got his first employment at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He then joined Virtual Training Desk. It was a company he formed and it was the only one that started offered forex related training. It focused on foreign transactions that influenced forex trading and how movements used to behave like. They offered traders with best trading tips and signals once they are detected. Greg Secker joined his last company to be employed as the vice president. This is where he developed and gained a lot of trading skills in his entire life. The company’s name was Mellon Financial Corporation. He stayed for only 3 months and formed Learn to Trade. He offered both online and live trading tips. The company have since trained over 200,000 people and are currently trading profitably.

Greg Secker’s journey of getting his first client started while he was still 3 months in business. He had so many friends and family members who wanted to trade forex. Due to the massive profits he made on regular basis, they all decided to join his training platforms.

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