Adam Goldenberg and his partner Don Ressler are somewhat famous in the world of fashion as the CEOs and co-founders of the retail brand JustFab and the co-founder of the athletic brand Fabletics. Adam Goldenberg in particular is well known among fashionistas for his work with the popular JustFab brand. The actress Kate Hudson has name dropped him in many interviews she has given. Specifically she mentioned her friendship with him as the reason why she was inspired to be a co-founder along with him for Fabletics athletic wear on

JustFab has grown so much that in 2014 the company made one billion dollars. It was one of thirty-eight companies that made it to the one billion dollars earnings of that year. It is safe to say that JustFab is a successful business thanks to Adam Goldenberg and their faithful shoppers.

Adam Goldenberg points out in interviews that the fashion retail industry makes about three hundred and sixty billion a year in North America alone. Online fashion sales make up about fifty billion of that. Goldenberg estimates that in five years online fashion sales will be half of the three hundred and sixty billion dollars. Adam Goldenberg insists this as why he decided to go into the online fashion business. The company has opened up a few brick and mortar stores in select locations though, because he believes it is well worth it to get the name of the company out there and to get some business from those fashion shoppers who prefer brick and mortar locations to go to. Adam Goldenberg also believes that online fashion business will ultimately overtake the old dinosaurs in the fashion realm like The Gap, Forever 21, H&M and Abercrombie.

He has worked as the CEO and founder of JustFab for six years, Dermstore for seven years and Intelligent Beauty for ten years. Each of these business are involved in the beauty and fashion industries at He additionally started his career with Gamer’s Alliance that later became Intermix Media, where he worked as the founder and CEO for two years and then as the chief of operations for six years. For every modern fashionista, you’ll want to keep a lookout on JustFab. You’ll also want to keep up with the CEO and founder Adam Goldenberg, so you can see what’s next for the ever growing and evolving fashion brand.

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    It’s this analytic and ability to predict the future growth or reduction in the business world that has made Adam Goldenberg a strong businessman. You can also click here to get everything that has been labeled before them which may be wonderful yet promising to Adam.

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