Mr. Kenneth Goodgame is a guru in Operations Management whose focus is to ensure OEM excellence. He does this by combining creative merchandising and marketing, smart business strategy and streamlined financial oversight. He strives to deliver a balance of key performance indicators, quality assurance, corporate alignment and employee engagement. His skills in cost analysis, negotiations, quality improvements and leadership promote growth in a company. He relies heavily on his experience to avoid making mistakes and analyze the market.

Kenneth Goodgame’s experience comes from working at Ace Hardware, The Home Depot, Black and Decker, Rubbermaid Cleaning Products and True Value Company. He has had different roles at each of these organizations. At Ace hardware, he held the position of Global Materials Manager. While at the position, he improved the existing processes and came up with new products. He also applied his marketing skills to increase sales to a record high. He joined Rubbermaid Cleaning Products in 2002 where he held the position of president at the company. While at the company, he came up with microfiber cleaning products that assisted to reduce infections spreading in hospitals through cleaning products. The products are used by hospitals to date. He is also credited with creating the wave break technology in the company’s mop bucket systems. At True Value Company, where he joined in 2013 and serves to date, he holds the position of Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. Kenneth has helped the company become internationally recognized through his innovative programs.

Other than through experience, Kenneth Goodgame gets his finance and marketing skills from his education. He graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville where he specialized in Finance and Marketing.

To be as good as he is in his field, Mr. Kenneth relies on people. He understands that to be a good leader, one has to be a team player. Goodgame empowers his colleagues by allowing them to contribute ideas that will help increase the productivity of a company. He then borrows a little from each idea and comes up with a solid plan. This helps his colleagues feel like a part of the company’s success.

Mr. Goodgame’s vision for every company that he has had the opportunity to work for has been to help them become a market leader. True Value is currently benefiting from his services, thus leaving a mark in the retail world.

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