Lung disease wreaks havoc on more than just your lungs. It leaves you out of breath, exhausted, and puts you at a higher risk of a small illness such as the cold or flu turning into something more severe. Traditional treatments are available but they only treat the symptoms, not the cause. Cedars-sinai research reveals stem cell therapy can stop the progression of a lung disease and alleviate all the symptoms that follow. Stem cell therapy is more effective and you see results at a faster rate compared to traditional methods of treating lung diseases.

The Lung Institute offers treatment for lung disease by using stem cells that have been harvested from the patient. There are two ways to collect the stem cells, blood or bone marrow. Bone marrow contains a higher concentration of stem cells and is typically necessary for patients with severe diseases or extensive damage. Usually, blood venous is the preferred method because in most cases it has sufficient stem cell supply and is less painful. Once the blood has been collected the stem cells will need to be harvested through filtration. The final step is to have those same stem cells inserted back into the bloodstream.

As the heart pumps blood it will carry those stem cells into the lungs. The stem cells will be trapped here and can the healing can begin. According to Lifestylesafter50, the reason why stem cell therapy is so effective is due to the nature of stem cells. Stem cells are renewable cells that have not formed into a tissue or an organ yet. Once the stem cells are placed next to damaged tissue, it will begin to replicate the healthy tissue.

The Lung Institute treats several lung diseases that you can find a list of here. Whether you have just received your diagnose or have known for years, the Lung Institute is the leading provider in lung related conditions and can offer you the best care. You can find a Lung Institute facility near you in cities such as Tampa, Nashville, Scottsdale, Pittsburgh, and Dallas as well. Visit for more information.


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  • Brittany Kaeden

    Been by the side of someone who is dying from lung disease can be a very high and tough experience and that is the more reason why when this lung institute came out, all were filled with tears of joy and happiness. At it enlist ways and processes one need to follow to be attended to quickly and also specify days and time for such services.

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