Amazon should be concerned about falling from the top spot in the fashion e-commerce market because it appears the competition is about to get closer than anyone expected. In the past few years, Amazon has been lighting it up in the apparel market, taking in a very impressive 20 percent of all the sales in this competitive niche. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is the clothing company that is starting to make Amazon sweat, and if sales numbers are an indication, things are about to get heated. In the last three years alone. Kate Hudson‘s Fabletics has sold a little over $250 million is women’s clothing and active-wear.


Hudson can explain the quick rise to the top of her athleisure brand easily, crediting things like her membership perks and reverse showrooming as the answers. While these are not new sales practices, the way that they are paired has certainly been something that this company has managed well. Look inside the Fabletics retail store to discover how these two play out off each other. We discover women inside the store are doing more than shopping and buying yoga pants or leggings, they are taking lifestyle quizzes, trying on clothing, and window-shopping too. The sales team at Fabletics is not pressuring these shoppers to buy anything, they offer more of a pampering shopping experience than anything else.


Now take a closer look at what is happening when you head to the Fabletics e-commerce store. These women who were trying on all the active-wear in the malls discover that as a member, the apparel is uploaded to the online shopping cart. This not only allows these customers to pick up shopping where they left off, they don’t have to hold back because they are afraid the wrong sizes will show up at their doors. They tried everything on, so they know it fits, so they wind up shopping on impulse and filling those carts with all sorts of workout apparel.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is taking the fashion e-commerce market by store with other membership perks. Free shipping for online orders, help from a personal shopping assistant. and even huge discounts on all the active-wear, just some of the reasons shoppers are becoming loyal Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Amazon is not treating their customers with perks like this, and if things continue at this rate, they could be looking at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics pass them right by.

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