Some people think all investment managers are the same. They all look for trends in the market and attempt to get their clients the best return on their investment. Some fund managers are, in fact, different. The founder, President, and CEO of Highland Capital Managers is one of those unique fund managers. James Dondero has worked for 30 years in the credit and equity market space, and he knows everything there is to know about getting Dallas investors exactly what they want. Read this article at

James Dondero’s success started very early in his career. Directly out of college, he joined American Express as a bond analyst. After a few years of working with other fund investors, he was able to try his hand at managing one of the fixed income funds that American Express held. Through his leadership and foresight into the markets, he was able to grow the fund to over $1 billion in assets. He replicated this success during his time as the Chief Investment Officer at Protective Life, increasing fund assets to over $2 billion in one of their principal funds.


Using his knowledge of the markets and his willingness to take risks, James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in 1993. From the beginning, he was focused on getting customers the highest returns on the lowest amount of initial investment. He focused on low-cost high growth alternatives to traditional funds. He wanted to go with emerging market funds when every other fund manager thought that foreign markets were too volatile. He created a new collateralized loan obligation space to help bring in new clients and create a new type of fund for his investors. Dondero also used his acumen in healthcare to start a new healthcare-focused fund, which currently has over $2.3 billion in managed assets.

Because of his business intelligence and willingness to adapt to client needs, James Dondero has grown the Dallas-based Highland Capital Managers into a worldwide investment management player. He has opened new offices in New York, Singapore, and Seoul to deal with foreign markets and increased demand. He has even helped his firm to earn a 5-star Morningstar rating on their funds. James Dondero is not just your normal investment fund manager. He is an innovator, and he will continue to do the Dallas area proud for years to come. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

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