Securus Technologies provides cutting-edge solutions to federal correctional facilities and other security institutions. The latest innovation by Securus is a new way for corrections staff to file grievances and complaints, which will save time and money. The ConnectUs automated system will now feature the Inmate Forms and Grievance app and replace an older system that relied on paper for various forms.


Before this digital process was implemented, prisons printed over 13.8 forms per inmate each month. The Inmate Forms and Grievance app will be replacing the printed paper process and booklets usually used by prisons. The app will allow prisoners to easily create any type of document and submit it all in one place. This new process is faster and less expensive and is more convenient to use.


The forms and documents can be created through the ConnectUs systems and will be specific to each prison that uses the program. The application will allow inmates to create documents, view status, make changes, and file reports. Prisoners also have the option to accept, review or appeal the results of the forms and grievances. With these features located in one place, correctional staff no longer has to worry about the time, space and process that went into accepting, filing, responding and storing paper documents.


The modernized system allows for easier communication within the prison system. Inmates can now create and keep track of specific documents and easily respond to other requests made through the app. According to Chief Kolitwenzew from Kankakee County, Ill., everyone who uses the app loves it and will continue to use it.


Securus Technologies provides services for over 3,450 law enforcement, public safety and correctional facilities across the country. The company received an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Their headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. Discover more about how Securus is molding the future of corrections and public safety.

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  • Dulce Arjun

    Chai!! I like this technology company to the core. It has proven beyond expectation starting from inception. Of all applications that they have release, this seems to be most outstanding to me and I know for sure, the prison officials. Imagine where were formerly publishing on newspaper and then distribute them earthwide and now that just a click will lead your way, same is true, for the prison officials were using paper. But now gone are those day when paper will be used to file complaints, instead, a database is created.

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